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Below is our Water Whisperer Swim School VIDEO TESTIMONIAL PLAYLIST. Please watch our happy clients talk about their experience with The Water Whisperer!

Below are WRITTEN TESTIMONIALS from our happy clients! If you're a current or former Water Whisperer client and would like to leave feedback, please do so on the FORM below.

  1. "We love our swimming lessons! It's amazing to see my baby's swimming skills change day after day. We were so lucky to have Hunter as our instructor. He has so much patients and skills. My husband and I cannot believe what our baby boy learned in such short time. We are definitely interested in getting maintenance classes, especially in winter time when we wont have access to heated pools ourselves. " — Armine (Sherman Oaks client)

  2. "We love all the teachers--lately my kids are being paired with Ashley and John at the Church of Chimes pool, and both of them are amazing. But I wanted to let you know that I overheard Coach Hunter giving another little boy a pep-talk this afternoon, and it nearly brought me to tears--in a good way! This boy was very worried about being in the water and Hunter told him that all he needs is confidence. Hunter told him that his teachers and his parents are there to help him be confident because when you believe in yourself you can do anything. It was so wonderful to hear how these swim lessons--a major milestone in independence and self-reliance, so naturally quite traumatic for some kids--can be applied to life out of the water. The whole scene was just beautiful, and I had to let you know!" — Stephanie (Sherman Oaks client)

  3. "I cannot thank you enough for the amazing program. And I cannot still believe my eyes that my almost 5 year old son who has been so hesitant to go under the water is swimming already on the second week of our practice and can rescue the toys from the bottom of the pool (thats how he says it! LOL). The teachers are so loving and so professional and we love the three we have worked with so far. We definitely continue our practice with you guys until we are totally confident in the water." — Laila P (Sherman Oaks client)

  4. "I'm extremely happy with the lessons at The Water Whisperer! We signed up for 20 additional lessons after the initial 10 day intensive. My baby is 13 months and I'm amazed at his development and so impressed with the teachers and the way the lessons are formatted with the songs and layered level approach. Each week my baby and I look so forward to the lessons!! He loves it. Thank you, it's truly wonderful!" — Tina (Sherman Oaks client)

  5. "We are so happy with our lessons so far. My daughter is 2 and the instructors have been great with her from pushing her to go further to helping calm her down when she doesn't want to do that part of the lesson. I am so happy we chose to do lessons with your company!" — Heather W. (Woodland Hills client)

  6. "My two year old son is LOVING his WW swim lessons. He comes up smiling from his submersions and is kicking and paddling and blowing bubbles and loving every second. Many thanks again!" — Christine K. (Sherman Oaks client)

  7. "The swim classes are so great. The boys love it they can't wait to go, it's the highlight of their day! The teachers are wonderful also! Definitely recommend the school and have already referred some friends to your school! Thank you! " — Shirley (Woodland Hills client)

  8. "We are very happy with the lessons. Both kids are doing great. Today was my 2 1/2 year old's first day with no tears and he's been going on the diving board since day 5. My 4 1/2 year old is no longer afraid of putting his head under water. They've made incredible progress in just 1 week of lessons. I wish we had sent my older son to lessons with you guys last year instead of doing weekly lessons at our local swim school, but better late than never. " — Efrat J (West LA client)

  9. "Great option for anyone who has kids who are hesitant (or down right resistant) to swimming. My son, Ethan, is 4yrs old, and he loves, loves, loves water play, but he hated getting his face and eyes wet, and was super scared about swimming. We tried weekly lessons at another facility, but they proposed floating as their water safety process, and he would have none of that. I tried the water whisperers 10-day immersion class (to be honest - i was hesitant... thought my kid would be the one that didn't get it, but off we went...). It was truly an amazing transformation in 3 days! Day 1 and Day 2 were scary for both of us...he cried and didn't want to go in the water with his teacher (yelping 'mama don't make me' - ouch!) but we gently nudged him in the water and I sat out of sight. (Day 2 was similar, with a lot of resistance the night in between "I'm not going"!). Day 3 came, and he surprisingly asked "are we going to swim class today?" - OMG!! And from that point on - he embraced the water and the teachers. He loved all of them, but I believe we witnessed his first crush on Lena :) The teachers are firm, but they're also patient and very comfortable with younger kiddos, and even when he was his most difficult (Day 1) they figured out a way to handle it, actually with 2 teachers helping to calm him and make him more comfortable. So - I can't say enough good things! At day 10 he is water safe, but I would still prefer to keep up with their school, given how well they manage the learning process." — Cindy H

  10. "I am happy to say that lessons went extremely well. My 5 year old was always very comfortable in the water and she had such a great time from the moment she started her first lesson. My 3 year old was another story. She wasn't very fond of putting her head underwater and she had a really hard time after the first lesson. She even said she never wanted to go back - ever again. Thankfully she got much more comfortable after the second lesson and every day, she was eager to ask about her swim lesson for the day. After the third day, you could really tell she felt safe and comfortable with the teachers, putting her head under whenever they asked her to. She now loves push to the tush and diving for toys. The teachers at the Sherman Oaks location are fantastic. They are amazing with the girls and they really know what they're doing and how to interact, handle and encourage them. They each had 3 or 4 different teachers throughout the 10 lesson period and they loved each and every one of them, giving them big hugs hello and goodbye. They love to sing all of their swimming songs too, which is very cute. I feel confident that they are water safe, which was my intent when I fist signed us up for the program. They are proficient in jumping into the pool, turning around and swimming to the wall and turning onto their backs floating, at the very least. The ability to swim is just a bonus. The crab walk is also very useful, thank you for that! Since they are becoming stronger swimmers with each lesson, we are interested in keeping up with maintenance lessons. Thank you again for everything." — Juliana Cho

  11. "My son is 2.5 years old. I decided to try the ten day intensive program with him. I was not expecting much, but wanted him comfortable in the water. The first four lessons were tough for him. He cried and screamed. However his teacher was incredibly patient, never appeared frustrated by my son's behavior, and continued to teach him through his tears. By lesson five, my son was eager to go to swimming class with a huge smile on his face. By this time he was already swimming independently for a short distance and was jumping in the pool with the help of his teacher. By lesson 8, he was able to jump in by himself! My scared little guy, turned into an extremely happy and confident beginner swimmer in just ten lessons! As a special ed teacher, I cannot express enough how truly incredible the teachers are with all age groups and ability levels. Furthermore, the pool is beautiful and the facility as a whole is very clean. We will continue with lessons, and I look forward to enrolling my 9.5 month old twins!" — Nicki Goldstein

  12. "We just finished our lessons last week. We LOVED all the teachers, especially Eli, Robbie and Ariel. They were great with the kids and helped them progress so much! I was amazed by how much my 2 year old progressed. He went from crying and clinging onto my husband the entire lesson to swimming under water on his own, doing great kicks, and doing crab walks on his own. My 4 year old has finally started paddling and kicking (Ariel worked with him last summer too!) and is now working on head ups. The progression was amazing to see over the 2 weeks. Thank you soo much! " — Judy Lee

  13. "Last minute scheduling to get both our children in for 10 consecutive days was amazing! Instructors were great! Very happy with how our interrupted lesson (due to filming) was handled. Overall - thrilled with what both our children were taught and how much was accomplished in such a short period! WORTH THE DRIVE FROM REDONDO BEACH." — Brandy Besemer

  14. "My son Teyjas 5, has Down syndrome. He has low muscle tone which causes developmental delays. Teyjas loves the water but used to hate getting his hair washed as of a month ago .... but at the end of two intensives, he was diving in 7.5 ft of water to retrieve toys! I would not believed it a month ago!! Teacher B is absolutely AMAZING!! He is fun, compassionate but persistent. He had high expectations for Teyjas despite the initial screaming, yelling and non-compliance! We are so extremely grateful for this wonderful resources." — Jamie Oswald

  15. "We are so happy with our lessons at the Water Whisperer! My boy/ girl 4 year old twins did the 10 day intensive program which seemed excessive at first (for a working mom, getting my kids to swimming 5 days a week felt overwhelming) but it was totally worth it. My kids looked forward to their lessons every day and went into the pool easily and happily. They had taken lessons last summer but my son was always hesitant to go and had some fears about keeping his head under water. I couldn't believe on the first lesson with Water Whisperer how my son willingly kept his head under water as he swam across the width of the pool (with the teacher). At the end of the 10th day, my kids have (happily) jumped off the diving board, ventured to the bottom of the "deep end" to retrieve pool toys, swam across the length of the pool with their teacher, and floated on their backs independently. We plan to continue with lessons over the summer to maintain what the kids have learned so far. I'm so pleased with the confidence my kids now have in the water." — Sara Cohen

  16. "Lessons are great! We love Ellie!!! She is doing such a great job with our son Theo. " — Jane Anne Merson

  17. " My girls are thriving at the WW - we've done two other swim schools and they don't compare to your curriculum. My oldest daughter, Scarlett, fell in the pool when she was two and became really fearful of the water. After our first week at the WW, her confidence has soared and she wants to take lessons everyday! She's actually quite upset that she's only going two times a week now. Thank you for replying to my feedback. Your teachers are lovely and we are so happy to be taking lessons with you!" — Cheryl Seabury

  18. "Brandon ("Teacher B") has been amazing for my little guy, 5 years old, Teyjas. Teyjas has Down syndrome but that did not deter Teacher B from believing in him and in his ability to get him swimming! In spite of the protesting and yelling, Teacher B maintained an amazing calm, Zen attitude while still giving Teyjas the positive feedback for every little improvement. He has so much patience and insight - he knew exactly when to push my son and when to hold back. He really is a Water Whisperer :) " — Rashmi Sundareswara

  19. "Love the Water Whisperer! We were very impressed the lessons, the teachers, and our daighter's fast progress in 10 days." — Ivette Garcia Davila

  20. "Thank you. Things are looking good. Biggest thing.. Noah will take a shower now! He likes his bath too but it’s nice to see that he is not afraid of water on his face. I’ll be there tomorrow to see Noah. I really can’t wait. I guess you can see how pleased I am with lessons because I bought 20 more!" — Heather Karpf

  21. "I would like to thank you all of your staff, they are very patient and wonderful people to be in the pool with. I believe they were able to build my confidence and shown me how to be comfortable in water while improving my swimming skills." — Caroline Prydekker

  22. "Can't say enough about Water Whisperer school for swimming! we've had Liam there since he was six months old and he loves all the teachers ..he's two now ..we go to both the Sherman Oaks club as well as the Woodland Hills ...and they have the best teachers so patient instructive!!! can't say enough about this remarkable school! Yea Water Whisperer" — Pati S.

  23. "Very happy with the 10 day intensive program they have here. My kids, ages 13 months and 33 months did so well and are on their way to becoming great swimmers. I am impressed at how much they learned. I wasn't sure how they would do because they both have separation anxiety, but they were still able to get the concepts down thanks to the creative methods and strategies they use. That, combined with energetic, encouraging, and patient teachers is what I believe worked so well. Even if they were crying their way through the lesson, the teacher didn't let it affect their patience or demeanor with them, which I appreciated as a parent." — Bahar Ghoreyshi

  24. "After 10 intensive lessons each at The Water Whisperer, my two children, ages 13 months and 33 months, have gained their basic swimming skills and are on their way to becoming great swimmers. I didn't know what to expect going into it since both my children have separation anxiety, but the teachers were so calm, patient, and encouraging with them that even though they cried out of fear at times, they were still able to learn the concepts being taught. I was impressed with their methods and creative strategies and would recommend them to anyone, especially those with fearful kids." — Ba Har

  25. "We love the WW and are very thrilled with all of jacks progress. Teacher B is so good with him (as are all the teachers we've had)! We actually just referred two friends although I don't know if they've signed up yet." — Jessica Vaughan

  26. "I loved everything. The patience the teachers have. I love that they encourage you to try harder and not give up. They always say positive things not negative. Always smiling." — Abigail Lopez

  27. "Teacher Rile is undeniably great with children. I believe my son's progress is attributed to his ability to communicate with him." — Julie Kim Weverstad

  28. "Today was Jakes last lesson and I just wanted to thank all of you for doing such amazing things with those students. I loved watching you with Jake, but I also loved watching you and the other instructors with Eli. Teacher B was always amazing to watch. You are all so confident and comfortable with children. My son instantly took to all of you. Watching my little boy learn to swim and take instruction so well brought tears to my eyes. I'm a proud Momma. So, just a thank you." — Glenda Carpenter

  29. "...We are very happy with the results of the swim lessons. Both of my daughters have made great progress! I am most impressed with my 3 year old. She is not only swimming well but has definitely gotten more confident with it in just a few lessons. My 16 month old is also getting better. She is doing all the right things and her confidence is starting to come around, and we still have 3 lessons left in the intensive." — Erin Marsilio

  30. "First of all, thank you so much for having us at your place The Water Whisperer during training session!!! A. is hesitant to do many things at first and was afraid of the water, hated to wash hair etc. The two weeks she has been in your program we saw so much growth: not only able to swim, go under water to pick up toys or jump off from the diving board, but she asks us to wash her hair in the tub at home!:) She is showing off her swimming skills in the tub and teaching her toys how to swim. She is so proud of herself and I can't say thank you enough for ALL the wonderful teachers you have, that helped her reach this independence and strength! I couldn't of picked a better place to have my child learn swimming. THANK YOU!" — Monika Eitan

  31. "The lessons are going great. I really like the instructors we have had, and they are working on all of the areas where my daughter needed improvement to become confident and water safe. Thumbs up!" — Kristy Scott

  32. "Thank you so much! Brooklyn & Kendyl are doing great! I never thought they would be this comfortable in the water!" — Tammy Valdivia

  33. "We are thrilled with the program and have had great results with both my daughters. Zoey has gone from being afraid to put her head under water to jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool. Ava is starting to kick and paddle more and is so proud of herself after every lesson. We are looking forward to getting the girls back in the pool on Thurs. They have been singing the songs non stop! " — Alice Park

  34. "Before my daughter, Margot, took swim lessons with The Water Whisperer, she was the kind of kid that would run fearlessly into any body of water, but screamed her lungs out when anyone tried to teach her water safety. She simply refused to learn to swim. It was so frightening as I was on high alert near every pool, beach, lake, hotel gathering… We tried a handful of swim teachers — total disaster. I never thought the day would come when she would trust a teacher enough to learn to swim.

    The Water Whisperer changed all of that.

    There’s something about Emily Cohen’s approach that simply worked for Margot. Margot did the ten day program, following up with maintenance classes. Now, years later, I am happy to say Margot is a Junior Lifeguard, and one of the strongest swimmers on her swim team. I credit Margot’s strength and confidence as a swimmer to Emily’s clear rules and kind yet firm approach to water safety and swimming. Emily gave Margot a safe and strong foundation for a lifetime of swimming. Changed our whole family’s life!! Can’t thank The Water Whisperer enough!!!!"
    — Natasha Barrett

  35. "Before my son took his first lesson with the Water Whisperer, he was reluctant to get into the water, and once he was in the water, he hated getting his face wet and wanted to get out almost immediately. After taking the 10-day intensive program this summer, we can't get him out of the water. He jumps into the pool without any fear or hesitation, he swims to the bottom of the deep end to pick up toys, and he can paddle and kick his way across the pool with confidence. We are so grateful to all of the amazing teachers at the Water Whisperer!" — Lauren Sudar

  36. "Amazing! Did the 10-day intensive program with my 2 year old daughter and 3.5 year old son. They loved it! They have become so confident in many things, not just in swimming! My son can swim across the pool and loves going all the way under. Before the lessons he hated getting his head wet and going under at all, now it's his favorite thing! They both were picking up toys down at the deep end! I love their style of teaching and their program is fantastic. Coming from an educational/psychological background myself I understand why their program works and why kids are so successful and excited about swimming! I highly recommend it to everyone with kids for swimming lessons." — Maile Horn

  37. "I am a big fan of the Water Whisperer and highly recommend this program to all parents who have children. I have searched all over Los Angeles and the South Bay and this is by far the best program. I have recommended 7 other friends whose children are in the program and they are very happy. I started my son at 9 months old. I was most impressed that the philosophy was created by Emily Cohen who has been a school teacher for over 18 years. She takes an approach where she understands a child's developmental stages and integrates their innate developmental skills with the swim instruction. I travel an hour and a half each way from the South Bay to take a 20 minute lesson and it is worth it!!! My two year old son can now jump off the diving board in the deep end and swim across the length of the pool on his own. He has learned to lift his head up and breathe in a timely manner. Once he acquires one milestone, we move on to the next skill with ease. He is so comfortable and confident that he also understands safety. We went to a hotel and he wasn't familiar with the pool so he knew to find the side of the pool and "crab walk" to one end so he can safely get out. We look forward to him truly mastering many more skills!" — Danica Krislovich

  38. "Things going great ! We are improving every time . We are very happy !! It's our third round of maintaince 😊" — Hedyeh Shaoul

  39. "My two year old did the ten day program and we've been doing maintenance lessons for the past few months. He is swimming now and loves it! Thank you, WW Team!" — Carrie Wagner

  40. "We are just back from a 2 week vacation where we had our daughter in the water every day. Her confidence and ability was great and she was quite the poster child for other families there- one family from Newport Beach has already made arrangements to take their daughter as a result of seeing McKinley swimming in the pool and another couple from the palisades were going to call when they returned home. Needless to say, that is impressive. I would like to sign McKinley up for maintenance lessons and hope that we can work the schedule around her school and my husband's and my work schedules...We are looking forward to continuing her lessons and seeing more progress!" — Erin Cockrill

  41. "We've been very happy with our lessons. The staff is great and my kids look forward to their lessons after school. " — Maria Negrette

  42. "We absolutely love the Water Whisperer and what it has offered our 4 yr. old son. My son takes several classes over the years, and I will say that swimming at the Water Whisperer has proven to be one of the best investments we've given him as a child. It's been amazing to see how quickly he has learned to swim and how his confidence seems to grow from being in the water. Emily and her team are always professional, with everyone taking their jobs, seriously. If a parent has a complaint or feedback, it seems to be quickly addressed and in ways that are feasible for their business." — Delora Lee

  43. "We started our daughter in the water whisperer right away at 6 months. I felt confidently in their system, from just research and reviews, and was proved right. We are particularly found of Rile - a super sweet and patient instructor who has a lot of excellent knowledge. You don't get the same instructor each time which is a little confusing, but regardless she has advanced and grown into a cute little 13 month old fish! They have a lot of song to accompany lesson, which is always encouraging and relaxing for kids, and a good structure to the class where she's building on what she's learned before. They keep a pretty steady pace but do consider if your child isn't completely with the lesson. We've continued here for 3+ consistent sessions and had a fantastic time swimming with her this summer! Will recommend and certainly continue." — Nadim Sawabini

  44. "We love this place! My kids have both learned to swim in less than 10 lessons. We couldn't be happier with that they are pool safe :)" — Tamar Barazani

  45. "We have had our darling grandson Liam in the Water Whisperer's remarkable swimming program since he was 6 months old! Every 6 months we'd do another session of classes visiting from NY as grandparents! Now our boy is 17 months old...and we are retiring...we've come back home to California! We are able to take him twice a week and on the weekends his parents get to c how much he's accomplished! Today he swam down to the bottom of the pool to catch some toys...and swam back up! He loves going off the diving board and he's now able to get out of the side of the pool by himself! The teachers @ Water Whisperer are committed and excited with all the nuances of each child's swimming progress! You can feel their caring and supportive energy ...always challenging these little ones...and they have a terrific ability ..for keeping the littles one focused and challenged and making swimming fun! Especially loved how the scheduling dept at Water Whisperers always keeps our scheduling as the priority! Here's to swimming and this great program for kids!" — Pati Scott

  46. "Both of our boys (2.5 years and 5 years) have been through the initial 2 week program and they loved it! Every time they were super excited to go to swim class. They were both already pretty comfortable in the water but lacking in the fundamental skills needed for real swimming and water safety. All of their teachers were very nice and good with them, especially Anya (sp?) and Brandon, and we could see marked improvement in both of their skills and confidence in the water by the end of the program.

    I'll be honest, it's not cheap and you do need to be careful around their various rules because they are (legitimately) particular about them, but it is totally worth it. Definitely recommended."
    — Jack Sadler

  47. "We enrolled our 4yr old daughter here just a few weeks ago. She already had previous swimming classes in another school when she turned 3 but had to pull her out early this year because it got too cold for her. A near drowning incident during our vacation a few months ago prompted us to seek Water Whisperer's help. Our friends have referred them to us years ago but my husband and I were a little skeptic about the 10 day program, not to mention the fee that they charge. We ended up enrolling our kids in another swim school where they attended a once a week 30 minute class for around $75+/mo. This is probably ok if our kids already knew how to swim a bit because that school was more focused on form and perfecting the strokes. But, for my then 3 year old daughter, getting her pool ready was more important - how to swim back to the pool wall incase she accidentally falls in the pool, how to swim back up, how to do head ups instead of breathing on the side, and so on. So when we enrolled her at Water Whisperer, we saw how different their teaching techniques were and how efficient the 10-day program is. Kids tend to retain information and new skills if it's done on a regular basis and in this case if it's done in 10 consecutive days. It's also a plus that the classes are one on one, therefore, each session is personalized depending on our kid's progress. My husband and I thought we're saving money by enroling our kids on a once a month swim school, turns out our daughter learned more in the 10 days she was with water whisperer than the 12 mos she's been on the other school.Our family had a wonderful experience in water whisperer and I think most of you will too. So, thank you Emily, teacher Teresa and the rest of your awesome team!" — Pia Villasenor

  48. "Oliver completed his 10 series on Friday I can’t can’t begin to tell you how happy we are. Day 1 had tears and by day 10 he was getting toys from the deep end and doing head ups. We are so thrilled. I must mention Francisco as well… We adored him. Ollie is so proud of himself and we are so happy!" — Sarah Lancaster

  49. "Sofia is extremely happy with swimming. In her 6th lesson we had breakthrough where she became brave and stopped crying. She absolutely loves her instructor and looks forward to her lessons. Us as her parents are also happy with the instructor, overall atmosphere and how Sofia has progressed." — Victoria Oganyan

  50. "We LOVE your program – especially lessons with Patrick and Ariel! Patrick and Ariel are both amazing teachers and my shy, risk averse two-year-old has almost mastered "head-ups"! Please let me know what we need to do to show you love and get a free lesson! Thanks!" — Lauren Brandenstein

  51. "We love the Water Whisperer! my 4 year old daughter has been taking swimming lessons here for 2 summers and we couldn't be happier. The teachers are very sweet, encouraging and good at what they do. My daughter looks forward to her swimming lesson every week." — Sandy Pirnazar

  52. "Your company is remarkable! I would be so honored that you used my compliments... Each and everyone of your teachers are absolutely terrific! I had an exercise studio in you New York & I know what it's like to have great teachers and make great teachers happen! Demands total focus! And you did it darling! We are happy to be back at the little pool which is easier for Liam because his eyes are so light... It was hard for him ... There was so much sunlight at the bigger pool.. And he wasn't feeling well! You have done a remarkable job !! everybody has so much heart !!! you're making a difference changing & saving lives !!! " — Pati Scott

  53. "Every class our darling grandson gets better and better...every one of the teachers are so mindful and motivating and we are absolutely thrilled with Liam's progress. He started at six months and what he is doing now is mind blowing at 16 months! The diving board ..dicing down to the bottom step ...getting toys So grateful for the Water Whisperer. Yelping this message. First time with Natalie. She rocked it!" — Pati Scott

  54. "Yes, we are still very happy and have been trying to talk friends into doing your class.Thanks for asking and sorry for the delay. We are very happy that Penn is starting to swim distances and is brave (again) when it comes to the diving board :-) We took him out to practice this weekend and he loved it. " — Annonymous

  55. "Faye loved her swimming lessons and learned so much in the short 10 days. We are very happy overall with the whole experience and have already told many of our friends about your school." — Julia Albert

  56. "We are beyond happy with the Minnow Duet classes that we have been doing with our 2YO daughter Riley. We are amazed daily at her progress! The facilities are terrific and the staff is so great, helpful, kind and energetic. We will indeed recommend the “The Water Whisperer” to our friends." — Riley Dingle

  57. "We can't say enough great things about teacher Rile he is really amazing and patient teacher! Parker has really has bonded with teacher Rile and is working amazingly with him. We look forward to continuing on Parker is doing so great!" — Katie Dorsey

  58. "Thank you so much! The lessons have been amazing and my kids went from being afraid to getting so excited for lessons! I would like to continue maintenance lessons for both Gabriel and Jake twice a week. Please send me more information on pricing. Thanks for everything." — Candice Steiner

  59. "Sawyer is loving her swim lessons (though she was scared at first) and I am SO impressed by how much she has learned!! I am honestly blown away by how much progress was made in just 2 weeks!" — Michelle Vick

  60. "I wish we had enrolled our kids a lot sooner, it took my kids almost a year to learn what your school taught in just 10 days! Really amazing! Your school, Ms. Theresa, and the rest of the instructors have done a really great job in educating not just the students but the parents as well when it comes to pool safety. Thank you so much again!" — Pia Villasenor

  61. "I am honestly blown away by how well the Water Whisperer's program works!! We just finished the 2-week intensive session, and my almost-4-year-old is legitimately swimming. Besides the fact that she loves it and has so much fun swimming, it is SUCH a weight off my shoulders knowing that if she falls into a pool, she will easily be able to swim to the side and pull herself out of the water.

    I was nervous at first because she was scared and crying at the beginning of the first couple of lessons, saying that she didn't want to put her head under water, but after the first few days there was no more crying and she was genuinely excited about her lessons. We had a different teacher almost every day, and they were all fantastic. I can't say enough about this place!! I am so impressed by the results."
    — Michelle Vick

  62. "LOVE the teachers here! My 5 year old learned to swim in his first 4 lessons! Highly recommended." — Michelle Palmer

  63. "The staff has been very nurturing and patient with my 3 year old. We started the 10 day program with a lot of fear and crying. By day 5 he stopped crying and he was swimming by himself for a couple of feet. He also learned how to paddle, kick and hold his breath under water. The best part is they taught him water safety: no running, and always swimming to the wall if you fall. Thank you Coach Victor and Coach Kaylee for your talent!" — Rita Kanberian

  64. "Cole is loving it! Looking forward to our last classes after vacation!! Thank you." — Keleigh Thomas Morgan

  65. "It (our swim experience) was great... I cannot express how much I appreciate what you have done for my son. I have definitely told people about the company! We LOVED it…and sincerely thank you all!!" — Kevin Berg

  66. "We are really happy with the lessons that my 20 month old son took at the Water Whisperer. Nicole is a really great teacher and was so patient with my son. I am really impressed at how much he improved in 10 lessons. Everyone at your facility is really friendly, nice and helpful." — Brooke Nelson

  67. "Hello Team! My husband and I are thrilled to see the progress made with Sophia & Orlando Grillo. The first 2 days were rough, but I never doubted your program. Sophia had 3 teachers within 4 days, which was challenging as it took her a bit of time to get comfortable with each new teacher, but I also saw the perks in having someone new. Orlando has had Patrick the whole time. He is in love with Patrick and I believe Patrick is a very strong and capable teacher. We all love him and are extremely grateful to have had him so many days in a row. I feel we can only comment on Francisco as he has worked with Sophia the most and like Patrick, I believe he is a strong and capable teacher who has been pushing Sophia slowly day by day. He seems to know how to talk to my daughter and she loves him as well. I would appreciate any and all ways to receive a free class and/or discounts as we believe in maintenance as well. I see that the bulk pack is 20. Thank you all so much! I've told everyone about this program! Oh, speaking of. I have a dear friend with boy/girl twin 3 year olds who have been trying to get in. Do you have any openings left? Thanks again. — Stephanie Bast

  68. "Hello, We graduated today and are delighted with The Water Whisperer. We would like to purchase some maintenance lessons, to start as soon as possible. We were extremely happy with Cat and Karen! Very happy to have made your day. The Water Whisperer certainly made ours! I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Zoë" — Zoe Black

  69. "This is the mother of Hunter Nelson. This program is my second time around-my 5 year old learned to swim a few years ago and it was a success. So far the lessons have been great! I've seen so much improvement on such a little guy. I didn't think he would have moved up so quickly being only 18 months. Thank you to all at the Water Whisperer!" — Jamie Nelson

  70. "Caleb is loving swim class! We've been fortunate to have had the same instructor everyday whom Caleb just loves. In fact, he came to class today and said, "I love Patrick." Patrick has been incredible!! We would love to book a set of maintenance lessons. Caleb loves Patrick has taken quite a shine to him and feels very comfortable with him. Thanks so much, Emily!" — Allyson Haas

  71. "We had a great experience! Victor is fantastic. My son was hysterical the first three days but victor was SO kind and calm and my son now adores him. Coach Kaylee and Brooke were also great. We liked your techniques. We will do maintenance lessons. Thank you. PS. Please give victor the recognition he deserves! He seriously kept his cool with my hysterical son. And did an amazing breakthrough. My son cries now that he wants him." — Emily Felt

  72. "Hi, My boys Aiden and Logan Becker are almost done with their 10 lessons and are doing very well. I was interested in seeing about maintenance lessons maybe once a week for the next few weeks and wanted to know about the pricing or if there were any discounts since I would be doing it for both kids. They love their lessons and I've really seen them grow much more comfortable in the water. It's been a great experience! I've already told several friends how much they enjoy coming to lessons. I'm still shocked that my 6 yr old who never even wanted to get in the pool now can't wait to jump off the diving board there! Thanks so much!" — Natalie Becker

  73. "Hello, We have been very happy with the lessons so far. Jasper's progress has been incredible and we will definitely recommend your school to our friends. Jasper will be doing a lot of organized group and individual swim lessons at his summer camp, so we won't be enrolling in maintenance lessons now but will keep it in mind for the fall. Thanks, Dave" — David Allen

  74. "Things are getting better! She usually started with crying because she's only had male teachers and she's at that age (3) where a strange man freaks her out a bit. So the first half was hard but then it got better! She really loves swimming and is very proud of herself. Her only complaint was, "Why can't I have a girl teacher like everyone else?" And then, today she had her first female teacher!!! No tears and loved it!! Thanks!! I think she's making improvements and am looking forward to seeing her continually get better. It is a funny thing for girls and I believe in teachable moments for sure as opposed to not making her do something because she feels unsure about it. We are in the process of trying to sign up for maintenance now. Thanks!" — Johanna Appel

  75. "Hi! Thanks for checking in. We love the Water Whisperer. My son has taken swim lessons since he was 1.5 years old and never has he been interested. Since we've come here, he wants to swim and do his best, and asked if he can continue. I love every instructor he's had so far. I have been referring! And we will continue maintenance lessons for sure. Thanks!" — Melissa Blakey

  76. "Hi! The lessons are going great! I want to sign up for maintenance classes! Thank you!" — Ortila Gholian

  77. "The 10-day intensive was AWESOME! Our son loved the water so much that by his last class he was allowed to "jump" off the diving board. We'll be telling all our Valley friends about the Water Whisperer. And so he doesn't lose interest in swimming, we will be practicing in our pool and will definitely return to TWW for refreshers so he learns new skills. Thanks for such a wonderful experience, Aileen + Doug + Mason" — David and Aileen Brown

  78. "Hi Emily! I hope you had a great weekend! My 8 month old daughter, Riley, loves her lessons at Water Whisperer! After her 1st week, she is already comfortable in the water as she learns the fundamentals of swimming. She laughs and giggles with excitement each time she gets in the water. We are now starting our second week of lessons and look forward to watching Riley's progress. We love Water Whisperer!"" — Lauren Holocker

  79. "Hi Emily, Thank you for checking on us. I appreciate it. Everything was great and I think today is our last day. The program is great. I just want you to know I was part of the CBS news team that covered your story. I was a fan before joining. I also didn't mean for it to start off that way. We had a great experience, no more throwing up! Instructors were all great. Chloe is swimming- which was the goal. The only aspect that was a little tough was that Chloe worked with 4 different instructors during this time and Hudson had Ariel the whole time ( which we all adored!) we even ended up with Nicole who is my cousins daughter! Small world :) with that said, all the instructors were great. I would love to get my 15 month old started and schedule some maintenance lessons for Chloe. I will email Maria . Thank you for your attention to your customers! Melissa" — Melissa Youssefi

  80. "My name is Jennifer White. My son Jon White is 2 yrs old & is in the midst of his 10 day intensives... On our first day, Kyle was really kind & helpful in showing us around, getting us our pre-purchased swim diaper, & offering to help out in any way! The 3 lessons we have attended thus far have been amazing! Teacher Kat was really good with Jon for his first lesson...she was patient & kind. Perfect for a newbie! Teacher Rosa is so knowledgeable & really helped Jon advance already! She was fun yet firm...perfect for my lil guy during lesson 2! Teacher Sarah was so kind as well during lesson 3. So far Jon has done 9 submersions & by his 3rd lesson there was practically zero crying & only smiles!!!!!! We are so pleased!!!! Thank you so so much!!! Sincerely, Jenn White :)" — Jennifer White

  81. "We just finished our ten-day intensive and we are so happy!" — Leila Lewin

  82. "Lori Lilly via 10:33 AM (5 hours ago) to swimlessonsfee. Hi, Our lessons went great! We went on vacation soon after they ended and Michael was in the pool every singe day, all day and felt so confident about his swimming. We were thrille" — Lori Lilly

  83. "Hi Emily! We loved your classes! The twins had a blast. I love the program and would recommend it to anyone ! All the teachers are wonderful and the facility has very good energy for the children and a great learning environment for all :) I want to sign them up for maintenance classes twice a week can you please let me know the options. Thank you, Veronique" — Veronique Vicari

  84. "Simply a life changing experience for our entire family! My husband had a very traumatic experience with swim lessons as a young child, so he was very anxious when I signed our 2 1/2 yr old up for lessons. Though the first lesson was fantastic and tear-free for our daughter, lessons 2-5 were really tough. Lots of tears, lots of anxiety. My husband was ready to call it quits. I emailed Emily seeking her advice...maybe our daughter was too young? Not emotionally mature enough? Emily was so, so understanding. The next lesson she team taught along with our regular instructor (the lovely Monica). With Emily whispering constant encouragement in her ear our daughter was able to control her panic and finish up without crying. The next lesson she was a little more brave. By lesson 7 she was jumping in willingly. By lesson 8 she was begging to return to the pool. We finished her lessons 3 days ago and she has woken up every morning asking if she gets to go back today. We took her to the public pool this afternoon and she was swimming like a fish. After just 2 wks of lessons our 2 yr old can swim to the bottom to grab toys, swim several feet with her face underwater, and jump off the pool edge and diving board holding her breath! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful people at The Water Whisperer... esp. Monica, Emily, and Rile! P.S. our friend's 3 yr old took lessons at the same time as our daughter and also had the same incredible experience (w/far less crying :-P) THANK YOU!!!!" — Adrien Theuer

  85. "My four-year old son is thriving here! He was incredibly nervous at first but Emily the owner spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me explaining the virtues of her methodology and she was right! We will be coming back for more since my son enjoys it now so much! thanks, Water Whisperer!" — Lisa Ansell

  86. "We are really happy the water whisperer! The teachers are patient with the kids! My son is 2 and he likes going. At night he mentions his teachers name and says what he did that day during the lesson. The water is clean and warm. We will definitely be doing maintenance classes! Thanks, Emily" — Nazila Ahdoot

  87. ": Dear Emily, We are very much enjoying our lessons with your wonderful instructors. Aiden has worked with Brooke and Nathan and they are both so nice. THANK YOU!" — Melanie Pastor

  88. "Hi Emily, Lessons are going great and we love Teacher Rile! I must tell you that my husband and I are so impressed. My (almost 3 year old) son had very mixed feelings about swimming prior to coming to The Water Whisperer; even on day 2 of his lessons he cried and I had to leave the pool. It was incredible to see the instant change in him on day 3. He is now swimming to the bottom of the pool in the deep end, jumping off the diving board and asking everyday to go swimming. My husband and I were skeptical but we are so thankful for how amazing it all turned out!" — Carly Vazana

  89. "Hi Emily, I have been meaning to email you. Swim lessons are going, well, swimmingly! Griff doesn’t make it easy on his teachers but last night, at the end of lesson 6, he got out of the pool and said, “That was so fun!” HUGE! He actually said he wanted to go to swim this morning. SO excited we have turned this corner! After trying lessons all over town, Rose Bowl, privates, etc, we finally decided to jump in and try out The Water Whisperer. I have no idea what took me so long! The 10 lesson intensive is the perfect way to start. 9 lessons in and the boy that was crying and begging to get out of the pool on day 1 is jumping off the diving board and thriving. Not only is he more water safe, he is loving it! I can't wait to see how much he develops in his next 10 lessons! Thank you, Emily" — Natalie Gershon

  90. "Hello Emily, Swim lessons are going very well. My daughter is loving it and wants to continue coming. I was hesitant to drive to Sherman Oaks from West LA but your program and teachers are wonderful.We would like to schedule 10 maintenance lessons starting next week. Thank you for teaching her to swim in such a short time!" — Melissa Bramlett

  91. "Teacher Brandon had been amazing! He has infinite patience and is kind but firm. Couldn't ask for a better teacher for a first time swimmer. I have already given your website and info to Finn's preschool (Teddy Bear preschool in Burbank) and to my daughter's dance studio (Garri Dance). Hope that you will get many clients from both! Thanks again, Sarah Lava" — Sarah Lava

  92. "I signed my 5 year old son up for lessons at the Water Whisperer just last week. Today will be his 8th class and I am just amazed at his progress in just 7 days. He was really scared of swimming before we started, and just yesterday I watched my brave kid jump from the diving board into the deep end of the pool with no floaties! His instructor Sarah has been super sweet and calm the entire time. I'm so glad I signed him up and plan on bringing my 1 year old here as well! Wonderful program, great location and extremely kind staff. Emily the owner is a doll and has been extremely helpful and informative throughout this process." — Mariya LLitsky

  93. "We couldn't be happier with our son's results after his ten lessons. He was very comfortable with all of his teachers (who are all very kind) and progressed daily with their curriculum. He even continued learning after the lessons because he enjoyed singing the catchy skills-songs. Our main goal was to have our three year old gain the skills to swim to safety if he were to fall into a pool. After ten classes he can make a u-turn after jumping in the pool to safety.swim halfway across the pool, swim to the bottom of the deep end of the pool, and float on his back.I do believe, however, that even though he learned these skills so quickly, it is important for us to keep these skills fresh. Overall, our son had a great time while learning to swim, and we enjoyed watching him have so much fun." — Christina Rice

  94. "The Water Whisperer has exceeded our expectations. Our recently water-phobic son, who screamed through lessons at another location last summer, is asking to go to his lesson, and is smiling the whole time. He is not only learning important water safety skills, he is learning that he is a competent swimmer who enjoys jumping off the board!" — Sarah Duman

  95. "Cecelia, my 18 month old granddaughter, and I very much enjoyed your classes. The Water Whisperer offers a good combination of both safety and fun and the teachers are very good at engaging children. I am going to take the maintenance classes and I encourage parents to take advantage of the great opportunity." — Francis Veber

  96. "We are very happy so far with Ryder's improvement from last year's lessons. He has learned so much more in just 8 lessons and we will definitely be continuing after our 10 day program is over! Thanks so much for getting back to me!" — Megan Melton

  97. "Hi! So lessons have been going well! I really enjoy your program ! I have already told many mommies about it! Ryle is fantastic ! I couldn't say enough good things! His patience and kindness on top of his amazing ability with the baby have really made the lessons special and enjoyable for us!" — Tracy Farole

  98. "Hello!!! Lessons are going great!!!! Ariel has been a fantastic teacher!!!!!. I would like to purchase / schedule the maintenance lessons. How do I do that? Friday is the last day our the 10 day intensive. Thanks so much!" — Rachael Morrison

  99. "Hi! So lessons have been going well! I really enjoy your program ! I have already told many mommies about it! Ryle is fantastic ! I couldn't say enough good things! His patience and kindness on top of his amazing ability with the baby have really made the lessons special and enjoyable for us! Thank you, Emily!" — Tracy Takvorian

  100. "Hap is absolutely loving his lessons, and his teachers! Would love to sign him up for maintenance classes asap, as his last day is this Friday. Thanks so much, Ellen Kreamer" — Ellen Kreamer

  101. "Amazing! My twin 4 yr olds are taking the 10 day intensives and I've been very impressed with the program from day 1. The instructors are so great with the kids. My daughters have very different personalities and the coaches have had no problems teaching either of them (even the one who tends to be more cautious and afraid). Half way thru they are loving it and are swimming. I've already signed them up for maintenance. In addition to the amazing coaches, everything is very clean, efficient, on time, etc. I'm so glad I signed my daughters up!" — Melissa Hufjay

  102. "Hi Emily! They both are making great progress with your team. The kids have loved all the teachers and becoming happy little fish! Thanks so much, Bridget Hauler" — Bridget Hauler

  103. "Hi Emily, I wanted to respond to your email and tell you swimming lessons are going great! This is our third maintenance lessons and Jaxon is doin awesome! Hes learnng so much and I apprecaite how much work you have put into making sure our kids are safe. Thank you so much! Mary Ann" — Mary Ann Rich

  104. "Lessons are going great they love it!" — Irene Shut

  105. "Hi Emily, I am as happy as can be with with my babies' progress with Patrick! Thank you so much!" — Anna Hamrell

  106. "Hi Emily, Thank you for checking in. I am absolutely thrilled to have found you guys! Our swim lessons have been amazing! I am amazed at how well my son, Hunter, has responded to swimming and to Teacher Ana. She has been remarkable with him and he is swimming so well. I wish I had known about you all earlier. My older son is 8 and after 4 years of lessons, he does not have the confidence or the understanding of how to swim like my little one does. No one ever told him that if he laid down and looked down, he would float on the water… he missed the basics because no teacher ever told him. Needless to say, I plan to sign him up for some refresher courses and continue Hunter in lessons as well. I tell everyone about The Water Whisperer and my friend Vanessa already signed her son Carsten up. Thank you and teacher Ana so much for making this a fun and great experience for us! Our summer in the pool is going to be a blast this year!" — Lisa Gascou

  107. "I feel so lucky to have found Emily Cohen and her wonderful swim school The Water Whisperer. My son who just turned 2 years old, started the 10 lesson intensive in February. I was so impressed by what I witnessed my little toddler doing....paddle and kicking a few feet on his own!submerging to pick up toys from the bottom of the pool to practice breath control and jumping in the pool, learning to grip the edge of the pool and pulling himself out! All under the supervision of wonderful, caring and passionate teachers. Having a positive introduction to the water and swimming is paramount and at the Water Whisperer they make that first experience and your future swim enjoyment their priority!" — Troy Titus Barrow

  108. "We are very happy with my son's progress. All the teachers are great!!! I am currently taking your swimming classes myself. For the first time, I am confident that I will be able to swim after my 10 lessons. Not only all the instructors are great with kids, they are very good with adults too. Thank you!" — Gigi Tran

  109. "We've had a great experience with the Water Whisperer. My two sons 6 and 3 are both swimming after their ten day intensives and they really enjoy coming to the pool and have liked every teacher we have been with. So happy and so appreciative. I've read some of the negative comments here--- I have to say, I dont mind the songs, the kids seem to like the routine of it. And there is indeed ALOT of info in the initial email that is sent out, but I also really like knowing what to expect and what is expected of me. It has made everything run smoothly. And I LOVE that :)" — Tracy Miller

  110. "Hi Emily, thank you for reaching out. Lessons are going amazing and we love your school and your teachers. My son is almost 19 months and I knew he would love to swim, but never thought he would be jumping from the diving board and swimming to the bottom of the pool at this age! We actually just reached out to sign up for another 20 lessons. I will tell anyone who asks how great your school is. I feel like we're perfect proof of your methods considering we can only do weekends and he is so much more advanced than all of our friends we do group classes at the Y and places like that. We are looking forward to swimming all summer. Thanks so much!! Marisa & my little minnow Mariano Rivera" — Marisa Clayton

  111. "Hello, Lessons are going exceptionally well! Coach Shane is awesome with my daughter. He is firm AND loving! I am a very happy customer!!!!" — Brigette Marenin

  112. "Hi Emily, LOVE swimming with you guys. Gracie is having so much fun and the teachers are great. Have been mostly with Rile (dont really know how to spell his name) and he is so awesome. Today we swam with Naomi. Even though Naomi is one of the newer teachers, she was excellent and took over right where Gracie left off and even showed us some new things. Very happy with the water whisperer. You have a great company. thanks so much. Leslie" — Leslie Hsu

  113. "Hi Emily. It's going fantastic. Valentina had a great lesson with Lazar on Sat. and an amazing lesson with Theresa on Sunday (no crying at all and she was going around for the rest of the day singing "bubbles bubbles"). She started paddling on her own and jumped from a diving board. Can you tell me more about the maintenance program? Thank you!!!!!!!" — Natalia Ammon

  114. "Hi Emily, Thanks for your note, the lessons went great and our daughter (while still learning) has the fundamentals down and is well on her way to being a strong swimmer. You've put together a great program and had fantastic coaches...Shane, Diana and Paige were all great and instilled a lot of confidence into our little girl. Thanks again. Nedim" — Nedim Aruz

  115. "Excellent. Thanks! By the way, he swam well this weekend in our pool. He still needs to learn to paddle with both arms, but he was having fun and we owe that all to you guys :) Scott" — Scott Zimbler

  116. "Simply thrilled and completely pleased. My very stubborn four year old has refused to work with several other classes but he's swimming end to end after ten days. Mostly he has a huge smile on his face and is so proud of himself. There were no tears and the instructors work with each kid so well and communicate with parents. No lectures, harsh words, judgement or criticism for us or our child. Now the strong willed little guy can't wait to come back!!! We are beyond happy!!!!" — Allie T from Santa Monica

  117. "I first came to The Water Whisperer as an employee. As a teacher I have seen this program work literally HUNDREDS of times. Children who begin the program with varying levels of apprehension (some are genuinely terrified of their faces getting wet) learn to love the water and find a confidence they have never known. Children learn in an environment that provides boundaries, encouragement, and a can-do attitude which is an essential part of our program. My 7 month old son recently went through the 10 day program and he LOVES the water. He now knows when he is about to submerge and prepares himself and he is able to hold his breath for around 10 seconds. Babies have swimming reflexes so I can pass my son between myself and another adult and he actually swims. He is on his way to learning how to float independently and climb out of the pool unassisted (note that he is 7 months old and cannot perform these tasks on his own, but the foundation is in place and he is learning!) I have taught swimming off and on since I was 15 for many different associations and The Water Whisperer is by far the MOST effective program I have ever implemented. In the beginning, there are frequently tears, but it's important to remember that children don't have the same vocabulary as an adult and they also are ruled by emotion in a way that adults are not. When a child is afraid we acknowledge and validate their fear, give hugs and encourage them to be brave. Most importantly, we do the thing we are afraid of. We teach children that being afraid of something is not a reason to not try it, and we feel this serves them throughout their entire lives. I knew all of this going in with my baby, but it's different with your own child. I can happily say that my son is on his way to being a very early swimmer and I credit The Water Whisperer with that." — Monica Engesser

  118. "I absolutely LOVE The Water Whisperer and would recommend this swim school to all of my friends! My 3 1/2 year old son has loved the water since I put him in the pool as a baby but unfortunately last summer he had a not-so-great experience with another swim school and I began to worry if he would love the water again. The instructors at The Water Whisperer are absolutely amazing! They we so patient and loving with my son, gently pushing and encouraging him. Letting him know that it's okay, we are here with you and you can do it! By lesson 3 he was jumping off the side of the pool, grabbing a toy from the bottom of the pool and by lesson 5 he jumped off the diving board! I was SUPER IMPRESSED! I am a firm believer in music and I LOVE the songs that are taught to the children to help the learn how to hold their breath, close their mouths under water; my son sing the songs all the time and cannot wait to get back into the pool at The Water Whisperer! If you want your child to truly learn how to swim; The Water Whisperer is the place to go! We will be back soon!" — Amber R

  119. "Hi Emily, Thank you for your email. We are truly having a memorable, fun, learning experience with Victor at the Church of Chimes. We love the pool and the location. I actually laughed at your email about the dirty pool lol!! Those little things don't change the incredible experience that my child is receiving. Victor is remarkable!! Ethan asks to go to swim lessons on Saturday and Sunday and that is because of the bond that Victor has created with Ethan. Ethan is swimming the length of the pool which is something that Ethan would never have been confident enough to do prior to swim lessons with Victor. Victor is very knowledgable about swimming and working with children, and as a teacher myself I appreciate that. Our experience with Victor has been so wonderful that I have been telling many parents at Adat Ari El where I work. I know that many of our families are looking for swim lessons for their children and will be contacting you in the near future. Thank You, Ashley Cohen" — Ashley Cohen

  120. "The gentle approach our teacher had with our daughter was so wonderful to see in action!!! There were days when she was not up to being in the water, and his patience paid off -- usually he was able to coax her into finishing her lesson! Best, she has so much more confidence in the water now. This is a girl who would not put her face in the water...Very grateful for the lessons! Thank you, Emily" — Nancy Bryan

  121. "Dear Emily, Teacher Victor has really made an amazing impression on my son. He talks about him everyday and asks about when he'll get to swim with him again. Best, Lauren" — Lauren Lake

  122. "Just wanted to send a quick hello and thank you. Theresa has been such a dream and we're just now into week two. The kids absolutely adore her and they love being back here. Look forward to more visits with all of you!! Warmest - Megan" — Megan Conrad

  123. "Josie's first swim lesson was a little tense; she was scared to go under the water, but teacher Rile held the line with compassion, humor and encouragement. On her second day, Josie didn't even want to get out of the car. I repeated what I'd heard Rile say: you're not getting hurt, you're just getting wet. She agreed to try another lesson. By the end of the second lesson she had rescued a toy from under the water and loved the roll and float time at the end. Before her third lesson we watched videos of kids swimming on the WaterWhisperer website and then she couldn't wait to swim. Today, I sit here watching her on her ninth lesson and I am in awe. She can jump in, do a U-turn and swim to the side. She can swim the width of the pool with no help- albeit she's clumsily, but she's trucking! She can jump from the diving board without fear! And yesterday, when I saw her float on her back independently, I teared up. Floating successfully comes when you feel truly relaxed, and trust that you won't sink. There was so much empowerment in this act and I couldn't have been more proud. She knows now that with "closing her door," "splashy kicks," "scoopy paddles," and "looking down" she can do anything she sets her mind to in the pool. As we drove away yesterday I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw her looking out the window with this prideful half-smile and I thought: this is one of those moments you never forget as a parent. Thank you, Water Whisperer! We will be back soon for maintenance! -Kristen Daniels (mom of Josie 3 1/2)" — Kristen Daniels

  124. "Dear Emily, We are loving the lessons! It's such a joy to bear witness to the progress Hendrix has made in such a short amount of time. All the trainees seem dedicated, hard working and caring. Please give me price of the maintenance package. See you soon! With warm regards, Troy P.S what is your referral policy?" — Troy Titus-Adams

  125. "I was very nervous about my 4 year old daughter being able to hang in this intense ten day program. She is highly sensitive and was very water phobic prior her lessons. But, Emily reassured me that they work with all sorts of children and know what they are doing. Boy, was she right. The staff is incredible. The program is intense (think, your child going under the water about 30 times on day 1), but the staff is so warm and friendly. My daughter is usually slow to warm up and bonded with the teachers, immediately. My daughter cried the first two lessons. On Day three, she was swimming. It is amazing to watch her jump off a diving board and swim to the side of the pool after only a few lessons. The Water Whisperer lives up to their name. I highly recommend the program." — Brianne Megerdichian

  126. "Hi Emily, We're nearing the end of our ten day course with 25 month old Marlow. We both have loved it! I can definitely see the benefit of an intensive, age and experience appropriate course at Water Whisperer compared to a week to week arrangement which we've been painstakingly doing with our 5 year old daughter for years now and she's still scared to put her head in the water. It was a joy for me to see Marlow at the end of our lesson today happily submerge his own face and head in the water with only verbal encouragement to retrieve a toy and come up grinning clutching his prize. Our teacher is absolutely wonderful. He confidently and gently worked through a few tears on day 3 and from then on Marlow has improved in leaps and bounds. We're so happy. Can you please send me the package prices for maintenance lessons so we can keep the flow of this great learning to swim experience. Cheers, Rachel" — Rachel Harvey

  127. "Finally learning to swim! After so many years of being sacred of the water and being unable to get in the pool, I have started swimming and enjoying it! All thanks to The Water Whisperer and their awesome instructors. I highly recommend them to anyone with a fear of drowning or any other water inhibitions. It only took 3 lessons for my confidence to be boosted and for me to have my first swim. So happy!!!" — Rizi Timane

  128. "Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for our swim experience! Teacher Zach was great, Gia loved him! I also wanted to inquire about the maintenance lessons. Packages, scheduling, Etc. Thank you again! Kelly and Gia" — Kelly Kozakov

  129. "Hi, I just wanted to write to say what a wonderful experience I have had with Water Whisperer! From start to finish! Monica you have been so accommodating to my scheduling needs and changes, which I have been so appreciative of! The teachers, in particular teacher Zach, were incredible with instruction, care and playful nature. Leo loved swimming and is so eager to continue, so thank you. I will continue to spread the word, as I think this is such a great and positive experience! Well done Thank you Veronica Powell" — Veronica Powell

  130. "It's going FANTASTIC!!! We love your program and have been super happy with all the instructors! Thank you!!!!!!" — Kelli Miller

  131. "Allie Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Luca cried the first day of his lessons and now he is swimming, jumping off diving board. He loves his classes. Thank you and your fabulous instructors for they have made a difference in Luca’s life. Best, Janet White or Great Auntie Jani" — Janet White

  132. "The lessons are going great! He loves them. I love them. You have a wonderful place and wonderful teachers. Thanks so much! Heather" — Heather Muller

  133. "We LOVE the Water Whisperer! Should anyone hesitate at the thought of the 10 class intensive, you should not. It was my goal this past summer to get both of my children swimming, my son is 5 and my daughter is 2. At the beginning of the summer, my son could not handle water in his face at all and by the end of the WW lessons he was diving off the diving board and diving into the deep end to fetch toys at the bottom of the pool. My daughter does not have an aversion of water in her face yet it was all new to her too and she is on her way to being a good swimmer. She remembers the songs and rhythms sung during her lesson and we still practice them during her bath time and when we go swimming! I fully intend to sign up for maintenance lessons. Many families will sign up their children for swim lessons in the summer and then take a break in the fall, winter and spring. Please continue during the year because it is also through consistent practice that your children will develop into strong, good swimmers!! I was a product of classes at the YMCA in the 70s. I was pushed into the deep end from the diving board by my instructor at the time. That experience sticks in mind as HORRIBLE!! The teaching method used by the WW though is gentle yet firm. They are positive, encouraging, supportive and there for your kids as they learn. All of the instructors we had were wonderful, they are great with kids and super qualified. Emily the owner was very kind and supportive and put me at ease even when I first reached out to her to inquire about the lessons. What a terrific program that helps so many kids learn how to swim and swim well. Swimming is a survival skill not just a sport, the investment is worth it. I drove my kids from Westchester (near LAX) to Sherman Oaks for these lessons and it was worth every mile. I work full time and the scheduling staff worked with me to create a schedule that worked for our family. I will end this by saying again, I LOVE the Water Whisperer!" — Virginia Toledo

  134. "We had teacher Ryal yesterday and Jack absolutely loved him. He was a truly fantastic teacher. Little Jack was very focused and hugged him. It was adorable. Rile has the best personality! Made my day! Just wanted to say thank you. Lily Vonnegut." — Lily Vonnegut

  135. "Thanks Emily. Everything is going great. She cried the first few, but is doing much better now. Very happy there! And we love teacher Zach. --" — John Shearer

  136. "We love our lessons. So far we've had teacher Mia, Anya, and Francisco and each one has been great with Lucy. I am very surprised at how well Lucy is doing so quickly and I'm curious to hear what the next step is. It sounds like she's been doing the toddler program but per the teachers is probably ready for the regular program. We just finished our 7th class and she's jumping in off the diving board and can pick up rings under water off the 2nd step (with some help of course). Thanks, Emily!! Kary Rappaport, OTR/L, SWC, CLE Feeding Specialist" — Kary Rappaport

  137. "Hi, I just wanted to let you know I had a great customer service experience today with Rile and it really reinforced why I drive so far to The Water Whisperer while sweating and dragging a newborn along. I'm sure he's an excellent teacher but customer service is essential to any business and he definitely is an asset. We live on the Westside where there are other swim programs but we will continue coming here! Sincerely, Marguerite (Ryker's and a Peachhead mom)" — Marguerite Shay

  138. "Dear Emily, The lessons have been going very well. My daughter, Lucy, has learned a ton (she would not even enter the water before last week). I am starting my son in lessons next week. I already recommended you to a friend, Parnaz Mansouri, who signed her daughter, Ava, up for lessons! Thanks so much!!! Rachel" — Rachel Gutkin

  139. "Hello Allie! We are so happy with Zack and how well Addison is responding to him! And since she is doing so well we wanted to look into maintenance lessons for the next couple months or so!! Thank you so much!!!!!!" — Kim Raines

  140. "Just wanted to share, we created a small clip for fun for our daughters amazing accomplishment The water Whisperer has helped with. (will send a dropbox link shortly) Mia is super amazing teacher, My Daughter looks forward in seeing her.. it took Beleen 6 lessons to truly enjoy it. Mia is patient, caring and super friendly. We hope to continue with MIA. She is the BEST!!!!! Best, Jennifer Rueda" — Jennifer Rueda

  141. "Good Morning Emily, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. My name is Ashley Harrison and my daughter, Mackenzie, was the little fashionista trying to tell you about her swim lesson. We have just completed our first initial 10 lessons and I must say it has been a great experience. Zach has been great with her and she has truly enjoyed herself. On her report card, he commented that "she is the most advanced minnow hybrid he had ever taught. Keep her in the water. She is a natural fish." We were fortunate to hear about you from a classmate at Mackenzie's infant/toddler program in Pasadena at Pacific Oaks. I am now spreading the word too!!" — Ashley Harrison

  142. "People have been complimenting my son Julian on his swimming all summer which I always thank to you! At some point we will come back b/c he wants to really learn and excel in all the strokes. :) Thank you so much!" — Jennifer Kramer

  143. "We liked the program very much!!!!! Chase loved it. We have her in our pool about every other day now. She's very comfortable and getting better every day. Thanks so much!!!!! Chris" — Deborah Carson

  144. "I was a little nervous about looking for a swim school for my 2 year old toddler for many reasons- but foremost because I didn't want him to dislike swimming or have "water issues" later in life. I researched different swim schools for close to a full week before settling on the water whisperer. The day before class i was very apprehensive since the WW form was one of the longest legal-looking docs I've ever filled out. But as soon as I got to the pool, my fears floated away (pun intended). My son cried for the first 5 minutes of the lesson then was putty in "Coach Zach's" capable hands. WE LOOOOOOVE coach Zac!. My son has gone from being a kid who cries af the thought of a going into a pool to a kid who cries when it's time to get out of the pool. We will be signing up for the maintenance lessons- the water whisperer has done in ten days what other schools do in 6 months. AMAZING!!!! I am in awe of how much my son has learned. The last day of class my son did 4 dives to the bottom of an 8 foot pool to retrieve toys --Incredible!" — Hep Jamieson

  145. "We have been so thrilled with our results that we have shared the news with everyone we know. I'm so happy when I hear one of our friends or school families have turned to the WW for training. It is the only program I feel comfortable saying, it works!" — Deborah Paine

  146. "Hi! Lessons are going fantastic. The kids are loving it! What is the price structure/schedule for maintenance lessons? Thanks, Elise" — Elise Henderson


  148. "Absolutely loving the program! Maria has been a truly amazing teacher and Jack loves her!" — Lily Vonnegut

  149. "Hi Emily, We finished up our lessons last Friday but overall they went great!!! Teacher Oliver was great with my son and really made him comfortable with the water and made lots of strides with the fundamentals!! In fact we'd like to look into maintenance lessons! Thanks so much!!!!" — Amanda Stromsborg (Garrigus)

  150. "The lessons are going great! You took two kids who didn't know anything about swimming, some fear as well about water, and they can swim and feel confident! I would recommend this swim school to anyone! We are very pleased. By the way my kids are Isabelle and Joseph and they truly are loving it. Best Margaret Tillman By the way my kids are Isabelle and Joseph and they truly are loving it." — Margaret Tillman

  151. "Hi Emily, I've been meaning to write you.. Brielle is loving swimming thanks to zach! It's been so fun watching her get better with each class. She looks forward to swim class and I'm so impressed with how fast she's learned to swim. Zach is really great and so are all the other teachers we've seen in the pool. Can't wait for Emma to be a little older so she can learn too! Thank you! Adi" — Adi Branover

  152. "Hi ! Bennett loves going to The Water Whisperer !!!! The staff is lovely. !!! Best ! LeAna :)" — LeAna Masi

  153. "Lessons are going very well and I would love to know about maintenance lessons! Lazaar has been great! Thank you! Regina" — Regina Burkus

  154. "Hi Allie! The Swimming lessons went well! I'm interested in enrolling Gavin for some maintenance lessons, but I'm not sure how the scheduling would be. Can you send me some additional information please in regards to rates and scheduling? Thank you! PS - Gavin had teacher Maria the last day and learned so much! I love that she is FIRM and pushes the child to new heights! Her firmness along with her encouragement, motivation, and positive reinforcements allow for just the right balance, resulting in he child's confidence and success! I know we are not able to request teachers, however, if and wherever possible, I would love for her to continue teaching Gavin. Thanks again for a great experience at The Water Whisperer!! All my best, Lelainee" — Lelainee Nalbandian

  155. "I believe in the ten-day curriculum of The Water Whisperer. I think it's great. We experienced a bit of teacher shuffle due to some teachers being out sick, and I think that affected my daughter's potential and focus. I mentioned this to the staff and the issue was handled right away from the owner, Emily. Emily contacted me and they rectified the issue right away. They really do care and rectify any issue that comes up.Good program, caring staff." — Barbra Montequieu

  156. "Hello- Thank you for reaching out. I apologize for the delay, work has been crazy. The lessons were amazing! My son Casey was very cautious about doing anything in the water before he took lessons with Tara. He got so much out of the lessons and is extremely proud! It is like night and day. My little swimmer is super proud! I do think that both my kids could use maintenance lessons (you taught my older son Jake a few years ago). Thank you very much for everything! Best- Randi Caldwell aka Casey’s Mom" — Randi Caldwell

  157. "Hi Emily and Water Whisperer Staff, Things are going fantastic. My son Reed cried for the first three days of his lessons but by the fourth day he was not crying and he was so happy to swim with his wonderful instructors. Reed is bragging to all his friends about his amazing swim coaches Gus and Dilly. We are so happy with his progress. Thank you again for this experience." — Reena Frailich

  158. "Our experience has been nothing short of AMAZING!! Each and every teacher has been patient, caring and truly seem to love what they do. We have been especially impressed with Maria. Our daughter Molly absolutely loves her swim lessons and is making tremendous progress. Kyle, in the office, has been a huge help as well and very accommodating. WE LOVE THE WATER WHISPER!" — Alisa Foreman

  159. "Olivia has been learning how to swim faster and better than ever imagined! THANK YOU, Emily" — Robyn Carlisis

  160. "Hi Emily, I'm sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to make sure I had a second to respond with more than a sentence. We have been so happy with and amazed by your program! First of all, the pool is perfect. Besides being close to our house, it's a beautiful and clean facility surrounded by trees and has such a community feel for being in the middle of the city. It's not a huge pool, which is great because it's less intimidating and more like a pool we would actually swim in at a friend's or my aunt's house. Then there are the teachers. They are the best!! Each one is so warm and friendly. Parker has had Victor for 8 out of the last 9 lessons, and we absolutely love him! Parker, as I had anticipated, was very cautious and even cried the first 5 lessons, but Victor was very patient with him and knew exactly what Parker could handle each day. After the first week, I had my doubts the process would really work, but I kept remembering what your website says about kids having a breakthrough between lessons 4 and 8, so I was prepared to complete the full 10 lessons. Sure enough, Parker's breakthrough happened this past Monday. I was almost in tears watching him actually swim by himself! Now he loves swim lessons and can't wait for them each day. He absolutely adores Victor, and Zach is wonderful as well. He has cheered Parker on and always tells him he's awesome even though he's not his teacher. The whole thing has been such a great experience, and having Parker be water safe is invaluable. We definitely want to continue with maintenance lessons. Please let me know how to sign up for those. Thank you so much! Christina Papazian" — Christina Papazian

  161. "Hi Emily I am sorry for the late reply, however I wanted to thank you for reaching out. I agree with everything you said in your email. Olivia is doing great now that her teacher was changed. She has had Miss Paige, Miss August and Today Mr Collin. The first session following her two sessions with Bri was night and day. Instead of simply floating and shutting down, she was engaged, progressing with her strokes and now dives down 7 1/2 feet for her "friends". Everyday when we walk into your swim school, Olivia asks where Miss Heather is first of course, but now also asks for Miss Paige and Miss Autumn. Today for the first time, Olivia asked if she could swim with Mr Colin. As luck would have it, she was scheduled with Mr Colin today. Again thank you so much for personally reaching out to me. I am extremely pleased with how this was handled and applaud you for outstanding customer service. Danielle Bryan" — Danielle Bryan

  162. "Hi Emily!! Things are wonderful!! Teacher Maria has been awesome with Addysen!! Addysen has learned so much (getting toys from the bottom of the pool to getting up for air while swimming and so much more). I'm in awe and so happy that my daughter is learning to swimming. Addysen did endurance swimming today and Teacher Maria said most of the time they don't do that with kids who are like Addysen but Addysen did well! I'm so proud of my daughter! Btw, you're scheduling team Allie and Francisco have been great as well. I have been referring you water whisperer to my friends and I hope they go with you!!! It's been a wonderful experience and we will definitely do the maintenance swimming after the summer season. My brother has a pool so we'll continue to work with her during the hot season then back to water whisperer when the weather gets colder. Thanks!" — Janette Chow

  163. "Patrick Fabian here. I wasn't sure who to write to, but I thought you two would be a good start and could pass this along to others. First of all, thank you so much for squeezing Abbey Ray & Delilah into the schedule on such incredibly short notice. It's gonna make our trip to Fiji soooooo much better and fun. The girls are so confident in the water, fearless. They're gonna have a great time. It was remarkable to watch my girls learn to swim. Delilah(2) jumps in and kick herself halfway across the pool. And my 3 1/2 year old Abbey Ray swims the LENGTH of the pool on her own. I cannot say enough about the instructors. I got to be in the pool with Esteban while he worked with Delilah: he was patient and consistent and encouraging. And Nathan was tremendous with Abbey Ray; she fell a little in love, I think. :) Also, Heather, Brie & Dilly filled in and provided new energy and generosity. Everyone smiled and radiated warmth. Just a great experience all the way around. I look forward to continuing the girls' skills at home and will look into refresher/maintenance classes with you when we return. Thanks again. Best, Patrick, Amanda, Abbey Ray & Delilah Fabian" — Patrick Fabian

  164. "Classes are going well , I have referred 2 people already . The teachers are very nice and my kids love them! Thanks so much, Emily!" — Lydia Mgdesyan

  165. "Dear Emily, The lessons were amazing! My son Casey was very cautious about doing anything in the water before he took lessons with Terra.He got so much out of the lessons and is extremely proud! It is like night and day! I must send kudos to Tara as well. She navigated my son’s “negotiations” brilliantly and despite himself, he is swimming. Have a great weekend! Randi" — Randi Feinberg Caldwell

  166. "We really are so impressed with The Water Whisperer. Will just finished his ten lessons, and is now our little fish! We'd love to set up 2x weekly maintenance lessons! Will went from tears and fears to triumph! It makes me so happy as a parent to see my child overcome a fear, be brave, and achieve. I'm proud of him, and he's proud of himself. Plus we're having such fun swimming together! Thank you!!" — Ashley Bininger

  167. "I have a 4 year old that was very fearful of putting his head under water and the idea of sinking. We started the 10 day program with lots of tears at the beginning (and a little during the lessons) but by lesson 7 he was jumping off the diving board and going under finding toys etc... so easily. The teachers are so loving but firm and really know how to make my child feel safe and confident to try everything. Something else that made this experience so wonderful was that I had a couple questions about my son's progress that I sent via email and immediately Emily and other staff members came out during our lesson and watched my son and wanted to personally answer and address any questions I had. This has been a great experience for us in so many ways... the company takes great efforts to make sure everyone is taking care of and most importantly my son is now excited to go to swimming lessons and leaves feeling such pride in himself. Because of that we are signing up for maintenance lessons as he really doesn't want to stop going :) Can't say enough great things about this swim school and staff - all totally superb! As I said, I would like to continue some maintenance lessons as to not let Griffin regress too much. I'm thinking it would be best and more efficient to chat on the phone with you Allie as Emily mentioned that it was booking up pretty quickly. I'd like to see what all is available at this point for twice a week for the next couple of months. We have had a great experience so far. Thanks again so much for everything! Thanks again for actually coming out and taking the time to check everything out and answer questions. It's awesome to see how sweet and dedicated you all are - you were even about to jump in with you clothes on (haha)! Also, want to mention how fantastic Mia has been, she's wonderful!" — Sara Clark

  168. "My six yr old twins just finished their lessons at The WW and they're asking for more! This is our third summer going to the swim school. We do not have a pool so our kids do not get any swim practice during the year. We've come back the last two summer just to give them a refresher and help them feel comfortable in the water again. They love this school. The instructors are very friendly and the pool is comfortable and clean. The owner, Emily, is very caring and concerned with everyone's swim experience. She wants to know how things are going and how she can help. The first summer my kids quickly got over their fear of going underwater. They also learned how to get out of the pool after jumping in from the side and to go under water to retrieve toys from the bottom. They also jumped off the diving board. This summer they practiced everything from before and my daughter practiced diving and side breaths. The instructors worked with my son, building his confidence and helping with his breathing while swimming. he had a tendency to come up for air and then start treading water instead of putting his face back down and continuing on. The WW has been a great experience for our family. The kids look forward to swimming lessons and continue to improve their skills in the water. Thanks, Emily!" — Janet Ross

  169. "Hello there, I actually just got off the phone with a friend telling her about how impressed I am with your school! I am so glad I brought my son. He whines a bit every time we are there, yet has a smile on his face when we talk about going swimming. I come by a bit earlier to have him watch the other kids. It seems he has a competitive nature and gets excited when I tell him he can swim like the other kids. I want to bring him back for maintenance lessons after our last class! Thanks again! Iris Barrett" — Iris Barret

  170. "This school is way better than other swimming schools in the area. My son learned how to swim in less than 5 sessions. I highly recommend this swim school!" — Alvin Buensuceso

  171. "These guys are great! The location is really convenient. My son was apprehensive to start and all the teachers helped him feel really comfortable. They encouraged him to try his best in a safe and fun environment. His 10 day lesson has even made bathtime easier as I say "close your door" when I rinse shampoo out of his hair and he knows how because he does it during lessons. It's a great place to get your kids water safe and learning to swim. Thanks guys!" — Jasmin Hai

  172. "Our son Nate is finishing up his ten lessons on Monday, he's 13 months old and we never thought he'd "close his door" Put him our pool at home today and took some photos, he's smiling in every single frame underwater!! I wanted to send you these two images, some of our faves :) He loves going to swim class, Thursday and Friday he practically jumped in Maria's and Zach's arms to get in the pool! Thank you guys so much!" — Natalie Strauss

  173. "I am truly in awe. The transformation in my daughter incredible. She has taken the bravery and physical accomplishment she feels in the pool out into the world. She loves the water and lives swim class. Teacher Rile, Zach and Maria have all been amazing, especially Teacher Rile. I referred my friend today! Thanks so much - Deanne" — Deanne Koehn

  174. "I am truly in awe. The transformation in my daughter incredible. She has taken the bravery and physical accomplishment she feels in the pool out into the world. She loves the water and lives swim class. Teacher Rile, Zach and Maria have all been amazing, especially Teacher Rile. I referred my colorist today! Thanks so much - Deanne" — Deanne Koehn

  175. "Hi Emily, In 2 classes the Water Whisperer turned my 2.5 yr old from a reluctant and scared swimmer into a kid who says he's a fish! We have 3 more classes in our 10 class series and can't wait to see how much more confident and comfortable n the water he'll get. We did Water Whisperer with my older child (at 3 yrs and 5 yrs) too and he thrived! Thanks, Emily!!!!!" — Sara Little

  176. "Hi Emily, Things are going wonderfully! I am so impressed with our experience this far. Our boys are happy and confident swimming now and I can't stop telling everyone how fast/well they are learning with you guys! We are extremely happy with teacher Maria- her upbeat attitude, patience and skill has been instrumental in teaching our boys to swim! Thanks!!!!! Esther Rbibo" — Esther Rbibo

  177. "Hi Emily, My boys (Hunter and Preston Keyes) are doing a set of 10 lessons and have done 4 so far. I am extremely happy with the results! They are doing so well and absolutely love going to their lessons. I'm so impressed with how much they've learned in such a short amount of time. You have really created a wonderful program to teach children how to swim! Best, Justine Keyes" — Justine Keyes

  178. "Hey WW gang! Okay, so Luca Nelson is now swimming pretty darned well after his two summers of lessons with you guys. We figured he was done... but he's asking for more lessons so that he can get even better, as well as learn new strokes, etc. As I'm sure most of your clients do, we sing WWs praises every week to at least one or two families. Our hats are off to the teaching philosophy you have created and championed, as we have seen its success proven repeatedly over the past couple of years. Here's to a happy 4th for you! Cheers, John" — John Nelson

  179. "Hi, Swim lessons are going fantastic! Wesley now says, "I love to swim!!" And Zach, Wesley's instructor, is absolutely incredible!! To help keep Wesley's skills, I am interested in maintenance lessons. What is the cost and how often do you recommend? Thank you!!!!! Pam Horrocks" — Pam Horrocks

  180. "We loved the Water Whisperer! My twin 4 1/2yr. old boys took private lessons and they cried the first 2 times just before getting in, but Teacher Rile and Teacher Cat (and sometimes Teacher Oliver) were amazing! The boys couldn't wait to go to swim lessons every day. And one of my boys was scared of going into pools, but completely changed after just a few lessons. After the 10-day class, they were learning to swim alone and floating on their backs! Highly recommended to everyone." — Sandra Duval

  181. "Lessons have been going well and we are very happy with our daughter, Audrey's, progress! Thank you!!!!" — Jill Thomas

  182. "We are so ever thank you for teaching Norah to swim. I went on Yelp to give you 5 star and posted 2 videos on FB. What a great experience for Norah and us. Norah's grandmother, aunt came to the pool to see Norah swim and all of our friends were amazed! They knew how fearful she was but now, Norah has reborn. We would like to continue the lessons. Water Whisperer is really the place to go. I don't have to say much just look at Norah. I will send videos of her swimming in class. You will be so glad you came. Best, Ann" — Ann Daniels

  183. "Hey Emiily & Allie - Things are going well! The teachers are pleasant & it's been a good experience taking classes here for me and my son. Looking forward to hearing more about the free class/referral program! Gratefully, Sophia Thomas" — Sophia Thomas

  184. "You taught my older daughter Meriel 6 years ago. She is still swimming happily :)" — Milla Zeltzer

  185. "Lessons are wonderful! I've actually already referred a friend who is trying to book in July... Thank you, Emily!!!!" — Shiva Newman

  186. "All I can say is that for three years running we've been doing swim lessons and the first one that stuck was The WW. The kids showed up not wanting to even dunk their heads and inside of the first day were diving (with aid from the teachers) to the bottom of the pool and retrieving toys. The teachers are top notch and genuinely care about the kids, altering lessons as issues arise but always moving forward. Very highly recommended." — Zach C

  187. "I brought my 4 yr old twin girls to The WW for their ten day program and I couldn't be happier! Both girls are swimming beautifully. They still have a ways to go, but their progress surpasses my expectations. Emily has created a very strong program and has hired teachers who I truly adored as did both girls. Our favorite teachers are Rosa and Zack. One of my daughters had a scary experience at our home pool during the first week of her classes at The WW. She became very afraid of the water and regressed in her progress. Teacher Rosa worked lovingly with her and what could have been a year-long fear of the water was worked through in just 4 lessons! No wI have photos of her diving off the WW pool and moving forward with her swimming at our home pool. I have recommended this program to all of my mom friends and am doing it here. I will take my girls back to The WW to get to the next level, but in the meantime we are all having a ton of fun in our pool!" — Mina Badie

  188. "Hi Emily, My daughter, Sarah, finished her 10 pack of lessons last Friday. She absolutely loved Teacher Billy btw. We had such a great experience and would like to continue with maintaining her progress. Can you please advise on rates and avail for evening lessons or weekends? Thanks so much! Karen Rizzo" — Karen Rush

  189. "It works every time at The Water Whisperer! My kids do not want to get in the water at their first swim lessons but by the end they are jumping off diving boards and swimming without floaties! Emily is a master with the kids and parents, giving wonderful and calming advice!" — katie stern

  190. "We love The Water Whisperer. My five year old can swim independently and is very comfortable in the water, and his 18 month old brother is not far behind...All thanks to The Water Whisperer swim school. My most recent session was during a training session and I got the opportunity to meet many of their teachers...They were all great! Everyone I recommend this school to is very satisfied with the results." — Amanda Shanks

  191. "Emily-Thanks so much-Billy has been GREAT-we are loving the lessons and Liv (my daughter) is thriving. We plan to do maintenance classes once this week is up and I will be telling all of my Woodland hills and Topanga friends about our fabulous experience with The Water Whisperer -Thank you again Sincerely, Marni" — Marni Chaikin

  192. "Our five and a half month old twins have been taking swimming lessons with you and we like them so much that we would like to do another package when we are finished with this one! Evalie" — Evalie Horner

  193. "We really enjoy the classes so much already. We've been lucky enough to have Maria the past few days and she has been wonderful (I've seen two other teachers at the same time and they all seem great too!). It's only been three lessons and I can see our son has learned, so I really would live to be able to continue." — Natalie Strauss

  194. "I'm thrilled with this program. Thrilled!!" — Kelly Robinson

  195. "I just wanted to take a moment again to say what a wonderful job Nathan is doing with Sasha. It was so hard as a parent to watch her so scared those first few lessons, and now she's enjoying them again. I just can't say enough good things. Thank you so much for the support. Anne Saunders" — Anne Saunders

  196. "Very happy with this school, excellent instructors. My child has not had any previous pool experience and prior to our lessons I went on the website and yelp and researched the school. The scheduling person was incredibly helpful and was a pleasure to work with. The emails sent by the school, mentioned in previous reviews, were incredibly helpful and honest. It was very important to know what to expect, what swim clothes to wear, how to prepare the child for swimming (like no eating before the lesson, not promising a particular instructor). PARENTS have to have a POSITIVE attitude and encourage their child in a productive way because beginning lessons may be "emotional", which is something everyone overcomes. Yes, it is true that some children may cry or act out during the first few lessons. Mine had two days of full blown temper tantrums (days 2 and 4), where she cried, wanted to go home, insisted she was "done", did not want to change into her swim suit, acted very upset. The instructors were incredibly patient and kind, yet firm, they kept her safe, continued teaching, she continued with her lesson despite her crying and actually listened to what they told her (as she then did all those tasks the next day). I noticed in reviews some parents were unhappy that their children were asked to put their face under water. Think of the class as survivor training first. What would happen if a child fell into the pool? Would they know how to hold their breath under water, keep their eyes open, to orient themselves, come up to the surface, swim to the edge and climb out of the pool without stairs or rails? These are the first skills taught in the beginning of the class series, swimming, paddling and techniques follow. Pretty much from the beginning 3-4 lessons, my 3 year old was able to hold her breath under water, dive for toys, climb out of the pool and jump back in. When she had 2 days of being upset and fearful, we kept on talking to her in a positive way, that she is getting wet, not hurt. We went home and practiced breathing in a bath tub, showed her Little Mermaid over and over again, as well as youtube videos of children swimming under water. Coming to class a few minutes early and watching other kids swim and have fun, was also very helpful. Needless to say, she LOVES her water whisperer swim classes. She smiles, sings along with her instructors, talks about going back to swimming every day. We finished her beginning 10 series and enrolled in maintenance, she would rather swim with her teachers than us. After 10 lessons (and no previous swimming experience or any other time in the pool) she could jump into the pool, swim to the edge, climb out, dive for toys, paddle and kick and started swimming with her head above water. She loves her instructors - they are absolutely incredible, caring, wonderful people. I feel that she is safe, loved and well taught at this school. It is an incredible program and it has results. If parents are supportive, positive, trust the teachers in knowing that they are professionals who know what they are doing and do what the school recommends, the tough days go away and kids learn to swim and leave the school loving swimming. The key thing is not to give up during the first day or two of tantrums and to stick it out - it is worth it!!!" — Marianna F

  197. "I am thrilled to report that Amrit had a breakthrough this weekend, which started with instructor August's calm and soothing approach. It was the first time that my little Ami went through class without a knot in her stomach. It was also the first time she went through class with a smile. It was...amazing!!! Her Sunday class was equally good. Instructor Paul was fantastic and really got her to relax so she could focus on her arms and leg movements. She is still timid, but at least she is not scared. In fact, I got her into my pool on Sunday and she was swimming on her own (albeit with a flotation vest). But, she was working on strong kicking, paddling, and holding her breath while under water. I even had her jump in a few times. Before, she would never let go of my body. Amazing! I really appreciate everything and am very happy that we came to you for swim lessons. I look forward to a long relationship as we get Ami swimming like a champion (I used to competitively swim). Sincerely, Raj Patel" — Raj Patel

  198. "Hey Emily: Mama and Dada went on Saturday and Sunday and I almost cried on Sunday because Rile could not have been sweeter. He held Nate physically AND emotionally. He said that Nate has amazing ability and I have to say we know that; he is a really good athlete, walked at 9.5 months, etc. but he is just scared of swimming. And Rile kept holding him saying, you are safe, I got you, you are not hurt, everything is OK, you are just wet. And through him holding Nate, he got Nate to push off and swim (paddle and kick) and go under the water and scoop up some toys, and not just once, multiple times; they made such progress, I was just blown away. We were just happy if Nate stayed in the water and didn’t cry, that would have been good enough for us, yet Rile got Nate to go so far in his ability! These are the first swim classes for Nate and I am a firm believer, as you must be that this experience will permanently be etched in his brain. So thank you again for making the experience better than I could have ever imagined both emotionally and progress wise. Happy father’s day BTW. And thank you, thank you, thank you, Mags" — Maggie Rosato

  199. "Rosa! Today's lesson was amazing!! Please make sure to put in the notes how and what you said to Layla so that she listened/swam/did what you asked. She didn't negotiate and she didn't waste time. She actually swam!!! Amazing. You're amazing! Thanks! Jen" — Jennifer Rochkin

  200. "We are very much enjoying the refresher classes Henry is attending at the church location and am so glad to see Henry loving his time in the pool as much as he does. He has come a long way from his first 4 lesson when the meltdowns overwhelmed each session. This is so exciting for us as parents to know Henry is on his way to achieving a wonderful relationship with water and safety around water was our first priority. So for that.... THANK YOU!!!! He has had a great coach in Coach Maria. Her enthusiasm matches that of Henry's and really helps boost his confidence when learning new things and working his challenging skills. We also like Zach and would like to mention that if we can work with either of them next week while we have four days straight at the church location.... That'd be our preference. RILES has a GREAT way of talking with kids and really pushes their comfort levels and stays calm....I really really enjoy watching him teach and would appreciate Henry getting the opportunity to learn with him. I have referred my dear friends and several others to your school and am so happy to have found your school!!! Thank you kindly Emily, Chantal Cousineau" — Chantal Cousineau

  201. "My fearful 7 (almost 8 year old) is doing so well. I have been at work so I haven't been able to attend the swim lessons, but my husband has been amazed by her progress. She is on lesson 4 today and already jumping in and going under water. He tells me that the teachers have been so understanding of her fears and very encouraging...They have told her she is very brave for trying! Just thought I'd tell you... Thank you so much! Pamela Winnick" — Pamela Winnick

  202. "Hi Emily- I'd would love to share my thoughts about Evelyn's experience at the water whisperers - please feel free to share this as a testimonial on your website /facebook/anything : Recently there was an article about swim lessons in Los Angeles in the LA times. My daughter had literally tried lessons at every location in the article for long periods of time and still couldn't swim and was scared in the water UNTIL we came to The Water Whisperer. I couldn't believe I'd wasted all this money and time for the past 4 years. We both loved the program. I think the 10 consecutive lessons combined with the fun child focused lesson plans, and WONDERFUL teaching staff we final found the right combination. My daughter really enjoys coming to swimming lessons when before there was tears and fear. Now she has confidence and has fun in the water ! I have already referred several friends to the program and we signed up to continue. I am still amazed watching kids go from Day 1 of being scared to even just a few days later happy and almost swimming!" — Sabrina Lux

  203. "This is THE place to take your kids to learn how to swim. The one-on-one approach gives them the instructor's attention at all times. My three yr old is jumping off the diving board herself, she's even been swimming underwater since she started classes at 18 months! And she LOVEs going to class! Her favorite part is diving down to the bottom of the deep end with her teacher to "rescue" toys. This is a special place with a staff of very special people. We cannot wait to start our second child here this winter!" — Staci Lawrence

  204. "Lessons have been going well and we are very happy with our daughter, Audrey's, progress!:) Jill Anthony Thomas" — Jill Anthony Thomas

  205. "Our experiences have been great all along the way. Thank you so much for your care and instruction. My kids love the water and love their teachers. Thanks, Jessica" — Jessica Wacht

  206. "We love teacher Mia! Jenna is thriving! I think you guys are doing a great job!" — Kathy Kriegler

  207. "Emily- I wanted to send more compliments today. First I want to start with Monica, she is just an awesome addition to the team. Patient, flexible and helpful are exactly the traits that make her the best scheduler. We had our lessons with Heather and Esteban today; and just WOW. We switched Nico from Esteban to Heather and the duet Minnows to Esteban and it just made a huge difference. All the kids swam wonderfully today with no screaming, negotiating and at the end didn't want to exit the water. Thank you for investing in a great staff." — Helen Davidov

  208. "There was a girl there today with short hair, tattoo and just a hip girl and I wanted to tell you HOW AWESOME she is. She was patient and genuinely empathetic and warm to our kids. We all really liked her and I thought she should get recognized. Her, Zack and Christina make the WH location awesome!! Helen" — Helen Davidov

  209. "Thank you for the follow up. We LOVE coming to your lessons and feel that our son is getting a lot of self confidence from it as well as skills and enjoyment. As said, we love coming to your classes, and I actually referred a lot of my friends to you. You have a great place and a great program! Thanks, Osnat" — Osnat Heilweil

  210. "My daughter developed a fear of swimming pools when I took her to our local rec center once a week when she was two years old. She is almost four now, and her fear of the water has been getting worse. A friend of mine suggested the Water Whisperer. She said great things about it, and the reviews were incredible, so I decided to get my daughter signed up. Her first two lessons, she screamed and cried of fear. The lessons following that, she was comfortable in the water, and was getting better each time. Now, she asks me every day when she can go swimming again! Such an amazing transition in a matter of 10 days! We are so grateful to have found the Water Whisperer. Thank you to all the swim coaches who have made this experience so wonderful for us! Carrie Jacob., Woodland Hills, CA" — Carrie Jacob

  211. "We love this school. Our 2 1/2 year old was very tentative to get in the water. In fact, she screamed the first four classes and I had to leave. But by the 6th class she was retrieving toys from the bottom of the deep end and asking us when she gets to go to swimming next. Heather and Christina have both been teaching Gwyn. They're patient, encouraging and gentle with her, but don't let her squirm her way out of things. As a result Gwyn has learnt to be "brave" in the water and most importantly, if she were to fall in a pool somewhere, she would know what to do. As we are heading up to our lakehouse for the summer, where it is easy to lose sight of children very fast, teaching her to swim was of upmost importance. We have just finished lesson 7 and she can hold her breath and swim half the length of the pool. I never imagined such results and I don't think Gwyn did either. Not only has it taught her to swim, it has given her this incredible sense of confidence that if she's "brave" enough (a quote from Heather and Christina) she can do anything. I am definitely signing her up for the maintenance classes and would definitely recommend it to anyone out there." — Onalee H

  212. "I would highly recommend the Water Whisper in Woodland Hills. The swim coaches are professional and teach the kids how to swim in a very kid friendly manner. My 4 year old son was retrieving toys in 8 feet of water on his third day. He absolutely loves going to swim. We can't wait to enroll our second son! It's by far the best place to teach your child how to swim." — Loanette T

  213. "We are almost finished with the 10 day program and I can't say enough great things about The Water Whisperer Swim School. We had an awful experience at my son's preschool where my little water baby became fearful after lessons with someone who didn't know how to teach children properly. Three lessons from TWW taught my 3 year old son how to swim and he was comfortable being back in our pool at home. By lesson 6 my son was swimming across the pool and wanted to go in the water even on his days off. He screamed (and screamed some more) during the first few lessons when it came to the dunking part. By lesson 7 he was comfortable enough to get toys from 7 feet under! He has predominately had teacher Heather and she has been beyond patient with him, giving him hugs when he's scared and explaining that it's okay for him to feel that way. His feelings were never minimized and he was given the confidence to be an amazing swimmer. I'm thinking about signing him up for the extra lessons to learn strokes and the competitive swim classes they have there too. I think it would be a fun sport to help boost his confidence that much more." — Jaclyn M

  214. "The lessons for both Lindsey and Alyssa have been going very well. The strides that Lindsey has made with Heather's encouragement is amazing to watch. She has gone from being terrified to jump into the pool to asking to jump in over and over! Heather has been so incredible with her and I cannot thank her enough. She has been tough and stern when necessary, but also loving and encouraging throughout the process. We cannot thank her enough. With Alyssa, it's amazing to see her swimming at 2 1/2. Colin was fantastic the first week, even while Alyssa cried through almost every lesson. He was so calm, loving and comforting that while she was scared, Alyssa did everything he asked and continued to listen, learn and improve. The second week Alyssa has been with Christina who has also been fantastic. Alyssa has finally stopped crying through the lessons, as she is getting comfortable in the water. Christina has her taking breaths and swimming across the pool! It's amazing to see. A big thank you to Heather, Colin and Christina for all their hardwork. They are all fantastic and we highly recommend The Water Whisperer to our friends. Thank you," — Robin Stein

  215. "We are big fans of the Water Whisperer! My daughter learned at the Sherman Oaks location, 2 years ago when she was 4, and we had an impeccable experience. She was swimming on her own by the 4th lesson, and by lesson number 10 she was completely water safe. We live on the Westside, and I work in South LA so the one way drive for me during the week is almost 2 hours. In traffic. And it's so worth it. We haven't done maintenance lessons because the drive is such a bear, but now that my son is learning, my daughter is doing stroke work (to kick the doggie paddling habit) and is doing very very well. So my 4 year old son finished his 10 and had his 11th today. I bought a package of 20 so that my daughter could do some maintenance, and there are some leftover for my son. He has been telling me for a year that he doesn't want to do the WW b/c they make you put your face in the water. And they do, on the first lesson, within 5 minutes. I finally told him it was time and he was nervous all the way there. The minute he got into the pool he just followed what his teacher told him and his face was in the water without a problem. He has loved all of his lessons and all of his teachers, and he's so happy to be in the pool, even though sometimes he's still nervous on the drive over. I give the business 5 stars because Emily has created a very simple program, that all of the teachers adhere to, that really teaches kids to be water safe and swim in very few lessons. It has been an excellent experience for both of my children. Make no mistake we have seen our share of screaming, fearful, crying kids at these lessons. But the teachers have patience and work hard to make their experience positive, and that's all you can really ask for when a child is having a hard time. My son had 3 different teachers his first 3 lessons, and while they are all good instructors, the daily uncertainty was not ideal for my son. When I brought it to Emily's attention, she rectified the situation immediately. I find them to be very responsive to concerns and feedback. I have had the kids in weekly lessons last summer at UCLA, had a private instructor a few years ago at a friend's pool and have spoken to friends who have taken lessons at other swim schools and the commonality in each of those experiences is that it takes months and months to see much progress with the kids. I couldn't believe it when my kids were swimming in just a few 20 min lessons at the WW. If you want a kind swim program, with talented teachers, a responsive owner and your kid to be water safe in 10 lessons or less, sign up with the Water Whisperer. Chances are great that you'll be talking them up forevermore, like I do ;)" — Eva Jabber

  216. "Hi Emily- Yes, things are going great. My son Max is swimming already and now they are just refining things with him. You taught my daughter Eva how to swim 5 years ago as well. We are very happy." — Sharyn Eles

  217. "Hi! We love the program and Mavi is doing wonderfully. She is having a great time, and we even practice at home in the afternoons!!" — Cassandra Jean

  218. "Emily, Things are going great! I was just telling my wife that I am sincerely going to miss heading to the Water Whisperer every weekend. We are happy to mention your lessons to anyone exploring swimming lessons for their children. Honestly, only have a great things to say. From the teachers to even the other parents sitting around talking about the lessons, our kids and how they are all progressing. Best," — Michael Kolodny

  219. "I give The WW the highest marks possible. It was so wonderful and inspiring to receive an actual call from Emily. It is so rare in today's "hustle and bustle" world to come across someone who actually really cares about our children. When Emily went out of her way to explain the utter importance and growth our child can absorb from this unique loving environment I was tremendously overwhelmed with gratefulness. The instructors are supportive as well , and I felt safe under their care .The whole learning set up has a positive relaxed and loving vibe in abundance - I have yet to encounter this extreme encouragement at other children's facility....and we go to many. Thank you," — Joelle Arqueros

  220. "We are extremely happy with Sparks swimming development ! E W Withrow III" — E W Withrow Sinclair lll

  221. "Hi Emily!! The first thing that Ben said to me this morning was "can we go to swim lessons?"!!! Ben just finished his initial series of lessons today with Ryle. He was miserable the first 6 days, and then you came out and worked with him for a bit. He had a breakthrough the next day, and is soooo excited about swimming and absolutely loves diving under water!!! He came home from his final lesson today and swam for two hours!!!! Rile suggested that we take follow up lessons to strengthen Ben's skills since he was so upset the first 6 days, and Ben wants to come back for more. Ryle is his hero now (he talks about him all of the time :-)), and if possible, we would love to have him again as Ben's teacher, though I know there are no guarantees. He feels so comfortable with Rile, and I would be willing to come at any time he has open. I can't thank you guys enough for the reassurances (to me) and for teaching Ben that hard work and difficulty are worth overcoming. He's so proud of himself, and I know that this experience will have a significant and lasting impact on both of us!!! Y'all are amazing, and thank you again for your encouragement! Ben really responded. Between you and Rile, it was the perfect combination of tough love and gentleness. I'm going to fill out our form tonight😊. I'm thinking that we'll probably take 20 lessons so that he can really learn how to swim strongly. Plus, he loves the lessons!! Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon!! Best, Ashley" — Ashley Frank

  222. "Good morning ALL- We have been BEYOND thrilled with our experience at The Water Whisperer. Every teacher has been incredibly sweet and caring for both Lincoln and myself. If Lincoln could have it his way, he’d probably take his teacher home with us! Also, all of the parents and other kids we have meet have been fantastic. Today will be our last of the 10 intensive sessions and I will be signing up for maintenance lessons. Again, thanks a bunch for your email and for checking in. We are extremely happy with the teachers and services you’ve provided us thus far. Have a great weekend. Regards, Nikki Maurer" — Nicky Maurer

  223. "Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service and I really appreciate everything your staff and you (Christina) are doing and have done thus far. I greatly appreciate it. Ps: Christina is not just and amazing instructor but for her young age has amazing management experience and goes above and beyond for the customer. You should be very proud to have her on your team. Thanks again. Innessa Dan, RN" — Innessa Dan

  224. "I'm thrilled!!! We're on our 7th lesson and Lincoln's confidence is through the roof!! How much are the maintenance lessons? Thanks, Emily!" — Nicky Maurer

  225. "Charlie's lessons are going great and we get so excited watching him in the water. It's amazing how much they accomplish in such a short amount of time! Your instructors have all been so kind and tailored the lesson around Super Heroes, which Charlie loves! His favorite thing is to save his toys from the bottom of the pool. Thank you!!" — Lauren Flanery

  226. "Dearest Emily, I cannot begin to thank you and your fantastic team for our wonderful experience at the swim school. As you know, I was a little hesitant to come ALL THE WAY OVER THE HILL, but, oh boy was it worth it! Eden has always been terrified of the water, so it is amazing to see how far she has come in a few short weeks. The coaches somehow managed to instill in her not only confidence, but a true love of being in the water (which I had almost given up hope of ever happening). She loved it so much that she CRIED when Ben had an ear infection and we couldn't make it to class! Ben has always loved the water, but he too has made amazing strides. He now sings "bubbles, bubbles" all the time, and delightedly says "hummmmm" and sticks his head in the water during bath time. We would love to continue with weekly maintenance classes. Thank you again so much! Happy Passover, Hayley" — Hayley Russ

  227. "Our 7 month old loved the water but we wanted her to be challenged and more importantly learn to be safe. We had been to another swim school that offered Mommy and Me classes for babies her age but found we were mostly on our own with little structure. We signed up for the 10 day program. The first week she did great and loved every second. By the 3rd lesson she was closing her mouth and swimming up to a distance of 6 feet! The second week she cried every lesson. The instructors never were discouraged or frustrated by her cries and we carried on with the lesson. Everyone was so encouraging and gentle. I really love how the instructors explain to HER what they are doing. She learned! And I learned just how capable she is. After the 10 classes we went back to the other swim school and just used the pool to practice our new skills. But after a while I could tell she needed the structure and more personal attention from the instructors. So we are back at The Water Whisperer. The classes are a bit expensive for us but we are looking at it as an investment." — Paige Fitzgerald-Smith

  228. "The Water Whisperer is definitely the way to go if you are looking to teach your toddler to swim. My 4 year old just completed week 1 and is already jumping into the pool off of the diving board. He was so nervous going in and by the end of day 3, he was already swimming under water and using the other breathing and swim techniques he learned there. The pool is clean, the lessons start and end on time and his instructor (Rile) and all others I have seen during his lessons make the children feel so comfortable. They really take the time to get to know each student and their needs and bring out the best in them. I also had the pleasure of witnessing a 46-year old woman who was learning to swim and she was already swimming across the pool on day 1, thanks to Ms. Emily (the owner). So the net net of it is, the Water Whisperer is the place to go for people of all ages who want to learn to swim in a safe, clean, professional environment. Thanks Water Whisperers!! Keep doing what you're doing to give everyone who comes through an amazing experience that also leads to mega self-confidence boost!" — Ashaki Rucker

  229. "Hi! My son Jax (22 months) just finished his first 10 lessons and loved it! So pleased with how much he learned, my expectations were exceeded. Never thought he'd be able to pick up toys from the bottom of the pool in just 2 weeks. Can't wait to get the videos I ordered, so I can share with family and friends. I'd def like to continue with more lessons and would like to know about your referral deal. I have lots of mom friends that are interested. Thanks for everything! Ricci Somoza" — Ricci Somoza

  230. "Hi Emily, Thank you so much for everything. We couldn't be happier with Rhys's progress. Your program is simply amazing, and your trainees are doing a fabulous job. Congrats to them! I posted a video on my Facebook page as well as the Water Whisperer page: We are beyond thrilled. We can't thank you enough. All the best, Ashley" — Ashley Fauset

  231. "I signed my 10-month old up for the 10-day intensive during trainee week because I wanted to expose him to swimming as early as possible. I was also hoping he would enjoy the water, since he seems to love his bath time so much. Well, he was definitely a little more fearful than I'd expected. I will admit that it can be a challenge to watch your baby cry for 20 minutes in the pool, but the Whisperers warn you that this might be the case going in. They implore you to stick with it, and after much debate, that's what I decided to do. On the third day, my baby gave me a sign that I had made the right decision. There's a water fountain near the entrance of the house. My son had been too frightened to touch it when we first arrived. But as we were leaving his class that day, all of a sudden he stuck his hand out and made contact. I knew that even though the swimming lessons frightened him, they were also pushing him in the best way possible. There were other wonderful changes I saw in him on dry land during the first week as well. He began standing more frequently and traveling farther away from me during play. He also bent forward and touched the water with his lips while he was in the bath one night. It was pretty surreal to see! I'm now on day 8 and though there are still some tears, there are also some amazing breakthroughs. Today, as we were counting down for one of his submersions, he ducked his head and reached his arms over his head like Superman, ready to swim. I have never been prouder! On another note, I really appreciated that Emily was willing to work with me regarding a concern I had that arose out of a misunderstanding on my behalf about how trainee week would be structured. I knew my son would bond better with one trainer than a different, inexperienced trainee every day and she made it happen. Had I known there'd be a handful of trainees in the pool at the same time, I probably would have just signed up for her regular lessons. But I hope it's been beneficial for the new teachers to watch an expert--Rosa!-- at work with a sensitive swimmer. The only reason I am eliminating one star is because the facilities are not well designed for a mother who is brining an infant without help. There's not a great place to change him other than a narrow bench near the pool. And there's no way for me to get out of my wet swimsuit because there's nowhere to safely sit him. I've had to ask staff to watch him while I run to the bathroom, or else simply go home in a wet suit. And while the pool is heated, the rest of the area is exposed to the elements, so it can be a bit cool when you're getting out if the weather is below 70, which it has been this week. But overall, I'm very happy with the experience and am planning on signing up for maintenance lessons as soon as this week is over. Emily is passionate about what she does and her system is unique and thoughtful. I highly recommend." — Alison Bonn

  232. "I am a believer! The Water Whisperer Swim School has truly been a game changer for my 4 yo son. I don't live in the SF Valley and though I had heard about this school I decided to take him for lessons somewhere closer to home. We took lessons at this other place 1x (30 min)/week for three months before I gave up. My son was very fearful of deep water and in those 3 months he made no progress. So I finally decided to give WW a try. This was going to be my last try before I gave swimming a break for a while. Because of how highly anxious my son was in the pool, I had a hard time imagining him swimming independently. But Teacher Rosa had Seth swimming by LESSON #3. I was so amazed, I think I almost cried that day. I hardly have words to describe the transformation. I used to have the chase my son around the pool at the other swim academy because he didn't want to go in the pool. At WW he began to look forward to going swimming. There was absolutely no crying or screaming...he was actually enjoying himself in the water. 10 lessons later he is learning to take breaths while swimming across the pool, diving underwater to "rescue" his toy friends, and jumping off the diving board. I think the difference between WW and other swim academies is the curriculum they have in place -- it's very organized and structured -- and the teachers. The teachers are just wonderful. They put the kids at ease and make each activity fun so that for a fearful kid like mine everything becomes a game. So despite the distance (I've been driving 25 miles every day just for 20 min swim lessons!) I'm signing my son up for another 20 lessons! I have been telling everyone I know about it and as I said earlier I do plan on going back for more lessons. Whatever complaints I may have is completely overshadowed by their awesome curriculum and instructors. It's expensive and a bit far, depending on where you live, but it's SO WORTH IT! The progress my son has made has been nothing short of a miracle!" — Sarah Choi

  233. "I am a believer! The Water Whisperer Swim School has truly been a game changer for my 4 yo son. I don't live in the SF Valley and though I had heard about this school I decided to take him for lessons somewhere closer to home. We took lessons at this other place 1x (30 min)/week for three months before I gave up. My son was very fearful of deep water and in those 3 months he made no progress. So I finally decided to give WW a try. This was going to be my last try before I gave swimming a break for a while. Because of how highly anxious my son was in the pool, I had a hard time imagining him swimming independently. But Teacher Rosa had Seth swimming by LESSON #3. I was so amazed, I think I almost cried that day. I hardly have words to describe the transformation. I used to have the chase my son around the pool at the other swim academy because he didn't want to go in the pool. At WW he began to look forward to going swimming. There was absolutely no crying or screaming...he was actually enjoying himself in the water. 10 lessons later he is learning to take breaths while swimming across the pool, diving underwater to "rescue" his toy friends, and jumping off the diving board. I think the difference between WW and other swim academies is the curriculum they have in place -- it's very organized and structured -- and the teachers. The teachers are just wonderful. They put the kids at ease and make each activity fun so that for a fearful kid like mine everything becomes a game. So despite the distance (I've been driving 25 miles every day just for 20 min swim lessons!) I'm signing my son up for another 20 lessons! I have been telling everyone I know about it and as I said earlier I do plan on going back for more lessons. Whatever complaints I may have is completely overshadowed by their awesome curriculum and instructors. It's expensive and a bit far, depending on where you live, but it's SO WORTH IT! The progress my son has made has been nothing short of a miracle!" — Sarah Choi

  234. "Hi Emily, Isabella is really enjoying her classes and has come a long way in almost overcoming her fears. She is swimming in the deep end and learning to jump in the water. She really likes her instructor Francisco. He patiently and gently encourages her to push through her fears without forcing her. We are really happy with her progress. Thank you! Best regards, Josie Pena" — Josephina Pena

  235. "Hi Emily, I would like to say how grateful I am for all my daughter has learned so far in your classes. It truly is amazing. Sofia has just completed the intensive and is now starting her maintenance lessons and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you! Kelly Rose" — Kelly Rose

  236. "Hi Emily, Lessons are going great! We're very happy with how far Damien has progressed from Day 1, when he screamed and cried at the top of his lungs, to today, where he is trying to swim on his own and able to do some strokes without assistance! I really appreciate you coming out and talking to me on the first day when he was crying/screaming so hard from having to go under the water. Although my friends had told me what to expect...that it wasn't easy to watch, I definitely didn't expect it to affect me so deeply. I thought I was prepared to hear the screams, but they brought tears to my eyes immediately so your coming out to talk to me was so reassuring! Thank you! I'm also so happy that Damien was able to have Rosa for his first 6 lessons. She is great and so comforting to him. Love her! He definitely has formed an attachment to her and I was worried yesterday when Becky was going to take over. Damien was very uncomfortable before the lesson, knowing that there was another teacher there. However, Becky was immediately able to put him at ease and after a few minutes, he was fine that Rosa wasn't there. Thank you Becky! I definitely want to do maintenance lessons with Damien. I have a couple of friends who can't wait to hear about the results of the 10 lessons and are interested in putting their kids in the program also. Thank you again for everything!" — Nancy Capper

  237. "Hi Emily! I've been meaning to contact you to sign up for continued maintenance lessons. The lessons went AMAZING! It was incredible how much my children learned in just 10 days and your staff was amazing. Especially Rosa! We would Love to follow up with Rosa, if given a choice. :) Please let me know the best way to schedule to lessons as I would like to do so right away. Thanks again! Lanette Andonian" — Lanette Andonian

  238. "Hello Emily~ I must tell you I am beyond pleased with our experience thus far. Teacher Becky is worth her weight in Gold. My son had an instant connection with her. Hudson was so comfortable and confident even on day one! He was tentative to even get his face wet 9 days ago...and is now jumping off the diving board by himself! I am very happy with our experience. Thanks so much! You have created a wonderful operation here at Water Whisperer. Great Training...and obviously hiring the right people. Megan Gefsky." — Megan Gafsky

  239. "We had a great experience at WW. Becky was incredible. Really great teacher with so much tenderness and patience. It felt like she truly cared for my son. Julian adored her! Thank you. All the best, Brandy & Julian" — Brandy Davoudian

  240. "We are very happy with Skyler's progress. He was very afraid of going near our pool at home. Now for him to even walk to the pool, jump from the side and then jump from the diving board that is so awesome we will share our experience. Thank you Francisco for opening up our son!" — Jen Lamb

  241. "This is such an incredible program! Honestly, can't thank you and your team enough. Respectfully, Tracii" — Tracii McGregor

  242. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Allie, Emily and to all the wonderful instructors :-) We're so impressed with how much work they've done for Josh in so little time. We'll always be grateful :-) It's amazing how you guys got him from a li'l boy who just learned to swim, to competition-ready in a month... He actually won his back- stroke heat last Saturday and he was 2nd place in free style! The instructors really worked hard in teaching him li'l tips to do it efficiently :-) Thanks again!" — Frances Aguilar

  243. "hi emily! thanks for checking in. the lessons have been great!! emily is so much more comfortable in the water. it's really amazing. teacher hanna has been so terrific! i'm really so surprised and impressed with the change in my child. so yes we are interested in maintenance classes. thank you! again, really terrific service!" — Carol and Jason Shum

  244. "Good afternoon. I just want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to Christina and The Water Whisperer! For some reason Wyatt had become afraid of the pool over the past year. On Wyatts first two days of lessons he was real apprehensive and we had to carry him to the steps of the pool and hand over to Christina. His third day was the worst! Wyatt was crying and yelling most of the time but somehow, Christina was able to keep him going and gave him extra hugs and reassured that he was doing good. I was ready to grab him and go but watching Christina communicate with Wyatt through his tantrum and see that he was doing what she asked and even swam across the length of the pool, I knew he was in good hands. On day four, Wyatt had turned a corner. He walked to the pool with a smile! He even prented to be boat without incident. He dove down side by side with Christina to save Spiderman, Ironman and Mater. I was in tears with joy and happiness. On day 5 we had to change times which meant a different coach. Wyatt went in the pool with Eric and was slightly nervous but Eric gained his trust quickly and they were off to a good start. This lesson brought Wyatt to new hieghts. He learned how to jump in and did the back float for a few seconds without Eric holding on! This time my husband was with us and we both teared up! Every lesson after that has gotten better. Wyatt is learning something new every day. As of yesterday, day 8 of lessons, Wyatt was looking forward to his lesson and said "I only want to see Chrisrina today." He said a few times "Christina is my favorite swim coach." During this lesson I heard Wyatt ask to swim to the other side again. Meaning the length of the pool. He also wanted to (and did) jump in and loved it! He seems to really love going in the pool now. For all that I have mentioned and more I need to say thank you to Christina and The Water Whisperer. I have already started telling our friends with kids about our experience and showing videos I have been taking. I can't wait till next summer when our younger son is old enough to take lessons. Thank you, Jennifer Rodman-Plost" — Jennifer Rodman-Plost

  245. "Cory got Isabella to jump off the diving board 4 times without anyone standing with her!!! I know you were a big help in building her confidence to jump into the pool and wanted to say thank you! Rebecca Schuster" — Rebecca Schuster

  246. "Emily, We were blown away by Roxy's progress in 10 days! Best, Rachel" — Rachel Goodlett Katz

  247. "Isla is doing really well and we're really excited!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE your company and amazing staff. Each and every teacher is kind, patient, and clearly passionate about teaching kids to swim. It's a wonderfully positive and fun environment. Watching our little girl become confident in the water has been an incredible experience for all of us and we can't wait until our new baby girl is old enough to start!" — Staci Lawrence

  248. "This is my second child that I have enrolled at the Water Whisperer. He is 3 now and I have spent the last two summers doing 6 week classes with various swim schools, but didn't see any real progress. I've realized that children really learn better when they are immersed in the instruction. The WW has such a fun and streamlined way to get the kids swimming quick. My son was jumping off the diving board in about 3 lessons with such confidence. I really feel like this was a better way to spend our time, energy and money!" — Michelle Lazzarino-Cortez

  249. "We love the Water Whisperer! My daughter is a little over 2 and we couldn't have asked for a more compassionate and skilled swim school. She absolutely loves her instructor Eric in fact the hardest part of her lesson is getting her out of the pool after it is over. I also love the fact that the pool is saltwater, heated and always clean. The combination of songs and introduction of swim skills is a great way for any child to learn to swim. She continues to improve with every lesson and her confidence is through the roof. The progression of what is taught is also fantastic, from blowing bubbles, to floating, to under water submersion, to swimming. Of course there is so much more to what they teach, the bottom line it is all done with perfection. All of this is complimented by an amazing staff and instructors. We loved it so much we signed up for another set of lessons!! Thank you, Emily!" — Robyn Olyphant

  250. "Georgia G. Los Angeles, CA 9/3/2013 Both my kids - 3.5 and not even 2 - came away from the Water Whisperers ten day intensive having conquered their fear of the water, learning how to swim underwater, dive down to the bottom of the pool, jump from the side and a diving board, float... The teachers rock and we have already enrolled in further lessons because the kids love it so much!" — Georgia Gwynne Gruber

  251. "We had an excellent experience with The Water Whisperer's ten day program. My three year old went from being afraid to put her head under water, to fearlessly jumping off the diving board. I highly recommend!" — Nicole Snyder

  252. "It's rare that I post reviews, and certainly positive ones, but these guys really are amazing. To provide a bit of background on how we came to them -- several months ago we took our four year old (who was pretty comfortable in the water, but definitely not swimming and at times a bit hesitant about putting his face in the water) to another swim school that has pretty much the exact same program/method, but their teachers were young and (at least the two we had), completely disinterested in our kid. The result was that our son became increasingly anxious about the whole thing, I think his self esteem was a little shaken b/c his teachers seemed annoyed by him. ANYWAY, we decided to try again at Water Whisperer b/c it came so highly recommended by other parents at our pre-school. Holy moly, what a difference. The teachers we've had at WW (three during our ten-day intensive) have been consistently kind, gentle, enthusiastic, accommodating. Our little dude was jumping off the diving board (into his teacher's arms) after the first day, face fully in the water on the first day, swimming on his own after four days, and most importantly he's getting safe and having the time of his life. His self-esteem is fabulous, his mood incredible, he seriously seems happier all-around." — Maggie Mackay

  253. "Hi Emily, We love what we're seeing in our son's swimming skills!!!!! He's swimming! Thank u.!!!! We'd like to continue giving him maintenance lessons." — Debbie Robiglio

  254. "Wonderful experience! Teacher Monica was fabulous! We’d like to do maintenance lessons for Zoe Karpel!" — Jared Karpel

  255. "Hi Emily, Your school is phenomenal. My son is 2 years and almost 9 months, and up until last week was the kid who screamed and cried when his face got wet. Washing his hair every night let out wails of horror. Heaven forbid I put my child in the pool - he would cling to me and scream at the top of his lungs. I researched all the different swim schools. Signed up with two (yours and another), and bailed on the other one as soon as I read your contract. Aaron's first swim lesson (ever) was last Monday with Francisco. We had five days of Francisco (crying, clinging, etc) and by this Monday (day 6), Aaron turned a corner. He had a lesson on Monday with Corey, and jumped into the pool off the diving board without even looking for me. Chatted up a storm. Now he asks me every day if we have swim. We will do maintenance lessons with you and I will send everyone I know to your school. And yes, I've been driving there from Brentwood every day / totally worth it!!! Looking forward to meeting you at some point. Thank you!! Nina" — Nina Goldberg

  256. "Really unbelievable how much he's learned in 7 lessons. Two weeks ago he refused to even put his head in the water and now he's jumping off the diving board and swimming to his instructor. Lessons have been going great and we're definitely interested in continuing with maintenance lessons. Thanks for another wonderful experience at the Water Whisperer. Sasha just loves it! Wow!" — Sandra Lelievre

  257. "My 3 year old twins just finished the 10 day intensive program. It was a little rough at first, but now they are swimming and loving it. I am going back for yet another round of maintenance. They love the teachers especially Francisco, Paige and Becky! This is truly the most effective swim school. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone." — Catie H.

  258. "Love, love, love The Water Whisperer. We are back for our second year and we continue to be impressed with their ten day program. our girl, who just a couple of years ago wouldn't sit in the bathtub, is now learning strokes and breathing technique. She jumps off the diving board and retrieves toys from the bottom of the pool. We are so grateful for her wonderful instructors!" — Chiara Merlotti Mott

  259. "Sophia is progressing so nicely and we just love your program! We have done the two week intensive twice. IT WORKS. Sophia did the first 10 weeks when she was 1 years old. We did maintenance lessons in between, then another 10 week intensive recently at 3 years old. They have the best program. It is a positive, no fear approach and is just amazing. We drive all the way from Redondo Beach for them. That's how much we love it." — Michelle Wodynski

  260. "We have been practicing tons! Can't thank you guys enough and can't wait to come back! ; ) Carri" — Carri Zoberbier

  261. "Our son was nervous about starting lessons but is having so much fun. He is so proud of all he can do after such a short time in the pool. Thank you!!!" — Chip and Chris Adams

  262. "We are loving lessons! Jacob is completely in love with him and tells me every day when I pick him up from school, he doesn’t want to go home he wants to go see Cory! Thanks, Emily!" — Laura Mclane

  263. ". Honestly, we have had such an amazing experience. The boys love LOVE going and LOVE your instructors. All of them. And we have (happily) had many of them and of course they have their favorites, but everyone has been wonderful. And most importantly, my 4 year old is swimming and my 2 year old is "swimming" Thank you for this great experience." — Tracy Miller Schell

  264. "Hi, Thanks for sending the photos, we love them! The compliments I have received on my kids' swimming abilities this summer have been non-stop. We are very happy with our experience, and never thought we'd have so much confidence in their safety at 3 and 1 1/2. Our youngest, always swims to the wall, can crab crawl all the way around the pool and pull himself up to safety. Our 3 year old can swim the full length of the pool, no problem, and wears herself out diving for toys. Again, the amount of fun and joy these kids have had as a result of their confidence in the water is priceless, I'm truly grateful. What a fun summer we've had, thanks to our lessons! We'll be back for sure. Take Care, Bettina" — Bettina Bush

  265. "Hi All – It is going really well. Charlotte Covert is really enjoying her lessons and looks forward to coming every day. We will try and keep up the practice, but I am sure we will need some maintenance lessons in the new year. My son Patrick did the first round of lessons and then did a set of maintenance lessons a few months later. He has been an independent swimmer ever since. I will keep you posted J Thanks so much – you have a truly wonderful program. Maureen Padilla" — Maureen PAdill

  266. "Ryan is fantastic and we are very pleased! I think my seven year old has made progress he has not made elsewhere -- worth the trip :)" — Jane Shimamoto

  267. "Good morning, I am so grateful for the referral from Jennifer Chadwick. My son Matthew has absolutely no fear of the water and LOVES your school and Nathan and Eric. He really has learned so much and I am sad that Friday the 10 sessions will be over already. I will absolutely bring him back for more classes! I have already spread the word to many of my friends that were so impressed with videos of Matthew, I know at least 3 friends that will be contacting you guys very soon, so that being said I would be very interested in the referral program J I really think I have a little swimmer/diver on my hands! Thank you, Jenifer Breman" — Jenifer Breman

  268. "This is my 3rd set of lessons with my son, and I am planning on coming back in the fall for the maintenance classes. Last year, my son hated being on his back floating, he cried the first two days, but by the age of 2.5 he was diving under water for toys. Now he is 3 and a fish! He is by far one of the best swimmers I have ever met in his age group. He is even learning different strokes. As I tell all new parents during the lessons when their kids are crying, give it a couple of days, and it will get so much better, and the kids will be having a blast. I am right every time." — Katie Collins

  269. "Water Whisperer is the perfect swim school for my spirited, 3-year old little girl. While 10 lessons in 10 days can be challenging (especially for working parents), it is 100% worth it. My daughter took 10 classes last summer and went from screaming and crying (which was painful as a mom to watch, but have faith that these instructors know what they are doing and she was in no way traumatized as others have suggested) to jumping off the diving board. Monica was absolutely wonderful. Warm, nurturing, but firm and encouraging. My daughter will railroad anyone who she senses will allow her room to negotiate and it takes a special teacher to balance firmness with love. Sadly, I didn't take WW's strong advice to do maintenance classes. We came back this summer. I requested Monica again, but was given a new instructor. At first I was disappointed (who could possibly be as magical as Monica??), but Francisco was equally as wonderful. I am enrolling in another round of classes this summer to make sure my daughter is as "water safe" as possible. Hey, we live in Southern California and while I don't personally have a pool, too many homes we visit do. Accidents happen in a blink of an eye. Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine who is an ER doctor and she told me that a family came into the hospital with a 3 year old who drowned while wearing "water wings" within 5 feet of her mother who was also in the pool. I think I can shell out another $300 something and commit my already over-scheduled life to 10 more lessons. I do believe it could save her life. I know some people have written that WW is "harsh" but personally, I want my child to learn to SWIM not just be ushered around a pool by a well-intentioned swim instructor hoping she will learn "when she is ready." The time is NOW and this is the school if you actually want your child to learn to swim." — Amy Taylor

  270. "Lessons are going great! Becky has been wonderful with Evan, and he is close to being able to put his head up while swimming. We love Becky! Thanks so much for everything!" — Kathryn "Katie" Collins

  271. "Thank you so much again for your kind message and your response. I sincerely love your swimming school and think that your approach is the right philosophy for my child. Kind regards, Amy and Aria" — Amy Taylor

  272. "We've completed 8 out of 10 lessons so far and really love the school, especially teacher Cat! I'd like to keep on with maintenance classes so Isla doesn't forget what she's learned! We can't wait to do maintenance! Thanks, Emily!" — Lana Safoian

  273. "It was nice to have met you and put a face to the program. I am Sophia Scarola's dad and I think the work is excelent. The lessons are great and both Monica and Becky have been just amazing. Today I spoke highly about your program to another parent at our Babies First Class. Until Tomorrow!! Sincerely, Dominick Scarola" — Dominick Scarola

  274. "So proud of my son! He is 5 years old and on Day 3 of swimming lessons he went all the way down to the bottom of the pool to get toys ( 3-4 feet)! His favorite thing to do in class now is to actually go under water to grab toys. Amazing watching him gain confidence, strength. He loves to go under water !! Before I tried to make him blow bubbles in the pool and he would make me be literately underneath him when jumping into the pool. Now it's nice to see that he tells his teacher, "I'm ready !!" I think every child is different. One of his friends was already learning how to dive on the 2nd week and was able to swim across the whole pool. My son can't yet but can swim much better and is loving the water. And I'm happy with that. :0)" — Leslie Murrales

  275. "We LOVE The Water Whisperer! They are so nice and effective! Our son was scared to go under water in the beginning, but by the end, he was going under like a pro! HIGHLY recommend them! The 10 classes in 2 weeks schedule is extremely effective in making your child comfortable in the water. Definitely worth every penny!" — Adam and Cherise Kruger

  276. "She loves swimming! You guys are the best." — Rob Johnsen

  277. "The Water Whisperer is perfect! Couldn't be happier." — Sara Jacobs

  278. "I highly recommend the Water Whisperer, to everyone who needs to learn to swim. Kaye, the instructor at Woodland Hills taught my 8 years old son. He taught him skills that will help him to be safe in water and he has much experience." — Woodland Hills Dad

  279. "Francisco was AMAZING!!!! Truly a wonderful miracle worker! Thank you so much for everything! We want to sign up for refresher lessons!!!!!" — Michelle Ramos

  280. "I love love love this place. Going in my daughter already loved the pool. My daughter always wore her floating devices, but not anymore. After seven lessons, she is swimming by herself, under water. She is even jumping off the diving board and swimming. The staff is super nice and encourage all the kids. Even the kids who are screaming at the top of their lungs are treated with gentle care and love. I highly recommend them." — Hasmik Mgeryan

  281. "My 5 year old son has attended the Water Whisperer for the second year in a row, and I cannot begin to describe how amazing our experience has been. He started attending last year without with no swimming skills at all, and was literally swimming and jumping off of the diving board by the second lesson. The school's teachers and staff are all so incredibly friendly, patient, and supportive! As a parent, I so appreciated the loving, warm, safe, and supportive environment that The Water Whisperer provides for both the parents and the children. I just enrolled my son for his second set of lessons, and we both cannot wait!" — Natalie Olshanskiy

  282. "Hi Emily! Things are going not just well but GREAT! Our son Owen had never had a lesson but loved the water. Now 8 lessons later not only can he safely get out of the pool if he fell in but he can swim from one side of the pool to the other...the long way! Both of my boys have gone to The Water Whisperer and I continue to be amazed at the results. Thank you for this invaluable gift! Thank You, Sarah J. Everhart" — Sarah J Everhart

  283. "We're big fans of what you have created at Water Whisperer! Naturally, I do have one particular instructor that I have seen my daughter really progress from but I have to say that from my observation at her lessons, ALL of the instructors in the pool have a great mechanism and handle of teaching these children how to swim (and be water safe most importantly). Big kudos for sure as our lessons have been amazing to watch and I will definitely be signing up my 2, nearly 3 year old, this fall for the 10 day program, as well as signing up my 6 year old for another session or refresher course upon her final lesson this Friday, as I'm sure it'll come down to scheduling as we get into August and school-time. Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday! Thanks so much!" — Pia Francesca Radisich

  284. "Lessons are going well- instructors are great! We had the lovely Paige for week one, delightful Hannah for two lessons and Becky today who was equally fabulous! You have a great team and Rainer is having fun learning to swim which is all I could hope for. I would love to hear about your referral incentives as I intend to refer anyone I know who wants lessons for their kids. Thanks, Signe Grant" — Signe Grant

  285. "We are grateful for all of your wonderful teachers and their guidance! It was so important for me to have my boys water safe before our vacation to Hawaii and now I can rest assured that they are. In fact they are way on their way to mastering swimming. I am amazed to see my 6 year old swim across the pool on his own and to see my 4 year old floating by himself on his back. Your methods and the process are not only effective, but enjoyable for the kids. My boys can't contain themselves when they get near your house. They both run to your house and anxiously wait as I push the code to let us in the door. I can't thank you enough for putting my mind at ease for our upcoming vacation to Hawaii! I will definitely recommend you and your school to my friends. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the summer. We look forward to seeing you for maintenance lessons when we get back! Sincerely, Beth Kautzky" — Beth Kautzky

  286. "We signed our five year old daughter up for the ten day course. She was excited the first day and then had a couple of nervous days that had me wondering if I should have pulled her out. Conflicted with not wanting her to cry the remainder of the days and with teaching her not to quit, I chose the latter and so glad we did. We had a "serious talk" with her about bravery, always trying her best, and that the instructor and mama were there (and dangled the incentive of cookie baking that night if she did great...not bribery). As if like magic, her attitude changed completely. She was saying "I can do it." and trying harder and pushing herself everyday (no more incentives needed). One taste of success in swimming and her self confidence sky rocketed and you could see the pride on her face. After that she caught on more quickly with each new lesson. My daughter loves her instructor Christina at the Woodland Hills center. Christina has helped build my daughter's self esteem and swimming talents. We have been lucky with only a couple substitutes but I took it as an opportunity to observe how my daughter reacts to change and new situations. She would ask everyday if she had swimming that day and was super excited to go. We signed her up for additional courses to keep the momentum going. Who would have known the parent learns alongside the child? :)" — Chrissy Lopez

  287. "Hi there, wanted to first of all say thank you to your swim school and all the teachers who have helped my daughter Isla, age 6, advance this far at only 7 lessons, her 8th today--we can't wait to see what she'll have accomplished by her 10th lesson this Friday! We're big fans of what you have created at Water Whisperer! Naturally, I do have one particular instructor that I have seen my daughter really progress from but I have to say that from my observation at her lessons, ALL of the instructors in the pool have a great mechanism and handle of teaching these children how to swim (and be water safe most importantly). Big kudos for sure as our lessons have been amazing to watch and I will definitely be signing up my 2, nearly 3 year old, this fall for the 10 day program, as well as signing up my 6 year old for another session or refresher course upon her final lesson this Friday, as I'm sure it'll come down to scheduling as we get into August and school-time. Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday!" — Pia Radisich

  288. "This was an incredible experience. I don't know what they do, but it is truly magic. My son had certain fears and issues when we began and I am truly shocked at his transformation after the 10 day program. It has also boosted his confidence outside the water! Don't waste your time or money ANYWHERE else! This is the only place to go if you want your child to learn full spectrum swimming...and in record time! :)" — Anjali talim

  289. "Hi Emily! Thanks for your email! We are so delighted with our daughter's progress. Your staff are all so accommodating and we truly appreciate all efforts they put to teach Lorraine constructively. Yesterday was lesson 7 and I felt that she has come out of her shell and is trying her best to really learn. So far, she's had Becky, Paige and Hannah already and no complaints! We are so happy whoever the instructor is. Also, I would like to commend you on one of your posts on Facebook about the 6 year old special child. As a parent of a child with autism, thank you for giving hope to these kids. Lorraine's brother is 3 and we will have him learn at Water Whisperer next year We would like to enroll her for the maintenance lessons of 20 bulk for $648! Thanks so much for all your help. Rachelle" — Rachelle Galvan

  290. "My five and a half year old twins have just completed their ten day course at The Water Whisperer swim school. They absolutely love it and have asked for more lessons so they can keep going! My kids first attended the Water Whisperer last summer. Before they started their lessons, they were afraid to put their faces in the water. This school had them doing that on the first day. The school's method, combined with friendly, encouraging instructors and fun games really made the kids look forward to learning how to swim. We do not have a pool so it had been a long time since they had been in the water, but when my kids started swimming this summer they picked it back up right away and have progressed so much more this year. Now they are learning to dive off of the diving board :) I really appreciate this swim school. They taught my kids to swim and to be water safe. Since taking swimming lessons at the Water Whisperer, my children have really grown to love swimming and being in the water. They are also proud of their accomplishments. Now that our session is complete and both of my kids are asking for more swimming lessons, I think that says it all." — Janet Ross

  291. "Teaching a child how to swim for us it was and investment on his safety and life long journey of enjoying the water. Our son is only 10 months old. It was his first experience of being in a pool he had 10 classes. When we signed up for the classes the office told me what to expect so there was no surprises. He was learning the Minnow program. That is for really young babies like ours. Because he was a baby I went into the water with him. He learned how to go underwater with his mouth closed as I passed him to his instructor and then she would pass him back to me. We did an anchor pass to each other which he would grab our arms when was passed. He learned to blow bubbles and grab things underwater. We worked on kicking and paddling but he didn't really grasp that due to his age. They have a standard diving board where he went off of it and into the safe arms of the instructor. I was joking about our son using the diving board. Becky said that sometimes little babies like our son have used it. They can do it safely but it depends on the parents and how they feel about it. I said oh heck yes lets do that because he didn't cry doing anything else while he was learning. He loved their pool and the wonderful instructors he and I felt safe. The water was nice and warm so that it made it easy for a child to go in without the shock of cold water. Also the water was a saline water with some chlorine for safety. Which I loved! When our son gets older I am going to take him to The Water Whisper Swim School. If you are trying to find a nice, clean and safe place to have your child learn to swim I would highly suggest going to this school. It was the best money I spent on buying something for him. They have an outside dressing room and a bathroom. Parking is available on the street. Great professional staff that loves to teach kids how to swim. THANK YOU EMILY!" — Roxanne Nozolino

  292. "We love love love your school and the teachers...sophia has been working with rosa and monica since mid june and and it's been the most positive experience...sophia asks every day if she has a swim lesson...she had her 16th lesson of the summer today and we plan on swimming with you guys all summer so that she is fully water safe by end of august... THANKS EMILY!!!" — Carin Goldstein

  293. "My 4 1/2 year old son just finished his 10 days of swimming lessons at The Water Whisperer Sherman oaks location. The first couple days were great then we had 2 fearful days - but with the help of the instructors and Emily we figured out he was afraid of how deep it was. They took pictures of him under water and reassured him a whole bunch and then boom he was off swimming. I understand how people can be skeptical at first. It's 10 straight days (not including weekends) and there are rules. But put your fear aside (it's not good for your kid or you) and try it for all 10 days. There were a few kids on their first days that were crying and scared. But the teachers kept reassuring them. Once they even had to ask the parents to step away from the pool. After that the kid starting going under the water. Then they brought the parents back in so they could all cheer for the kid. He had a big smile on his face after that. It was a great experience and we are going to put our 2 year old daughter in next." — Leslie Halpern Crosby

  294. "Josh has completed his lessons and has truly come along way! My husband and I are so pleased and would like to schedule 5 maintenance lessons over the next two weeks. Nathan is a superb teacher!. We simply can't praise him enough! Josh really bonded with him quickly which was quite surprising to us as Josh is extremely shy and stubborn :) We also wanted to give a shout out to Cayes who did an excellent job helping Josh to transition and probably had the tougher job of calming my nerves the first few lessons! Thanks so much Cayes & Nathan!" — Krista Supa

  295. "The teachers were great! My son progressed quickly through the 10 day program and we're now going to sign on for the maintenance classes so I can get him to improve further. He's only 3 but picking it up quickly and can now jump in and swim to the side and get out all on his own. Thank you, WW!" — Aaron "Kiwi" Franklin

  296. "Hi Emily, thanks for checking on us! Zoe's doing great, we are so happy. The teachers she's had have been fantastic. As is probably typical, Zoe cried a lot during her first 4 classes, but in class 5 she was tear-free, and she jumped off the diving board 4 times! We are really impressed with all that Zoe's learning, and will definitely sign her up for some sort of maintenance classes. Thanks again, Susan Dawes" — Susan Dawes

  297. "Thank-you so much for your help. It was such a great lesson and his face was glowing the rest of the night! I have great hopes for tonight’s lesson. He loved looking at the picture of himself swimming!! The last video of him jumping off the diving board then under water was so funny. He’s hamming it up underwater. PS – The best part was he told my husband and I how he told Cat he could pull himself up and that he would do it himself. “And I did it all by myself. Mommy, I did great!”" — Leslie Crosby

  298. "Emily and the Water Whisperer Swim School are terrific! We are at the tail end of our two-week program and loved it! My 4.5 year old has more confidence and definitely more skill in the water after taking classes there and my 18 month old can now hold his breath under water and is beginning to swim! Obviously, you need to keep practicing at home and throughout the year, so the maintenance courses are pretty important. Can't say enough good things!!!" — Susie Romano

  299. "Things are going great! You really have a great school. We are very happy parents! Thank you, Catalina Rodriguez" — Catalina Rodriguez

  300. "Glad we made the commitment, it's worth the hour and a half on the road every day. Monica has done an excellent job and we are very happy with Joshua's progress. He's gone from 0 to 60 in 7 days...We couldn't be more pleased! Thanks, Emily" — Rebecca Taylor

  301. "I would like go take the time to thank you for helping take Jesses fear of the water away. I am truly grateful for that! Jesse is swim-phobia free! Now when we go swimming at our relatives' house he can swim instead of just standing inside the pool! Thank you!! Jesse's mom" — Carmen Oliveros

  302. "Hi Emily, The lessons are going great! Alex absolutely loves his lessons and he is doing really well! I am amazed at how quickly he learned to swim. I am working with Allie to schedule more lessons for him! Thanks, Shira" — Shira Epstein

  303. "We are loving the lessons. You have a very well run business...You guys are churning out the swimmers!!!!!!" — Sabrina Connery

  304. "Georgie is on lesson 9. We've been very happy. Teachers are all so patient and calming. She had a tough start and by lesson 7 started laughing and asking to come everyday and asking for more lessons after her 10 and begging to jump off the diving board! Thank you, WW!" — Susan Levin

  305. "The Water Whisperer has been such an amazing experience not only for my son but me. To watch him grow each lesson and progress makes me such a proud mama. He has learned in just 8 lessons to dive for toys at the bottom of the pool with the help from the instructor. My son has really enjoyed the lessons and looks forward to going every time. He tells me, "Mommy, swim lesson" and then he will practice the skills that he has learned. They do catchy songs that really help and interest in the child. I even sing the songs when we are in bath time or even swimming at a friends house. The staff is very nice and my son just loves Teacher Monica. She is just so uplifting, positive and gives my child reinforcement. I am very pleased with this program and we will be doing maintenance lessons to further him even more into a swimmer!" — Kim Street

  306. "Emily Thank you for your email. Yes lessons are going great! My son, Collin, seems to be doing very well and when we come home to practice he remembers and does everything taught to him. Sometimes out of the blue he will just say to me mommy look, and he will do his humming as if under the water. It's really cute. Thank you again so much! Kara" — Kara Barron

  307. "Hi There, We love our lessons and are coming up on our tenth lesson for both Charlie and Stella. Charlie is almost there with his head-ups and his strides are longer, and Stella (2 1/2 years) who was terrified of the water and cried through her first 2 classes now thinks she is a mermaid and swims, jumps off the diving board, and is learning her head ups! We will sign up for maintenance. Thanks! Rula Harvey (Charlie and Stella Harvey's mother)" — Rula Harb

  308. "I would like to say that Teacher Rosa, is just fantastic, all of my girls really take well to her, especially my baby and they all talk about her when we get home. Everyone at The Water Whisperer is great, they all have patience and encourage each of my daughters! AND, I also think that Cory does a great job as well!!! Thanks so much, Emily!" — Kristy Ortega

  309. "Hi Emily, The lessons are going really well, and both Sophia and Julia are enjoying it! The 4th lesson was indeed a breakthrough for Julia, and she is now much more comfortable in the water! You have great teachers! Thank you! Débora Melville" — Debora Melville

  310. "I can't say enough good things about my 4 year old's experience at The WW. He had never been in a pool before and after his ten lessons he was swimming! We did an additional ten lessons where he really gained experience and confidence. It is really amazing to see the progress he has made in such a short amount of time. The first thing he would ask before he woke up was, "When do we go to The Water Whisperer?" The teachers area mazing and patient. Most importantly, he learned to love swimming and the basics of water safety." — Joanne Parrow

  311. "My daughter has just completed her 2nd 10-pack of lessons. She is now swimming across the pool and has even started learning the different strokes. Most importantly, however, is that she loves swimming and now knows the basics of pool safety. Success!! Emily, I really am thrilled with your swim school!" — Kristi Edmonds

  312. "Jenny Brown Collins added 4 photos. Emily is a little fish now thanks to the 10-day intensive swim lessons with the Water Whisperer ( Great program with wonderful teachers. Emily loved it and now we can barely get her out of the water! — with Andy Collins." — Jenny Brown Collins

  313. "I started sending my son to this school when he was 2 years old-- in just a few lessons he is already comfortable in the water and can swim under the water from person to person! I am definitely going to continue to send him to the WW. The comfort in knowing that he will be safe if he ever fell in a pool is worth the money ten times over!" — Lori Gordon

  314. "These are great pictures and truly reflect how she felt about her swim lessons. Our daughter is like a fish now - she loves her new found independence and we cannot get her out of the water. Great program!" — Andy Collins

  315. "Things are going great. We all love it! I have referred three friends currently in lessons. I am so happy with your program! After two years at Lenny K he has made strides in days! Such a smart and enjoyable program. Thank you, Anita" — Anita Maya

  316. "The lessons have been truly wonderful. He definitely has learned to swim!! He even laughed today with John (whom I adore). We will definitely be continuing, with at least 1 lesson/week. Thanks for everything." — Nicole Britvan

  317. "Lessons are so fun for the boys and us parents. We rotate with moms/boys and dads/boys each lesson. Nolan and Grayson are loving it and learning so quickly. Jumping off the diving was an exciting day for them too. We’ve been practicing the “1-2-3 UMMMMM” everywhere we go. Thanks so much for making it a fun environment for them to learn how to swim! We love it." — Min Polley

  318. "Emily, Lessons are great. Ryan is a rockstar! Wish both boys could swim with him but makes it easier with twins to have them at the same time. Your teachers are all really good. I would be happy to refer anyone I come in contact with to your program. Thank you Emily, we just love it there! Valerie." — Valerie Morehouse

  319. "We just started our second week of lessons for my 2 kids (Jacob & Maya) and they're doing great!!! We love your instructors and I'm so proud of my kids!" — Alison Schur

  320. "Laura Fuller finished her 10 lessons last Friday. It was a great experience and I will definitely refer my family and friends to your school. Laura's teachers were Corey (first 2 days) and Rosa (the final 8 days). They were WONDERFUL!!! I would like to explore continuing lessons! Thank you, Emily!" — Andrea Fuller

  321. "The Water Whisperer is an unbelievable program. Our son took the 10 day session and on day 1 he had no idea how to swim. By day 6 he jumped in the pool and swam to the side - by himself! Honestly, I can't say enough good things about the program. All the teachers are very good and very caring (He had many different teachers during the 10 day session and it was great because he learned new things from each of them). My son walked in on one of his first few days very scared. I worked with him beforehand to keep his head held high. He walked right in, looked at his teacher and said, "I can do this." And he did! Anyone who complains that there are too many rules doesn't understand the importance of water safety. It's imperative to have rules so that the kids are well taken care of...End of story. If you want your child to learn how to swim safely and confidently, send them to The Water Whisperer." — Amy Hytowitz

  322. "I have sent my two sons to The Water Whisperer and am so happy with the results. There was crying in the beginning but their program is EFFECTIVE! I was going to our local tennis club and the lessons were time consuming and didn't yield the results I was looking for. Just lots of play and singing. Not REAL skill building in swimming and water safety. In 10 lessons my sons were jumping in and swimming to the edge!! I highly recommend....Just stick with it, even if there are tears...Comfort them but don't stop trying!" — Trisha Freeman

  323. "Both kids LOVED their lessons and are seriously little fish!" — Conchita Belisle-Newman

  324. "You guys are amazing! My 5 year old son loves his instructor and can't wait to go to class every day. He was actually swimming and diving under water the very first day. I couldn't believe it! After one weeks he's totally swimming! I can only imagine how good he will be by the end of the course. He's normally very nervous and anxious about things so Im truly amazed at how quickly he took to the instructor. Thank you for giving my son the gift of safety, self-confidence and joy in the water!" — Lacie Romano

  325. "My husband and I have been amazed and thrilled with our 4 year old son's progress at this school. That being said I will say that since he was a baby he has always loved the water and so we didn't have to deal with the fear component. While my son didn't have any problems with fear I did see other kids getting lessons at the same time who did have fear issues and was impressed with the care, compassion but firmness that it was handled with. There were also a few times during the first 3 lessons that my son didn't want to do something but with gentle, firm encouragement he worked through it and the confidence and pride he got from that was so awesome to watch. I was a little nervous prior to the lessons because of all the information on the website and the information they email you before the start of the lessons. It can come across as a little unfriendly but after witnessing a couple of parents do things that defy common sense I understand the need for repeated rules ahead of time. So bottom line- parenting is very personal and the Water Whisperer may not be for everyone but I would recommend it to all the mentally stable parents that I know :)" — Theresa Steiner

  326. "The Water Whisperer has been amazing for our 3 year old daughter! The program is 10 days and she started out not knowing how to swim, unwilling to put her face in the water, and afraid to jump in the pool without holding my hand. The water whisperer has brought out an entirely new level of confidence in our little swimmer!" — Dorothy Lee

  327. "Our 3 year old son did the 10 day program and now he loves the water. For the first few lessons he was scared, but now he loves to jump in and dive for toys from the bottom of the pool. We really liked our teacher John who my son trusted! Yes, they do submerge your child in the first few minutes of the first lesson, but that is how they get over the fear. We are happy we did these classes and my son learned a lot!" — Laura Schumer

  328. "Hi, Thank you, we had a wonderful experience. I would like to sign up for maintenance lessons. As an FYI, our main teachers were John and Hana, they were both wonderful with Zachary. Zachary is still saying "John" and "Hana" when I mention swimming to him. Thank you so much and we look forward to continuing our lessons with you. Katy Fox mom of Zachary Fox-DeVol" — Katy Fox

  329. "Our twins just completed the 10-day course like a couple of champs! We were looking for that final push toward making them more water-safe, as they are 5 and have spent a fair amount of time around the water -- and do not have a lot of fear about the water (maybe too fearless about it). Really solid, consistent instructors, clearly teaching from the same playbook, in a very organized setting dedicated to instruction at this "learning pool" with daily lessons for the 10 days... The daily part is key in this equation we believe. This left us feeling much more ready for the summer -- and feeling a LOT safer about pool-time! Highly recommend if you have young kids and are in the vicinity." — Demetrio Cuzzocrea

  330. "This is our second time doing The Water Whisperer. Since we don't have a pool, we did the 10 lessons at age 3 and my daughter did amazing and loved it. We didn't maintain anything after that and so it was hard to reinforce as she got older and she forgot everything. We just put her back at age 5 for the 10 lesson program again. At the first lesson there were a few tears after she swallowed some water, but with encouragement and time, all the other lessons after that were great. By the third lesson she was jumping off the diving board and swimming the short length of the pool. She asks me every day to go to swim lessons. The program is more intense and not for everyone as every child is different, but definitely works if you stick with it! Thanks, WW!" — Elana Lavi

  331. "Tia's lessons are going well! She loves the water and jumps right on in! She dives off the board without hesitation and we are eager to have her learn to take breaths. All in 7 lessons so far! We've had a variety of teachers and she's liked them all. I personally have not brought her very often, but my husband who takes her most of the time says she enjoys her lessons. Thanks for checking!" — Sharon Lee

  332. "Dear Emily, The lessons are going well! The teachers are great! We love Rosa! She is wonderful. I thank her for my daughter swimming. It would have been impossible without her. She is so sweet, patient, my daughter's personality is so hard to adjust to new things, but she made her feel so comfortable, we just love her. Thank you for checking, Ronit Dosetareh" — Ronit Dosetareh

  333. "Hi Emily, I have not yet met you, but I think I saw you today while Blake was swimming. I can't thank you enough for your program. The drive is far, and the first two days I felt like I was a bad parent and torturing Blake, but after day 3 he was jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool! This is the last week of our 10 days in a row and I have already signed up for 2 days a week to start right after this session. Hope to meet you soon and thank you again for what you do! Truly, Amanda Lennon" — Amanda Lennon

  334. "We were very excited to have our 20 month-old son start swim lessons, but were also somewhat worried (mostly from past experience - and then the first few lessons he wasn't too excited and started to cry)....but after the fourth day in a row of attending, he really started to calm down and remember the things we had gone over previously in class. By the second week, he was a whole different kid - he practiced his bubbles and counting to go underwater at home and wanted to run to see his teacher every day. By the end of the second week (the 10 day program), he was upset when we were leaving class - a complete turnabout. We're about to start maintenance lessons and couldn't be more happy with the program and our son's success. Thank you Emily! Mark Novum and Brooke Szody" — Marl Novam

  335. "Hi Emily, Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day Weekend! I wanted to reach out to you about signing Chloe up for a set of 10 follow up maintenance classes. We had such a great experience the first time...Chloe wouldn't even put her head under the water on Day 1 and I can't believe the things she's doing 4 Kevin had her jumping off the diving board (the diving board 4 times and with a male instructor - I couldn't believe my eyes!) Cori, Rosa, Kevin and Becky were truly amazing and they've transformed her! I think you must put some special magic swim juice in that pool! All Chloe talks about is "more swimming lessons at the Water Whisperer!" She was excited to see one of your signs posted outside of Menchie's...and told all of her friends :) I would love to sign her up for additional lessons and was hopeful that we could have a conversation about the possibility of a discount seeing that she just finished her classes last week. Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you!" — Deena Lear

  336. "Emily, Thank you for taking the time to discuss Elise's progress and potentially adding on 5 consecutive maintenance lessons. The lessons so far are going great. We are very pleased with our experience at Water Whisperer! Thanks again for everything! Katie Yee (Elise's mom)" — Katie Henderson

  337. "We have been clients at the water whisperer for 3 years. My 5 year old son had taken at other places in the area but was still afraid of swimming. Once we got to Emily he conquered his fears and has become a strong swimmer. So strong in fact when he's done with this current round of maintenance lessons, which are really just strike refinement lessons and perfecting his dive, I am going to sign him up for swim team, My 13 months daughter is on day 8 of her lessons and is going under water with no problem at all. She will continue with maintence lessons there until she too is ready for swim team. Which, at that rate she is going, might be before preschool...;-) The teachers there are wonderful. A few standouts, of course. But you will be in good hands no matter who your instructor is. THANK YOU, WW!" — Stacee Hollman

  338. "I have to say beyond being impressed! I am....well,incredibly impressed with your operation & the skill & professionalism of your teachers. Izzy is coming along great. With that said I would love for you to come to my Networking group lunch. We are interviewing entrepreneurs such as yourself to pass our referrals to. Would love it if you came and gave us a presentation. Thank you again...I never thought to see our little Izzy dive off a diving board at age 3 :)...I think I first dove off when I was 10 :( All the best- Angelo Fierro" — Angelo Fierro

  339. "Hi Emily, I wanted to let you know how well Kieran is doing with her swimming. She's gotten much better at listening, even though she still will try to control the lesson, but she is very comfortable in the water now. Rosa taught her animal friends in the deep end and she loves that! I took her to a swim play date this weekend and she was actually swimming! It was really amazing and I think it finally clicked for her why she was taking swim lessons. So I wanted to say thank you! Rosa taught her something new, including learning that by relaxing water will lift you up, and that really had a great impact on Kieran. Take care and thank you guys for everything! Hanny" — Hanny Patel McGough

  340. "We were very excited to have our 20 month-old son start swim lessons, but were also somewhat worried (mostly from past experience - and then the first few lessons he wasn't too excited and started to cry)....But after the fourth day in a row of attending, he really started to calm down and remember the things we had gone over previously in class. By the second week, he was a whole different kid - he practiced his bubbles and counting to go underwater at home and wanted to run to see his teacher every day. By the end of the second week (the 10 day program), he was upset when we were leaving class - a complete turnabout. We're about to start maintenance lessons and couldn't be more happy with the program and our son's success. Thanks, Emily" — Brooke Szody

  341. "My daughter is half way through her two week session and is doing great! She was so nervous and totally crying when she got in the pool the first two days. The teacher was so patient, loving and firm with her. I can not believe the progress she has made i five days! She is going under water happily, jumping off the diving board, retrieving toys off the bottom of the pool, floating on her back. I have been impressed with them emailing and calling back quickly and being very professional. The time, money and effort to go have totally been worth it!" — Allison Spencer

  342. "Hi Emily! We are really enjoying our Water Whisperer experience. Working with Hannah has been great. Her gentle approach has worked well with my daughter. Agnes has quite a bond with her. I am incredibly pleased to see how quickly she has advanced. Of course my one concern is keeping up her practice since we do not have a pool. Luckily her grandparents have one so we will be able to go at least once a week if the water is warm enough:) Thank you for checking in with us. We will be sad come Friday when our two week session comes to an end. Agnes wakes up everyday excited to swim with Hannah! Warmly, Megan Shih" — Megan Shih

  343. "My daughter (age 4) went for private lessons at the Water Whisperer in Woodland Hills. The concept of 10 consecutive lessons is great. My daughter was scared to enter the pool on day 1 and now after 10 lessons, she has come a long way. The teachers are great. They make it fun for a toddler to learn swimming. My daughter keeps singing her paddle and float songs at home. The teachers are very encouraging and tailor the lessons based on the child's skill level. Happy to enroll her in the maintenance lessons now. Not very crowded and my child gets the attention she needs." — Shobana Ranganathan

  344. "My son is almost 4, and he was scared to be in the pool 10 data ago! After the first 3 sessions, he was floating by himself, and now swims across pool with little help! He jumps off diving board and goes to bottom of shallow end to grab toys on bottom!!!! I am so happy we joined the Water Whisperer family! We will be continuing throughout the year with maintenance classes to keep the practices consistent! I wish we would have gone sooner!! So lucky to have them right in our own back yard!!!!" — Amanda Tibbetts

  345. "The Water Whisperer has been great with my special needs son." — Arianne Campbell

  346. "The Water Whisperer has been an amazing experience for my daughter. After spending the entire summer getting lessons at camp, we were so frustrated that she hadn't gotten off a noodle or learned to be comfortable in the water that we knew we had to do something. So based on other friends recommendation we signed her up at The Water Whisperer in September and the transformation was amazing. At first it is definitely something to get used to, but the training and lessons work. Our child went from being so frightened at her first lesson that she cried for the entire time to jumping off the diving board and "swimming" across the pool by the end of the 5th lesson. Yes it is a commitment to go 10 days in a row and yes it is hard to be a parent and sit back and watch your kid struggle, but the teachers are so patient and the system just works if you let them do their thing. We loved it so much that we are now finishing our second set of lessons. After a long winter break without much access to a pool and only 5 maintenance lessons our child is swimming freestyle and really getting to be a strong swimmer in the pool. By the time the summer hits I'm confident she will be good to go." — Nicole Friedlander

  347. "Asher is 6 months old and has been loving his lessons from day one. Cory, his instructor, was really great with him. He really made sure that Asher had a positive/comfortable experience from his first lesson. He seemed to be really aware of how young Asher was and tailored the program to fit his age perfectly. While it's a commitment to make time to take Asher to his lessons so close together, seeing how he enjoys his lessons and begins smiling the minute he realizes he is about to go into the pool makes the effort on my part beyond worthwhile. We are very happy that we made the decision to begin his swimming lessons at the Water Whisperer early on. Thank you, Emily" — Leonora Gorelik

  348. "My son is 5 years old and has been coming to Water Whisperer for 3 years. He can float by himself, swim forwards then flip to backwards and loves to jump from the diving board. This year he proved to be fearful of swimming without goggles. The swim teacher John was very good about forcing him to do it because if he falls into water it would most likely be without goggles. He cried, he fought and then the next day said to me - mom throw out the goggles! I swim without goggles now! The Water Whisperer is rigid. They believe kids can work through their fears. And it's true! My 3 year old daughter goes here now. She cried her first two days and now loves it. About the school - when I email with a concern, it gets addressed. When I give the teacher a note - he/she take it. And believe me, I'm a note giver. I watch like a hawk. This is a good school." — Tien Brunelle

  349. "Our son has been taking lessons for over a year and we are extremely happy with the program and his progress. Every child learns in their own way and the instructors have always taken the time to work with our son and get him comfortable as well as listen to our thoughts and give us tips for how we can support his learning at home. He has made great strides and continues to love being in the water. Even when he is afraid of something the instructors work with him to push through and see that he could do it. The instructors are warm and friendly and even though you don't get to choose who you see each week there has never been a time when I didn't feel my son was safe and in good hands. My son is so proud of himself after his lessons and we are so happy that he is learning to be safe and have fun in water." — Mindy Stone

  350. "My 3 year Adriana is almost done with learning how to swim. In 10 days!!! My 6 year Aidan has learned how to dive, get more familiar with development moves and get a great workout out of it! He can't wait to teach me how to dive! Thank you Water Whisperer. I've already recommended you to my friends! Sharona" — Sharona Saghian

  351. "We have had a wonderful experience with the Water Whisperer!! My son is naturally apprehensive and gets anxious easily. The instructors have all been able to read him and give him the reassurance, plenty of hugs and positive feedback. This has helped him in doing really great in his classes!! As a behavioral therapist I appreciate having the students working with different instructors. Learning how to deal with different types of people and not becoming dependent only on one or two is a lesson that can not be taught early enough. I also love that the Water Whisperer is at a home. They have situated the pool very nicely, it is covered so worries of the sun. It is clean and cozy and doesn't stink of chlorine like many of the other pools i visited! I give every aspect of the Water Whisperer 5 stars, from the instructors to the easy of dealing with the scheduling and billing people, to the environment and lastly to getting to meet Emily (the owner). She is really great, out by the pool even when not teaching, encouraging her staff and the children:) I am currently pregnant and when it is time i will be bringing my 2nd child to the Water Whisperer." — Haroula Molina (Behavioral therapist)

  352. "The lessons are going GREAT. We are very happy with it and the teachers are phenomenal! I'm interested in doing maintenance classes! Thank you again for everything! Noelle" — Noelle McCall

  353. "Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with teacher Rosa! Izabel has taken to her so well and I am grateful she has been our teacher. She is excellent in explaining things to young children and we just love her! It's so great to be back with The Water Whisperer. Our best summer memories are always with you guys! Xoxo" — Marina Lakier

  354. "In the begining there is a lot of literature you must read before begining classes and pay attention to the information. Classes are M-F only and are not 10 straight swimming lessons non stop so your child gets to have the weekend off before continuing on the next 5 lessons to complete the program. Our experience was great, today is our last day and our child Jedrek is already swimming, diving, jumping, getting out of the pool by himself, blowing bubbles underwater, learned a few strokes and he is swimming. He actually learned to swim from the 3rd lesson, of course not everyone elses experience will be the same but by the 10th lesson your child will swim here its truly great. In my opinion maintenance lessons and additional classes are required for our child to keep muscle memory on all the great things he has learned in the water whisperer so the 10 lessons got him swimming I know my child will need extra lessons to truly keep his learning solid and keep practicing at home or do some maintenance lessons couple of times a year so your child does not forget all they learned. We are very happy with WW. its worth every penny and we are going to extend our lessons. Thank you, Emily Ayelet Corona" — Ayelet Corona

  355. "Hi Emily! Lessons are AMAZING! By day three Leo, (3) was swimming. Day one---scared and terrified and would not let go of me. He was crying because I didn't take the swimmies with us to the pool. Would never go underwater at our home pool. Day three...jumping up and down asking when are we going to swim school? He was swimming and jumping into the water. Day 6--swam from the shallow end to the deep end by himself. I was amazed. Francisco was awesome and our new teacher today was awesome as well. Love the WW. Couldn't be more happy. And relieved. Here is pic of Leo taken with my phone. Jumping...fearlessly!! What a difference. Thank you again Emily. So glad we took Jayden here originally...and so glad that Leo is soon to be WW approved. Eva Barrial" — Eva Barrial

  356. "Hi Emily, I am AMAZED at how well my son Kyle is doing with his swimming lessons. He's had six lessons, and he's already swimming and jumping off the diving board, something I would not have believed possible a week ago. I was so stressed about these lessons, and your staff has been incredible, especially his main instructor John. Kyle never wants to leave your pool after his lesson so he'll be very disappointed when his 10 lessons are completed. I expect that we will be doing some maintenance lessons at some point since he just loves it there. Thank you!" — Tricia Kemfert

  357. "Absolutely love Water Whisperer!! Instructors are amazing!! I am a nurse practitioner at children hospital Los Angeles and have been praising your program to others at work and my son's school. He is in kindergarten. A lot of parents asked for me to let them know if it works? And I say it does! My husband is an ER nurse at UCLA and has unfortunately seen drownings come in so you know we are going to be very proactive and promote your business. I think everything you teach is amazing! So impressed! I honestly could go on and on. I make the drive from west LA on the 405 and I can tell you my husband was not happy about the drive at first but by the 3rd session he said its worth it!! My daughter took swim lessons for 2 years from 3 different instructors and never learned. She only became more fearful of swimming but after 4 sessions with water whisperer she was swimming, rescuing toys from the bottom of the pool and jumping off the diving board, Monica and rosa are amazing and so affectionate. I think that is what made my daughter feel secure. I love how they give hugs when they are scared and say,"You can do it!" How motivating is that! Also, Allie the scheduler is great! She is nice, pleasant and responds promptly!! Thank you again and God bless!" — Paola Pederzoli

  358. "Thank you for your email! Adam is sad his classes are almost over. He has been having a fantastic time and is beginning to swim! He even back floated by himself today for 5 seconds, which was one of the things he was really struggling with. Francisco is a great instructor, very sweet and got to connect with him right from the beginning. Thank you so much, Emily!" — Maria Chacon

  359. "Hi Emily, Lessons are going great! Dylan is doing so well - jumping off the diving board on day 4! John is incredible with him - kind, patient, fun, but firm. We will definitely be back for maintenance lessons. And I've already been telling all my friends! Best, Samantha" — Samantha Lemole

  360. "Don't waste your time (or money) going anywhere else, the Water Whisperer is fantastic and your child will swim! This is my second child going through the WW program. My 5 year old has been swimming like a fish since she was 3 because of the WW. Her Sister, at 2 1/2, screamed the first 4 lessons and the Water Whisperer teachers told me it was normal. The teachers were calm and reassuring to her while teaching her the program. Needless to say, the 5th lesson changed everything and when we were done with our 10 lessons SHE asked for more. We are now on our 2nd round of maintenance lessons and every time she jumps off of the diving board (by herself) and swims to the steps, her little face is smiling so brightly and I couldn't be happier and prouder. She has so much confidence in and around water. Also the safety lessons she has learned are invaluable. Thank you Emily and your program!!!" — Laurie Siegel

  361. "We are v. pleased with Naomi's progress...truly incredible to see her dive under the water for toys after her 1st 20 min. session Monday (she didn't even know how to hold her breath under water prior to her session). The drive from Playa Vista is well worth it (Sessions in our development would be such a hit). Happy Holidays, Ally" — Alnaz "Ally" Charabia, School Psychologist

  362. "The babies love swimming so much! Thank you so much!" — Rhiannon Segienko

  363. "Hi Emily, We love the experience. Sheila is a very active child with tons of energy. She would not sleep and never sit still. Being in the water calms her like nothing else. It seems that within the last two weeks since she started 'swimming under water', she's sleeping through the night. She can sit still and able to enjoy quiet time. Sheila has adapted to the repetative structure of your lessons. It's taught us that routine is super important for Sheila and are trying (in our hectic life) to keep things predictable like you guys have. Our older daughter is 8 and she always went with the flow so this experience has been different. We've taken so much away from the Water Whisperer in addition to the learning how to swim. Thanks, Amy" — Amy Yado

  364. "Ready for class at The Water Whisperer, September 2012. Nick and Natalie took a 10 day session at and wow, it was amazing! Both kids were going to the bottom of the pool to get toys, jumping off the diving board and Nick was able to swim across the pool by himself! Thanks, WW!" — Margaret Choulochas

  365. "Our Jakey has learned how to jump off the big boy diving board in ten days all thanks to the amazing power of the Water Whisperer. We had such an amazing experience watching our Jake learn how it swim in a warm and safe environment. Thank you Water Whisperer." — Natalie Itkin

  366. "Highly recommend The Water Whisperer for swim lessons. Jake is on his second set of ten lessons. He can swim all the way across the pool by himself either with or without taking a breath, jump off the diving board and swim to the side, and is now learning some diving basics. They've been great to work with! Even on the days when Jake had anxiety, they listened and worked with him to feel more comfortable. Thanks, Water Whisperer!" — Kim Duran

  367. "Dear Water Whisperer, Ashleigh just finished her first set of 10 Minnows classes. I am thrilled with the extraordinary progress she has made so we have signed her up for 10 maintenance lessons. She loves practicing her swimming at home and even in the bathtub. Roll and float is one of her favorite songs now! From lesson one, we were immediately put at ease by the gentle and professional staff. I can't wait to get Ashleigh back in the Water Whisperer pool. She looks forward to her swimming classes and knowing that she is learning a life saving skill is priceless. You definitely live up to your name! Sincerely, Amy McKenna" — Amy McKenna

  368. "(From her FB post in reference to a pic she posted): "This is Leo swimming to the bottom of the pool to grab the toys after just two weeks of swim lessons. He went from barely getting his face wet during his bath to jumping in the pool entirely by himself. If you are in LA and need swimming lessons for your child, I highly recommend The Water Whisperer." — Tricia Donahue

  369. "Thanks to The Water Whisperer, Jackson loves jumping off the diving board into the deep end and swimming to the side by himself. The ten classes really turned my little fish into a super swimmer!" — Sara Little

  370. "My 22 month old has been going for a couple of weeks now and she LOVES it! Yes, sometimes there are crying children, but I'm not surprised as often this is a new potentially scary activity for young toddlers. I think the teachers at WW are fantastic in how they handle any tears or resistance. They are patient, loving but, yes, firm. My Cami loves going in the water, practices her kicking and bubbles at home, and sings the swimming lessons songs every chance she gets. She's already jumping off the diving board! Thanks to Teachers Ryan, Kai and Rosa, my little girl is having the time of her life learning to swim! I love WW and plan on doing additional maintenance lessons as soon as her initial lessons have finished, both for her safety and for her fun!" — Karyn Smith-Forge

  371. "Hi Emily. Nathaniel loves his teacher at the Water Whisperer! He learned to swim in three lessons! We are extremely pleased that he is now water safe! Thanks, Tamar" — Tamar Barazani

  372. "Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Chiara Merlotti Mott wrote: Hi Emily, We are super grateful for the opportunity to earn a free class. We just had our last class with Cayes yesterday. We so loved your program, and we hope to be back next Summer. Thank you so much! Chiara" — Chiara Mott

  373. "Hi Emily, The lessons are going great! Avi is certainly enjoying the lessons. I am very impressed with your methodology and expertise in dealing with kids as well as teaching them to swim.. His instructor Ryan is absolutely incredible! Avi has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Higly recommend it." — Chitvan Sharma

  374. "Hi Emily, We have had the most amazing experience - my son Jaxson would not get in the water with any teacher until Monica - he has fallen in love and gets so excited to go every day. We were hoping to keep him coming every Saturday for maintenance. Week days will be hard - he goes to school until 3 then still likes to nap for 2 hours so when he wakes up it's dinner time. Can we do maintenance one day a week - Saturdays - do you think that will work? Thanks Emily - you have built a lovely swim school experience for both kids and parents. Vicki Paige" — Vicki Paige

  375. "Lessons are amazing both Kai and John have worked so well with Mia and she doing fantastic. I can't believe the transformation between day one and now an how her confidence away from the pool has grown. -- Jason Friedlander" — Jason Friedlander

  376. "Hi Emily, Lessons are going really well. Jonathan just started doing egg beaters today and loves all of his instructors. You really have great people working for you. They are all so good with the kids, always smiling and so encouraging. My kids just started school, so as soon as things settle down, I'll be bringing my two girls for lessons as well. Thank you! Dana Hung" — Dana Hung

  377. "Hi Emily- The lessons were fantastic. We absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Rosa. She made such a good connection with Phoebe. I also love the language she used with Phoebe, it was so empowering. Can't say enough good things about her... We will continue with maintenance lessons! Thanks so much!" — Rebecca Allen

  378. "Hello Emily, I'm sad her lessons are over! We both had such a great time! But, we'll be back for the maintenance lessons soon. Also, I wanted to let you know that Joselle had a great time with all her teachers! John was patient, kind and encouraging... especially on those first few days when Joselle repeatedly yelled, "Nooo!!!" to his requests and was not interested in the water at all. But, by the end of the second day, she agreed it would be okay to come back and swim with him. He was so great with her and you could see her trust him a little bit more with every bit of progress. Cayes was a rock star! She loved his enthusiasm. She was smiling and laughing during all of the lessons with him. And finally Melissa... she adores Melissa. After her first lesson with Melissa, Joselle then pretended she was Melissa and gave all her toys swimming lessons in her kiddie pool. Joselle also made sure that I saw her friend, Cayes and her other friend, Melissa while we waiting for her 10th lesson. I know you are very busy, but wanted to let you know how wonderful your staff is. This was truly a growing experience for Joselle. Thank you for creating a wonderful program. Sincerely, Beth Demers Zuk (a.k.a. Joselle's Mom)" — Elizabeth Zuk

  379. "Pablo went from screaming and yelling on his first lesson to jumping off the diving board and swimming on his own in ten days! The Water Whisperer is awesome! Thanks to Pablo's excellent instructor, John. We are so proud of our Pablo!" — Nidia Gallardo

  380. "Hello Emily, I'm sad her lessons are over! We both had such a great time! But, we'll be back for the maintenance lessons soon. Also, I wanted to let you know that Joselle had a great time with all her teachers! John was patient, kind and encouraging... especially on those first few days when Joselle repeatedly yelled, "Nooo!!!" to his requests and was not interested in the water at all. But, by the end of the second day, she agreed it would be okay to come back and swim with him. He was so great with her and you could see her trust him a little bit more with every bit of progress. Cayes was a rock star! She loved his enthusiasm. She was smiling and laughing during all of the lessons with him. And finally Melissa... she adores Melissa. After her first lesson with Melissa, Joselle then pretended she was Melissa and gave all her toys swimming lessons in her kiddie pool. Joselle also made sure that I saw her friend, Cayes and her other friend, Melissa while we waiting for her 10th lesson. I know you are very busy, but wanted to let you know how wonderful your staff is. This was truly a growing experience for Joselle. Thank you for creating a wonderful program. Sincerely, Beth Demers Zuk (a.k.a. Joselle's Mom)" — Beth Demers Zuk

  381. "Dear Emily, The kids cried during the entire lesson on their first day of swim classes. By the 7th day the kids LOVED jumping off the diving board. they just finished their 10th day of lessons and want to keep taking more! I will sign them up for maintenance lessons so they can continue to be good swimmers. Heck, swim much better than me! Thanks, Water Whisperer!" — Claire Oliver

  382. "My 2 1/2 year old went from splashing on the steps to diving underwater and retrieving toys in 2 days! Were there some tears in the beginning? Of course. It is new, he is a toddler, he is in water without his mother, etc, but the teachers have shown absolutely nothing but kindness, compassion and love to my child. They are firm with their instruction, but they validate the child's feelings. As for the person who said the pool was over crowded, the packet I received was pretty clear that there would be other children in the water. My son took his first set of lessons when it was packed there, and the amount of people wasn't an issue at all. Bottom line, if you want a program where you bop around in the water with your child on your hip singing songs, this isn't the program for you. If you want your child to be able to get themselves to the side of a pool if God forbid they fall in, and learn to swim then this is an excellent program that I can't recommend enough. P.S. Now I can't get my son out of my home pool. He would swim all day long if I let him." — Katie Collins

  383. "Emily- I wanted to tell you what a wonderful program you have! My 2 1/2 year old, Violette has truly transformed from a timid baby (with no experience in the water) into a little mermaid. We signed her up for the ten day program and it absolutely works! Her lessons are going great, really great. I am truly amazed at the progress she has made and how much she has learned in such a short time. On her first lesson, she was underwater, holding her breath and reaching for the wall. By lesson five she was able to jump off the diving board into the deep end! She is truly learning so much. We've had the opportunity to work with Rosa, Brie, Kai and Melissa and they have all been wonderful and so sweet with Violette. They are patient, kind and truly supportive, their love of teaching and swimming shows. The teachers are super positive, with lots and smiles and encouragement. They have a fantastic balance of discipline and nurturing which is very effective. Violette gets lots of hugs and high-fives and they push her to keep trying. There is a true sense of "you can do it". Each teacher has really found a way to bond with her and get Violette to trust them and more importantly, herself in the water. With every lesson, she becomes stronger, more confident and learns a skill that will last her a lifetime. Violette loves telling us what she learned in class (paddle paddle paddle kick kick kick) and practicing her jumps. She went from being afraid of having water in her face when I washed her hair to dumping water on her head and blowing bubbles in the tub, kicking and splashing like a little mermaid. The change has been truly heartwarming. The emphasis on confidence and safety in the water, combined with having fun and learning is awesome. We are so happy we chose your program, it is a wonderful fit for Violette and we can't wait to continue with maintenance lessons! We just love the Water Whisperer and all the teachers! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Heather Beltran" — Heather Beltran

  384. "Classes are going great! The teachers are all wonderful and my husband and I are both pleased we found your program. Can you please tell me about the referral program? For the 10 maintenance lessons, are those weekly classes? Best, Katie Collins" — Kathryn Collins

  385. "Hi Emily: Pablo's lessons are going great!! Today is his 6th lesson and already he's jumping off the dive board! We never thought he would be doing that so fast and at this age! With the awesome work from his instructor, John, Pablo has come a long way! His first day he was screaming that he wanted to get out, now we can't get him to leave!! :) Thank you so much. We will be looking into the maintenance lessons. -Nidia Guardado" — Nidia Guardado

  386. "Emily, Our expeience has been wonderful. Izabel is so happy and our instructors have been amazing. We love you guys! Some of the most beautiful memories have been made thanks to you guys. I have shed tears of happiness during some of our sessions just seeing how happy Izabel is and watching her Learn so much. We will like to continue our lessons with you. Water Whisperer has brought us so much joy :) Marina Lakier" — marina lakier

  387. "Lessons are going as well as expected with a stubborn two-year old who didn't like to have water on his face before he started lessons. :) He is actually doing better than I expected. I have been emailing with Allie about maintenance lessons so that's in the works. You have great instructors and a great system and I have no doubt that Lucas will love the water a lot more after he is done with his lessons. Thanks, Rada" — Rada Blumkin

  388. "Hi there, Lessons are going very well - thanks! Alexandra is improving everyday and I can see she walks with a little swagger every evening when we come home after working with Bree! We can see the confidence and it's really gratifying. We will certainly recommend the program to anyone interested. And we will certainly be back for maintenance lessons - we have a pool at home but value the instruction we get from Bree and want to continue to progress. Thanks again, Brooke" — Brooke Dee

  389. "Bailey, Day SIX at The Water Whisperer with Mr. Chris. This swim program is the best!" — Scott Baio

  390. "The Water Whisperer has turned our little 2-year old into an amazing swimmer! Just about a month ago she refused to get her face wet. Now she jumps into the pool (even off the board), can swim to the side and climb out, swim about 12 feet, and she's having a blast. They have an incredible 10-day program and I could not be happier with her progress!" — Kathryn Gordon

  391. "My 5-year-old daughter, Chiara, had taken once-a-week swim lessons for the past two summers, and seemed to regress in the pool. I pulled her out of her lessons early because she became so traumatized. This summer, a friend recommended The Water Whisperer, so we took a chance on the program. She went into the pool with a very high level of fear and anxiety the first day, but by day five, she was completely swimming on her own across the entire pool, and loving it! She can't wait to go to lessons every day, and she is so very proud of herself! Her teacher, Rosa, is very nurturing and gave her lots of hugs to help make her feel safe and confident. The entire staff is amazing--we can't say enough good things about this program!" — Melissa Santo Pietro

  392. "Hi Emily! Things are going great with the swimming school! My daughters, who are generally nervous bugs, are having a blast in the water and are making huge progress! I am sure we will need some extra maintenance classes over time, to keep up their skills, and hopefully learn new swimming techniques. I know how hard it is to run a business, and I must say, you have an amazing business! Everything is so clear, coordinated, all of the swim instructors are amazing, and you and your staff are so prompt and pleasant with responding to any and all questions. I will definitely write all of this in my review(s). Thank you again for making my girls' summer so special! What is the pricing like with the maintenance lessons? I am a dentist in the valley who sees a lot of families and will definitely refer as many people as I can to your school! I will also write a great review on Yelp for you guys. =))) Thank you, Tsolair" — Tsolair Hoveppian DDS

  393. "Emily, I want to write to say how thrilled and happy my wife and I are with the progress our twins have made through your program. We both work so we've had the nanny take them to their lessons and video them while swimming. We were truly amazed by the things they are doing in the water, including deep dives to retrieve animal toys from the bottom of the pool. More importantly, we are happy to see how patient and creative the instructors are using song and music to make the learning process a game. I want swimming to be a life long love of theirs. I look at them and see the next Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin...well I'm hoping. Thanks Emily. My wife and I now feel like we have freedom when going on our next resort vacation where we can enjoy the water as a family." — Calvin Cheong

  394. "I have to say I am pretty stunned with the progress Laila has made at The Water Whisperer. She is on Day 5 of 10 consecutive days and can basically swim now! Watch her dive HEAD FIRST off the board and swim to the side. I'm pretty sure by Day 10 she will be giving Phelps a run for his money! Yeah, baby!" — Valerie Braimah

  395. "Thanks for everything, water whisperer! Our son Sasha has gone from not knowing how to swim at all to jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side of the pool within a few short lessons. Amazing! And the teachers couldn't be kinder or better instructors. We'll be signing up for more classes no doubt!" — Sandy Lelievre

  396. "Good Morning! Thank you again for the opportunity to have Niels swim again! He had a great experience with Delphine yesterday. He had specific ideas about what he did and did NOT want to do.... ;-) For me, it is hard to get him to do it anyway, but Delphine did a wonderful job. Niels screamed bloody murder, but by the end of the lesson he did it all without objection, except jumping in by himself, but I'm sure she'll get him to do that again too. I wanted to tell you something that happened last summer. Niels, then 3, had had some lessons with the Water Whisperer, but wasn't able to completely swim on his own yet. He went with grandma to his cousins' house, and the kids were playing in the yard. The pool is not fenced, as the cousins are much older than Niels is. At some point, one of the cousins pushed him in the pool (I don't know if this was bumping by accident or actual pushing...), but before grandma could get to him, he was already swimming back to the wall and then climbed out by himself. He was crying and upset, but didn't panic. Grandma was amazed that he could do that, I was just so happy we did the swimming lessons!!! Just wanted to share with you ;-) Love, Sandra" — Alexandra Darvish

  397. "Hi there, Emily! We are so pleased with the lessons. Wiley went from being dragged into the pool kicking and screaming--she was terrified--to asking how soon the next lesson was going to be. All this in just four days. We have seen such an improvement in our girl. She now jumps off the diving board by herself, and today she swam nearly the whole length of the pool without much help. Wow. Wiley has been through a few instructors: Chris, Greg, and now Cayes, but we think this is a really good thing. We want Wiley to feel like she's accomplishing this because of herself, rather than because of a certain teacher. Thank you so much!" — Chiara Mott

  398. "Hi Emily! My 5 year old Jack is having a blast and my husband admits that Chris your teacher did more with jack in 20 minutes than he could do in years! Thanks so much, Diane" — Diane Coates

  399. "Hi Emily, We were unaware of this great offer but Chloe is absolutely loving her classes! If I'd known about your offer I would have mentioned that T. B. (current client of yours) recommended The Water Whisperer to us. Both of her children are taking lessons with you. We are also sending some friends your way with their 5 yr old daughter!! Thanks for the email and everything! Best, Stewart Shields" — Stewart Shields

  400. "Hi Emily, I have to say we are quite amazed! We went from her worrying about having to jump off the diving board on Day #2 (she saw other kids doing it, so she thought she was going to have to do it) to asking to jump off the diving board on day #5 and swimming to the side afterwards! She is sad though that this is her last week of swim classes. So what should her proud daddies do? How about more swim classes! :-) Can you let me know what our options are? Best, David PS - I'm skipping out of work today to come see her at class...very excited!" — David Diamond

  401. "Dear Emily, We are really enjoying our lessons with your group. Sarah (3) loves her teacher, Willie, and has been teaching Ryan (1) in the bathtub, going over all of the songs each night. We can't wait for our next lesson Saturday. I came across a cute movie you may have seen, but it reminded me of our lessons: Thank you for all of your help. Mary ____" — Dr. Mary Sehl

  402. "Hi Emily, Our lessons are going great! Kora's teacher Melissa has been really amazing, Kora has learned so much from her, and every night Kora asks if she has swimming, she's really disappointed on the nights we don't go. I'd like to sign up for another round of maintenance classes, as I think we only have about 2 weeks left. I'll send a message to Allie about that. Thanks again!" — Amy Smeed

  403. "Hi Emily! Lessons are going great and I continue to be impressed, as I am year after year! My daughters are Sydney (6) & Jordan (3). Syd is swimming every stroke (except butterfly) beautifully & doing kick-turns, diving, able to swim down to the 8 ft bottom (from treading) with Andie and Jordan (who hasn't swam independently before this) was swimming the length of the pool (taking breaths) after only 6 lessons with Matt! We love them!!! Thank you thank you!!!!" — Stacey Levin

  404. "Hi Emily, Hope all is well with you. My son, Jake Pedersen, is having a wonderful time and really enjoys swimming with instructor Chris. I am amazed at how far he has come since he started at Water Whisperer. The shy little boy who initially was scared of the water has become someone who truly can't wait to go to swim lessons with Chris. Remarkable transformation! In just a week and a half, Jake is confident holding his breath under water, diving down to the bottom to pick up toys, swimming across the width of the pool to follow Chris and finishes each class by jumping off the diving board four times because, as he says, "I'm four!" Thank you so much for your incredible program!" — Alec Pederson

  405. "Our experience at the water whisper has been AMAZING! The first 2 days my son cried his little eyes out for the entire lesson. The first amazing thing was that even through his tears, his teacher was able to lovingly get him to do whatever it was that she wanted him to do. The second amazing thing was that even with his tears, he wanted to come back every day. By the end of the first week he was swimming without assistance and at the beginning of the second week he was jumping off the diving board. He became so empowered and wanted to come back each day. Nobody in my family can believe the progress he has made in just 2 weeks. Thanks WW!!- Brynie Collins" — Brynie Collins

  406. "Kudos to The Water Whisperer and their 10-day intensive swim program. Last week Violet was screaming her head off saying she didn't want to go under water. 7 days later she's jumping off the diving board. And Miles is diving! Best swim lessons ever. Thanks! Jessica" — Jessica Goldsmith

  407. "Hi Emily, Jake is doing really well with Chris at his swimming lessons. I've been working and hadn't been able to see him swim until yesterday (his dad took him the first week). Chris said it was his best day yet. I'm so proud of him and now he wants to have a pool party for his 5th birthday in August. Chris is doing a great job with him! I'm thinking about what we should do when these lessons are over and thinking about doing maintenance lessons. Do you ever do those on the weekends and does Chris do them? Jake loves him." — Suzanne Kamenir

  408. "We are very, very happy! My son is doing especially well. Two weeks ago he was clinging to me in the pool. Now he is jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool on his own. Amazing! My daughter is also loving the classes. Your instructors are wonderful. Thank you so much!" — Heidi Miller

  409. "WE LOVE YOU!!!! You are the best thing in the water since the invention of bubbles! I am shocked and impressed at how quickly Nina went from a screaming mess to diving off the diving board and swimming across the whole pool unattended. I never EVER thought that B would be able to manage herself in the pool and coordinate all of those limbs to follow instructions. Like I said, WE LOVE YOU!!!!" — Cari Pines

  410. "Hi Emily, My daughter Sarah loved swimming with your staff and looked forward to it everyday. She really enjoyed herself and learned a lot in the process. She's been swimming everyday and putting the skills she learned into practice. My husband and I are really amazed at everything she's learned because she tends to be shy but since she loves the water she seemed very comfortable in your pool and did a great job of following your staffs directions. Sarah learned to jump in the pool and swim across, dive off the diving board, go under water to pick-up toys, swim under water and come up for regular breaths, some stroking, and is working on floating on her back. We're really happy with the results. Thank you and your staff for a great experience. Esmeralda Delgado" — Esmeralda Delgado

  411. "Jackson just had his 7th class. He's loving it and I am really pleased with the quality of the instructors and the method with the songs and code names (mouth = door), etc. I appreciate that classes are very on time and consistent so we pretty much know just what to expect each time we arrive. Things are great and we really love the class." — Sara Little

  412. "Dear Emily, Our son, Luca, just had his last swim class with Marisa and we are in awe and overjoyed with his progress. She was a fabulous teacher, warm, attentive and firm and it is definitely thanks to her skills that Luca so looked forward to his daily swim class! I wanted to see if it is possible to schedule maintenance classes with Marisa? Does she have any openings between now and mid August? Many thanks, Justine Eyre-Nelson" — Justine Eyre-Nelson

  413. "Dear Emily, Thank you for putting together such a great program, we have been really impressed with our daughters progress. She has been taking lessons for over 1 year at a local swim school but has made very little progress, she has accomplished more in 10 days with Frank than she has in all her time at her other swim school. Frank has made her feel confident as well as pushed her to keep trying things she has always been afraid of. Thank you again for such an impressive program! Julianne Feeney" — Julianne Feeney

  414. "Benjamin and Samantha just took a ten day intensive training swim course at The Water Whisperer and both learned to swim with their head under water. Before starting the classes neither would put their faces in the water and swore they wouldn't do it. By the end of the course they were swimming underwater, jumping off the side of the pool, turning around and climbing back out, retrieving toys off the bottom of the pool and jumping off the diving board! Their progress was just amazing! Kevin and I are so proud of them and they are also proud of their accomplishments!" — Janet Ross

  415. "hi Emily! The lessons are going REALLY WELL...After reading your email, it makes sense now how Bodhi is having a hard time with getting his head out of the water for a breath.......(I was the same way though....rather just swim across the pool under water.) His teachers have all been awesome. I'm amazed at his confidence in the water, jumping off the diving board into THE DEEP END....He's come so far.....I will definitely keep him in the water after these lessons and we have some competitive swimmers in the family so he'll be getting help, but, I DO want to find out the details on maintenance lessons. Cool Thank You!" — Matte Cherowitzo

  416. "Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your classes and how the teachers teach and how much confidence they give the kids in the water. Maya is practicing with Kevin, she loves him and he is actually really an amazing teacher and really good with kids! She came with fear to the deep water and she is like a fish now, thanks to him!! Highly recommended to everyone! Thanks for everything Galit." — Galit Tuzman

  417. "Dear Emily, The lessons are going phenomenal! My son is swimming independently for the first time ever and is having so much fun during his lessons. His teacher, Francisco, is amazing! I actually keep on talking about your school to my friends because of what amazing results we've had. One girlfriend said she will call this week. Thank you so much for all of your work and efforts. I feel very fortunate to have my son go through your program and accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Best regards, Karen Porat" — Karen Porat

  418. "Hi Emily, We're on to lesson 7 today for my 3 y.o. boy and he has gone from screaming scared to giggling. Your staff is consistently fantastic and, while we've had a few different teachers, it seems like Greg has taken the lead with Simon. He has done an incredible job of not just getting results but making it fun too. Count me as another satisfied customer. Regards, Debbie" — Debbie Jaffa Gower

  419. "Love The Water Whisperer! Has my little one swimming back and from deepend, diving for toys, and having o more fear of the pool in their ten day program! SO happy! Love the staff and they are amazing with kids!" — Janeth Ruiz

  420. "This is our second year back with The Water Whisperer, and we couldn’t be happier with the progress of our two-year-old’s swimming. The instructors are great – aware of what’s going on with our daughter but also pushing her forward to try new and different activities. The instructional songs are fantastic – we sing them a lot outside of the class, and on mornings when she’s reticent to go to a lesson or put on her bathing suit, I can usually sing her a swimming song and quickly have her clamoring to go to the pool. She has a genuine love for swimming now, I’m sure we’ll continue with The Water Whisperer for years to come, and I can’t recommend the school highly enough!" — Drew Murray

  421. "The Water Whisperer is really great! This is Van's second year and he's learning freestyle and breast stroke. Mai can pick up toys at the bottom of the pool, float and can swim underwater. They are open to emails and concerns and they really listen to what you want. For those who are interested:" — Tien Brunelle

  422. "Just wanted to thank you again! We went camping at the beach last weekend and for the first time ever the boys went in the water - waist deep while I sat on the beach and watched ( they would only get their toes wet with me holding their hand before). My boys have been in the pool since 10 am this morning. The change is unbelievable! A perfect 4th of July. Thank you Jeffery, Matt, Andee, & Frank! Our boys are finally enjoying the ocean and our pool! you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helen Meager" — Helen Meager

  423. "We LOVE it. Josie loves it. She has a new confidence as this was her FIRST experience of learning in the water at 4 yrs old. Her confidence is even bleeding into her attitude at home and in her life. She is so determined to do things on her own right now! It is an unstoppable force that has begun since the 3rd day of lessons. So with that being said we need maintenance lessons! Let's keep it up and she is having so much fun!"" — Susie Snyder, MS Counseling

  424. "Atticus loved his swimming lessons. They have a ten day program that I highly recommend. Atticus loved the water before, but was afraid to go under. He cried his first lesson each time he had to go under, but by his third lesson, eh had a smile the whole time. Thanks, Emily" — Carla Pauley

  425. "HI Emily, GREAT meeting you today. We absolutely LOVE our swim lessons!! Kaelyn is doing amazing well and truly loves her classes + teachers. We have mentioned The Water Whispers to many friends and have friends starting classes in July. And, we are excited to continue on with classes as well! Thanks So much! Nancy" — Nancy Kirhoffer

  426. "Just wanted to tell my Angelino friends that my 3 and 6 year old are about to finish their 10 day program at The Water Whisperer and they are fully comfortable swimming and being in the water. They've had an absolutely fantastic experience. Highly recommend it." — Tom Polce

  427. "Hi Emily, Alex stated," I want more swimming!" I clarified and asked, "Do you want more swim lessons?" He replied,"Yes!" These are amazing statements from a kid who never submerged all of his hair in the water. Since Alex was a baby, washing his hair had always been a challenge due to his sensory issues. I used to sing to him and use melodic intonation counting down from ten to one while I washed his hair. Whoever came up with the idea to pair Joni with Alex is brilliant and should be commended. Her calm and steady voice with clear, specific instructions helped him face one of the biggest fears in his life. Thank you for providing an incredible teaching method for swimming. Every mom worries about signing up her child for swim lessons, especially moms who have children with special needs. I have to say that after watching Alex's first lesson with Joni at The Water Whisperer, my worries went away! Thank you, Joni, for always using your positive attitude and strong teaching skills to help Alex learn how to swim. I should also mention that Teacher Greg had to fill in for Joni when she was out sick last week. He was also great at reassuring Alex that he was there for him when he jumped off the diving board for the first time. Another amazing feat! Greg should know that Alex usually has female teachers and therapists, so his acceptance of Greg within one lesson was also remarkable. Don't worry about referrals ;-). You may or may not have noticed yet, but the "slp" in my e-mail address stands for "speech-language pathologist". I've already told Alex's Floortime Specialist, Dr. Esther Hess, about your program. Alex actually was the first one to tell her at his session last Sunday. Dr. Hess travels around the country providing seminars as a leading Floortime expert in the U.S. Alex also shared his swimming experience with his SLP at Pasadena Child Development and Associates on Monday. He told his Physical Therapist and his Occupational Therapist at Rosemary Johnson and Associates on Tuesday. All of his specialists are amazed with his progress and his ability to describe what he has been doing in his swimming lessons with excitement and happiness. Thank you again for providing a wonderful life-saving service to the community. Best Wishes for Continued Success!" — Lisa Jorgensen-Bock

  428. "We are really enjoying the lessons, thanks for asking! All the swim instructors are wonderful! Ryker especially likes Matt at the Woodland Hills location. He is great with Ryker! Thanks, Anita" — Anita Ross

  429. "Emily, We spoke yesterday while my kids (Benjamin and Samantha Ross) were having their lessons, but I just wanted to tell you again how happy we are with your swim school and how pleased (aka tickled pink) we are with how well our kids are swimming after such a short time. Your swim school is amazing and my husband and I have already been telling all our friends and co workers how great it is. My kids look forward to their swim lessons and they are proud of their accomplishments. My husband and I are so proud of them too and we are very happy we chose your swim school. Keep up the great work!" — Janet Ross

  430. "Outstanding program, wish I started it sooner. Thanks so much, Whitney" — Whitney Schwartz

  431. "Jayke is doing really great. We love your school teachers and positive environment. He loves to show his new moves at bath time and the swimming pool we take him too on the weekends. We have only 4 more classes to go but I want to make sure he grasps the good skills he needs to take care of himself in the water. We will most like do the follow up classes as well. Jayke really likes the "daddy instructor" i later came to find out he meant Chris. Anyway we have been recommending the school to all of our friends. Thank you for the follow up email. Best regards, Nora Ferris Rohan," — Nora Ferris Rohan

  432. "Hi Emily, Lessons are fabulous! We took three sessions last year and returned again this year for a fourth. While our daughter Erin was a decent swimmer for her almost 5 years old age when we began this year, she has thrived under Joani. She gauges Erin's willingness and ability then pushes her as quickly as she can go. Best, Michele Patterson" — Michele Patterson

  433. "Hello- First, I cannot thank you son absolutely loves swimming. He cried his way through the first lesson and now that we are on lesson 7, he can't get enough. He was not a happy camper when he couldn't come over the weekend! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" — Lauren Freedman

  434. "My son Cade Mackenzie's swim lessons are going great!. He is doing so well and I am definitely going to be spreading the word about Water Whisperer!! It means the world to us to have our 3-year-old son in such a wonderful swim program, with fantastic teachers. It brings me so much joy seeing him learn to swim and enjoying it We will definitely be signing up our youngest son in the near future. Again, you guys are wonderful Thank you!" — Michelle McGlone Mackenzie

  435. "Emily, Things are going SO well. I'm so happy with their lessons, we love their teachers and finally both Milo AND Luca are having fun in the water. This is groundbreaking for us. Thanks again for running such a great school and for hiring such a great staff. We look forward to coming back year after year and telling everyone we know. Fondly, Heidi Miller" — Heidi Miller

  436. "We can never thank you enough for showing our son that learning to swim is a fun and enjoyable experience. It makes him feel so powerful and proud of himself. He went from using arm floats and being afraid to get his eyes wet to starting at The Water Whisperer and jumping off the diving board at lesson 4, no hesitation. This program works, it brings out the best in each student and they walk away feeling so empowered. The teachers he has had are amazing, they have such positive attitudes and our son says they make swimming fun. This past weekend we went to Palm Dessert and after 5 lessons he spent two full days swimming in the pool, diving down to pick up toys and jumping in and swimming back to the side my husband Michael said a week ago this would have never happened, he is so proud. Special thank you to Chris English and Gregg who Jack-Hyatt has taken a special liking to, JH says they make him feel special. Lily and Kyle are also wonderful. We have just signed him up for 10 more lessons. Thank you, Devora and Michael Rosenberg" — Devora Rosenberg

  437. "Hi everyone! Emma is having a great time swimming. Overcoming fears and now ENJOYING swimming! Awesome! Today in the pool she said she didn't need me anymore and pushed off my body and swam to the stairs! I'm THRILLED! THANK YOU! But I digress.I'm so so so so proud of her, and so impressed with every teacher she's had. Thanks, Emily" — Amanda Luttrell Garrigus

  438. "I couldn't be happier seeing him today. Watching him actually swimming was an amazing moment. Almost as good as the swagger that came afterwards. Thank you Emily for all of your work with him. It's a gift he will have for the rest of his life." — Christian Duzan

  439. "Dear Emily, It is a mutual admiration society. Nico can't wait to see you - as evidenced by his need to share artwork and everything else with you as soon as we arrive. Nonni is thrilled to have you as his teacher. I only wish I could watch you work your magic but Sascha is quite busy learning to swim on the other side of the pool. She loves swimming with her big brother and has really warmed up to Greg and Frank. Next year she gets to enjoy Emily too! I'm sure Mom and Dad love that Nico has honed his skills to the point he is swimming!" — Dylan Struzan

  440. "Dear Emily, Luca is an incredible swimmer now! He learned during his amazing ten days! Thank you, Emily" — Katie Tisherman

  441. "Thank you WW for teaching our baby how to swim. She was swimming on her own with no help by the third class. We're on class number 8 with two more to go and couldn't be more proud of our baby girl. Most importantly, her teachers are teaching her to be confident in HERSELF. She's learning confidence, safety, and how to swim. I must admit, Pablo and I learned something too. We don't usually don't make Lauren do something she doesn't want to, but how else will she learn unless she tries?" — Leann Gandara Chaparro

  442. "Z (2.4 years old), in her 6th swimming lesson w/ This is the same kid that, 2 weeks ago, acted like we were TORTURING her when we poured water on her head to wash/rinse it! She's having so much fun! Watching her learn to love the water has been a profound experience for Jeff & myself. Thank you so much!" — Jess Finn

  443. "Our kiddos are learning to swim at the 10day intensive swim class with the Water Whisperer. All the teachers that we have had are amazing and we can't wait to go again! Every night we are singing bubbles songs and 123 Hummmm! Even though our twins are only 23 months, they are getting the hang of it and loving the water. xoxo" — Catie Hazany

  444. "Hi Emily, Zoe's swimming is progressing beautifully this summer. I'm so impressed to see her swimming across the pool, coming up to take breaths, and jumping off the diving board with no fear. Summer, Becky, Melissa, and Francisco have all been fantastic! Thank you Sarah K" — Sarah K

  445. "Hi Emily, In ten lessons my kids have improved so dramatically! But when I took them swimming with me they were afraid and wouldn't go under and then the next day with you they jumped off the diving board. Crazy! I'll be taking maintenance lessons! Thanks so much!" — Maya Mclaughlin

  446. "Lessons are going so so well! We are so impressed and while I know the method is the thing -- I'd like to send special KUDOS for teacher Joanie -- she's the right combination of everything! Lesson 6 and I'm BLOWN AWAY by how far Daisy has come from afraid to put her face in to swimming , swimming , swimming! Thank you!!!" — Alison Simard

  447. "Luca has been loving it!!! And he is doing really well. Thank you!" — Katie Tisherman

  448. "Hi Emily, Thanks for checking in. I would love to meet you at some point. The program has been great. Marisa and Francisco are amazing instructors and Dylan has loved the lessons from day one. We had done Lenny K and YMCA and your program is by far the best in the area geared towards real swimming and safety. I have shared our experience with several parents and am interested in the referral program. Also, we are interested in maintenance lessons – probably in late Aug/Sept into the Fall when our pool gets too cold again. Thanks so much!" — Jennifer Toth

  449. "Everything is going great, told all my friends about the swimming lessons. I still want my son to come once a week so he will not forget what he learned. Thank u !" — Irit Denver

  450. "Hi Emily, My son Jackson will complete his 2nd set of 10 lessons tomorrow and he is swimming like a fish. I would like to resign for maintenance lessons twice per week. Thanks so much." — Deborah Paine

  451. "Jemma had her last lesson at The Water Whisperer! In 10 lessons she's swimming...and loves it! It was amazing to watch. The teachers are super friendly and very nurturing, even when Jemma was just not having it. We will definitely do this again." — Robin Reinhardt

  452. "Just so impressed with Wesley and his lessons. He had been in the pool many times before but by his fifth lesson was swimming and jumping into the pool by himself and he is only two. The twenty minute program is just the right amount of time so he does not get bored or overly frustrated. Very happy with Chris and Marissa. His energy with Wesley and his other students is very evident and makes Wesley so comfortable in the water. Thank you!" — Joshua Stein

  453. "Lessons are going really well!!! Amazing how comfortable you got my 2 1/2 year old daughter to be in the water in just 3 lessons!!! She has always loved the water but never wanted to go under, but now she leaves swimming and wants to get in our pool at home for more! I have already recommended you to all of my friends, at least two of whom are seriously considering lessons. Thank you, Emily!" — Jocelyn Snowdon

  454. "Hi Emily, I hope this finds you well. We just started our third summer swimming with you guys in Sherman Oaks - and we couldn't be happier. On our way out this afternoon from swimming, our daughter Isabel said: "I wish my swimming lesson would never end." She is five years old and has been taking lessons from Joni for the past three years (we LOVE Joni, by the way). Thanks for everything!" — Ariel Margolis

  455. "Hi Emily! Just wanted to let you know that last week's lesson was really good. Both Marissa and Brenda were really great. They gave Van and Mai new techniques and really pushed them. The kids enjoyed it alot and were both happy when they left the pool. I was happy too seeing them continuing to learn. Both kids need to work on their kicking and the girls focused on that. Thanks! Tien" — Tien Nguyen

  456. "Hi Emily - Things are going really well. Jemma picked right up where she left off last year and is actually swimming now. It's amazing!!! Thanks! Robin" — Robin Reinhardt

  457. "Kamelia is excited and she loves to swim now. Wow, Kamelia learned how to swim in two weeks! She took The Water Whisperer ten day program and learned how to float, paddle, jump and swim across the pool. Thank you, Emily!" — Nader Tashakor

  458. "Rosalie is totally swimming after ten days! Coming up for breaths and then going back down! Even breast stroke and back stroke. She loved her teacher and bragged to all her friends. i highly recommend Water Whisprer!" — Wendy Marmo

  459. "Hi Emily, Joey's swim lessons are going Great - He considers himself a swimmer now! ;) Your staff is wonderful - I'd definitely recommend your swim school! Sincerely," — Kelly Mendoza

  460. "Emily, Atticus loved class yesterday! Your dedication and pointed, individualized messages and touch has made ALL the difference!!! You rock! Thank you SO much for stepping in and showing up in the way you've done, Atticus is THRILLED, and so clearly am I. Again and again....Summer" — Summer Phoenix Affleck

  461. "In just 10 swim lessons, my baby can jump off the diving board. For those in LA looking to swim - go to the Water Whisperer. They are beyond incredible. Wow-Proud momma here!" — Jennifer Kramer

  462. "i am very happy. My 4 year old cried for the first 5 days; She had a bad experience last summer with a private at home instructor and lost her confidence. Her crying was fear- based because I know she had the skill just not the belief in herself. Matt has been amazing with her. She would cry and he would count, " 1..2...3 Close the door " and she would swim practically across the pool; He would then pick her up and she would cry until he counted again. It was fascinating to watch. Then yesterday the fear was gone and she was swimming without the crying for the whole lesson and then we went to a party and she was practicing everything Matt had taught her and did not ask for her floating device. She said she is saving her floating device for our new baby due July 5th. You have made me a very happy mom! I was determined to have her swimming before the baby comes in 6 weeks. We are in a pool quite often and my 4 year old is practicing every skill Matt taught her over and over again; even repeating his exact words. Thank you, Emily" — Heidi Hershman

  463. "Dear Emily, I am so relieved to have started my 2 1/2 year old making serious progress toward being a safe swimmer. His teacher is a doll and super patient but firm enough to get the job done too. My 2 older sons did lessons once a week at other schools for months and months with so little progress. However, at The Water Whisperer, my youngest who didn't swim a bit 2 weeks ago, is actually swimming. He still needs work, but we made a huuuuuuge amount of progress with this 2 week program. I'll be honest, he hated it for the first 4 days, but at about day 5, my husband and my father were amazed at how far he'd come. I'll be honest, my son hated it for the first 4 days. However, on day 5, he relaxed and began swimming, and I knew I had made the right decision. My husband and father saw him after the 5th lesson and were amazed that he was already swimming a little. Also, I have to tell you Matt is a gem. Thanks for everything," — Dani Ham

  464. "Hi Emily, Harrison just finished his 10 lessons today and we are thrilled with his progress in your program. It was nothing short of awesome. Chris and Brenda were wonderful teachers and Harrison LOVED them. I am really impressed with the program. Thanks so much, Jen Prince" — Jen Prince

  465. "Hi Emily, Christopher is absolutely LOVING his swimming lessons at Water Whisperer! You really have an incredible team! He has been working with Melissa (and also Chris twice) at Sherman Oaks and they are wonderful! All of your instructors are so focused on giving their little swim students just what they need to comfortably move to the next level. It's been incredible to watch the progress of Christopher and the other kids coming at his time :-) I feel really blessed that we found your swim school! Thank you! Julie Seyberth" — Julie Seyberth

  466. "Hello Emily: The lessons are going really well. My older daughter Sasha is overcoming her fear of going under the water and that is really the most important for me. We had done so many different swim schools last summer. We had a woman come to our house twice a week and also went to other swim schools where they just played around, and she didn't learn to swim. What made your school work is that is no-nonsense. Once she got over the first day, she felt really safe with Kristina. She is now happy to go in. She is five and jumping in on Day 5 !!!! My 15 month old loves it and actually asks to hum and puts his head under the water in our pool. We are actually very happy with the program and already referred a friend who started yesterday. Thank you, Claudia" — Claudia Cadena

  467. "Hi Emily- Thank you for checking-in. The lessons are going great for both of my boys, so much so, that we have just signed-up for our 10 maintenance lessons. Thank you- Tracy Mitteldorf Mason & Aiden" — Tracy Mitteldorf

  468. "We love the classes and will recommend, thanks!" — Lori Schwartz

  469. "Hi Emily. I am very pleased with the lessons. My daughter, Gabija, is on her way to swimming and we are thrilled. Thank you so much! Lina" — Lina Pakuckas

  470. "Hi Emily! We loved loved loved our swim lessons at the Water Whisperer. Julian raved about Melissa and went from being nervous in his first lesson to jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool on his own. It was amazing for me to watch and I was so proud. We are interested in continuing lessons beginning next week. Once or twice a week for now. Thanks again- the Water Whisperer is really wonderful. Best- Jennifer Katz (Julian's mom)" — Jennifer Kramer

  471. "Thank you Emily. Jordan Kay has very much enjoyed his lessons with Francisco and Brenda. He really seems to respond well to them. We have been practicing at our pool every weekend and he is loving the water. He has no fear of going under the water and likes jumping off the diving board. Thank you. BTW, I liked Water Whisperer on facebook and have told all my friends about you guys. Best, Sharon" — Sharon Kopman

  472. "HI Emily, Lessons are going GREAT! Skylar, my 2.5 year old screamed her head off with Jeffrey the first two lessons and by the third lesson she was jumping in the pool and didn't shed a tear. We are amazed at the quick progress. By the 4th lesson she was jumping in unassisted. It took our older daughter until she was 6 to learn how to swim (at the Water Whisperer last year after 3 other swim schools), and we have been pleasantly surprised. Jeffrey and Kristina are fantastic. We recommend your company to all of our friends - feel free to use my comments as a public testimonial! Thanks, Dana" — Dana Saly

  473. "Thing are going well. The kids LOVE their teachers. We really enjoyed the learning of The Water Whisperer and the instructors were great. The kids learned a lot and gained confidence of a different level in the water. My kids learned to truly swim in ten days. Thank you!" — Michal Erez

  474. "Thank you so much for everything. Kaan’s swimming really improved within 10 lessons. He really enjoys swimming and likes his swimming instructor. Kaan is ready for summer after 10 swimming lessons! Thank you, Emily" — Pinar Avcibasioglu

  475. "The Water Whisperer is well worth it. Our son is 2 1/2 years old and he is swimming for toys at the bottom of the pool, jumping off a diving board and pulling himself out of the water. To see him go from crying, to rushing into the water, is a joy. He cannot stop talking about the fun he is having with Chris, his awesome instructor. We went into this merely wanting him to be safe around water, but he has gained a love of swimming in just two weeks. The enthusiasm of the instructors is highly motivating, we could not be more pleased. Thank you Water Whisperer" — Theresa Cunningham

  476. "Thank you for providing such a well structured environment and curriculum. Matthew is a high energy boy and he was completely engaged and challenged the entire time. At 3 years old my son learned how to swim in just 10 lessons!! We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed working with all of the friendly and talented coaching staff. If you want your child to be pool ready in a jiffy this is really one of the more economical ways to go. Many thanks!!!" — Alicia Martin

  477. "I am completely blown away by this school! My 4 1/2 year old, and 2 /12 year old are totally swimming!!! After the first few days of crying, my daughter is now a fish! She RUNS to swim class and talks about how much she loves class and her teachers. Every day she asks me when she gets to go to swim class. Now, I am the mother on the sidelines assuring other parents that if the hang in, they will see their child swim, just as we witnessed with our kids. My son is doing well too, diving for toys, and jumping off the diving board...HE'S ONLY TWO AND A HALF! He didn't cry too much, as he was quite the water baby...but my daughter is the one who made the about face! Seriously, parents, if you are afraid of your child crying at the start, please just hang in there! The teachers know what they are doing, and your child WILL learn to swim! Not only that, but they will build self esteem when they see that they can do it! My daughter feels so good about herself, and I am so proud of her!!! Lastly, I need to say something about the teachers, and Emily the owner. All of the teachers at the school are kind, caring, patient, and encouraging. My kids ADORE the teachers and so do I. On my first day, my daughter was really crying hard...Emily came outside and talked to me about how normal this was, and to believe in my child's capabilities. This really helped me, and lo and behold, on day four my daughter was swimming. This school is a blessing, and I am so grateful we can head out on our trip to Hawaii without fear of my children being near water. We are definitely signing up for maintenance classes!!" — Aliki Grafft

  478. "Love it, kids love it! Absolutely worth the drive every day from Valencia! Thanks again, Emily!" — Katherine Cook

  479. "Dear Emily, THis is Mae Mae's mom. Mae Mae has taken 7 lessons so far and is really enjoying them. She can't wait to come every day. Chris is amazing. This has been a very pleasant experience. I don't even need to tell Mae Mae to come to swimming after school no matter how tired she is. She'd be telling me herself--"let's go to my swim lessons." Thank you so much, Emily" — Li Fan Gad

  480. "Hi Emily, The lessons are going great! My daughter, Liana, was very afraid of going under the water and opening her eyes so my husband and I couldn't believe that by second lesson she was retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool!! Chris has been her teacher for the majority of her sessions and he is so great with her and she has really connected with him. Over all, we are very happy with her progress and have already recommended the Water Whisperer to some of our friends. Thank you so much! Mitra Sushinsky" — Mitra Sushinsky

  481. "Hi Emily, It's going really well! Jonah and Nico are both loving it and making great progress. They went to Lenny K before but they had both plateaued. Jonah is now jumping off of the diving board and swimming back to the edge of the pool to get out. And other than making him water safe, we wanted him to be confident and enjoy being in the water and now he does! Nico has always loved the water and now it's really starting to click for him. And the catchy tunes have us singing all day long! We're so happy!" — Mia Marano

  482. "Hi Emily, My daughter, Olivia, is in mostly evening lessons with Melissa (and Chris sometimes) at your Sherman Oaks location. We're the ones with the certificate from Overland Ave School's auction. Normally I wait until the end of something to send a note like this, but we are so thrilled with our experience at your swim school, that I'm writing after 4 lessons. Melissa and Chris are both incredible swim instructors, who completely won my daughter over in 1 lesson. She can't wait to go every day to see them and swim. After 4 lessons she is floating on her own, jumping off the diving board on her own and swimming to the side of the pool, picking 4 toys off the pool floor in one dive, and improving every day. She was definitely ready for lessons, but we truly feel as though we are watching our child transform into a fish with a true love and affinity for the water. We are totally won over by your swim school and are so grateful for this wonderful experience. Olivia's brother Charlie is 2, and after meeting and seeing Melissa and Chris, he wanted to jump in the water too, and we look forward to starting his lessons this summer. Thank you for providing this gift of swimming to our daughter, in such a wonderfully positive way! With much grattitude, Eva Stodel" — Eva Jabber

  483. "Dear Emily, I wish we had thought to take some video before and after video of Foster. That would have been great advertising for you. I mean he screamed bloody murder those first 4 days and by the 5th lesson was a different kid. The kid I thought he'd be from the beginning! Thank you so much for everything. Your staff is so kind. My kids were racing to the gate on their last lesson. They couldn't get in the pool fast enough. we were thinking we would like to take weekend lessons in the month of may since our friends' pools won't be warm til June. Is that something that could be arranged or are you already booked? Thanks again for everything! Kate" — Kate Higgins

  484. "Both of my boys (ages 3 & 16 months) just finished swim lessons from the Water Whisperer. We couldn't be happier with the results that we got. The way that the program teaches the kids to swim is very kid friendly. The teachers sing songs, have water toys, are very encouraging to the kids, and they always have smiles on their faces! All of the swim teachers there are AWESOME and we highly recommend this program! By the end of the two weeks my three year old was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the edge of the pool, he could jump into the pool and turn around and find the edge and get himself out (a great survival skill for young kids to have), he was swimming across the pool, and he was diving for toys. It was remarkable to see the progress in just 10 days. The class for my younger son was a great precursor to getting him used to the water and starting a great foundation for beginning to swim. Both of my boys love the water and never cried, but we were witness to some kids that on day one were not happy and crying, but by day 10 were fishes and one with the water! It was truly remarkable to see those changes. I've done other swim programs in LA and this is one of the best! I cannot highly recommend them enough. Thanks!" — Heather O'Neill

  485. "Cate was afraid to go under the water and didnt know how to swim. We put her in the 10 day program at Water Whisperer.....and watch her go!!! This only day 5 of the series! They are amazing...we are continuing with their weekly maintenance program as well!! LOVE U GUYS!!!" — Kimberly Saunders Friedberg

  486. "My daughter started at the Water Whisperer last summer when she was 2 years old. After just 10 classes she could successfully swim to the side of the pool and get herself out, as well as swim short distances under water. Wow! In just 10 classes? I was really impressed. That was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders as far as water safety goes! I signed her up for 10 "Refresher" courses this Spring, because I wasn't sure how much she remembered from last year! Well we only have 2 refresher classes left, and my daughter can jump off the diving board and swim all the way to the shallow end from the deep end- all by herself! Did I mention she's only 3? The Water Whisperer has worked amazingly for us. The Swim Teachers there have been nothing but positive, upbeat, kind, and helpful. My daughter loves them all and is always sad to leave. A BIG thank you to The Water Whisperer for teaching my daughter to swim!! We will miss you all!!" — Katie Witt

  487. "Emily, It's went great. The kids enjoyed the lessons. Coach Chris was great with the kids! Right away he made them feel very comfortable. Swim technique and safety was reviewed during each session. Coach Chris was very appropriate with assessing each kid level of skill and adjusting to it accordingly. Alex and Cami had a great time. Cami always enjoyed the water. Prior to learning, there were times she tried to jump in the pool without a vest. We knew it was time to make the lessons a priority. We are so happy. She gained more confidence after her lessons. Thank you!" — Irene Austria-Ramos

  488. "Hi Emily, Lessons are going really well! Dezi has finally seemed to have gotten over most of his fear the last couple of days. I'm truly amazed at how quickly they "got it" in ten days. It's like a switch went off and now both of my sons keep asking when they can go back to swimming lessons. Thanks so much!" — kristen pratt

  489. "The class is going extremely well. Daniel came up for air on his own and kept going. I am so pleased with his progress!!! He is so eager to return to his class everyday. In the first day he overcame his anxiety in the water as a result of the nurturing environment provided by his instructor. Now seven days later he is jumping from the diving board and swimming to the side, proud and confident. He likes arriving 40 minutes before class. Looking forward to maint. classes! Thanks so much, Emily" — Mireya Ignacio

  490. "Hi Emily, Asher and Sierra are having a blast! Sierra's loving her lessons with Brenda and has learned so much already. She loves going under the water and we are working on getting her to kick and paddle at the same time :) Sierra was jumping off the diving board on day 8 and at day 10 she jumped off the diving board and then swam to the side and climbed out of the pool by herself four times! She was so proud of herself and we are so proud of her and thankful for the Water Whisperer and Brenda. By the way, Sierra is only 2 years old! The Water Whisperer has been a success for our son and is now a success for our daughter too. Thanks again Emily! xo, Alison" — Alison Brandon

  491. "We love our experience at The Water Whisperer. Brenda, our teacher, is extremely caring, committed, and a great swim instructor. Our two-year old daughter really trusts her, and we love the techniques used by The Water Whisperer staff - they really work!! Thanks" — Jason Colbert

  492. "Hi Emily! It was so nice to chat with you this afternoon. We cannot be ANY happier with the lessons that you and Francisco have provided for Kaitlyn. She wanted so badly to learn how to swim but was surprised that she had to actually get her face wet! After 3 days of literally fighting me, she has really learned to love swimming. If you would have asked me if I thought it was possible to go off the diving board alone on day 4 I would have said NO WAY! it's amazing how it all just clicks like a switch. I have video of day 4 which I should send to you which is lesson 4 and the FIRST day since day 1 where she was actually excited to go. So hard to imagine just the day before she was wrapped in a ball behind the drivers seat of my car in protest of lessons. Thank you to you and Francisco! She now loves lessons and swimming. Nothing short of amazing. This was the same child that hated getting drops of water in her eyes in the shower! I cannot thank you enough!!! Would love to learn more about maintenance too. Jenn Chadwick" — Jenn Chadwick

  493. "Hi Emily, Thank you very much! Everything is going great and we couldn't be any happier. Chris has done a great job and has always been so nice to us. We have been very lucky to continue having Chris. I have to admit I was afraid at first, but as i see my son excited everytime we go there I'm glad I made the decision to take him there. I will definitely recommend more people to go there. I also wanted to know how much the maintenance lessons are after our swim lessons end? Thank you, Joanna Lemus" — Joanna Lemus

  494. "I think you are amazing and run such a tight team, that I'm happy to sing your praises! People dont believe me that a 20 minute lesson will do much. I tell them that my son went from freaking out about getting his face wet in the bathtub to diving for toys in two days. Then actually dove in and swam by the end, in only 10 days." — Kristy

  495. "We are thrilled with our experience at the Water Whisperer! The teachers are so friendly and fun, and know how to challenge the kids in a non-intimidating way. My older child, who loves water, learned to swim by the end of her first lesson and my younger child, who hates to get her face wet, was jumping off the diving board by the third lesson! They exceeded our expectations! I highly recommend the Water Whisperer, they are the best!!" — Angela Chan

  496. "Hi moms and moms-to-be -- Some of you had seen my Facebook post about Truman's swimming lessons and asked where he's taking them -- and the rest of you, well, I just thought you might be interested! He's taking them at the Water Whisperer in Sherman Oaks, and it has been amazing. They are so knowledgeable there -- they've taught hundreds of babies and lord knows how many older kids. So they really know how to do it, and I've never felt for one second that Truman was unsafe in any way. There's a pattern we follow every time -- so Truman has grown to learn what comes next -- and everything is a song at his age, so it's all super fun. But he's really doing it -- going underwater and everything. And he LOVES it! (See attached video -- which was taken on day 7 of the initial 10 day program.) So if you're looking to give your babe some lessons, check them out. Emily, the owner and head teacher, is cc'ed on this email, and their website is Looking forward to a fun summer filled with BBQ's and pool parties and all of you! xoxo" — Stacy Rukeyser

  497. "Out daughter Vivienne LOVED the Water Whisperer.. It was the perfect place for her to learn to swim, she tends to have a mind of her own and really needed the special attention that was given to her by the teachers. They pushed her to go beyond what she thought she could do in a firm yet loving way. By the end of the 3rd class she wanted to go back, was diving underwater to get the toys and was so proud of herself. In the several days that she has attended class her confidence has skyrocketed not only in swim class, but overall. She is thriving. I couldn�t recommend Ms. Emily and her teachers at Water Whisperer enough!!" — Jean and Todd Sievers

  498. "Tomorrow is day 10 of my 2 year old daughter's lesson and part of me is a little sad that it's the end. I can see her improving in the water each day, it really is amazing. I'm already planning more lessons for her and my 4 year old too." — Kera Saenz de Maturana

  499. "We have been taking amazing swimming lessons at The Water Whisperer in Sherman Oaks. The first several days Cole was resistant to get in the water and to go under. By our fourth day (20 minute lessons) Cole was jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool! Now he is so excited to go swim and proud of his accomplishments in the pool. If there is one class you want to do with your child this is the one! It is such a positive experience and will lead to a safe fun filled summer at the pool. If you have any questions go to or call me!" — Courtney Goble

  500. "My four year old son used to be terrified of swimming. He would freak out if water splashed on his face and hated the idea of going under water. I heard about The Water Whisperer in Sherman Oaks and it turned out to be a great fit. It's a 10 day program, each day consists of a 20 minute private lesson. The one on one attention really helped my son feel comfortable trying new things. From day one, he was going under water, without screaming and crying. They also taught him about pool safety. Now he can swim underwater, jump off a diving board and enjoy himself while swimming safely. I'm so happy we signed him up." — Ekomarino

  501. "I don't normally do things like this, but I just wanted to take the time to tell you about a wondeful swim school that I have been taking my son to this summer. Over the course of the past two summers I had taken him to two different swim schools, without resulting in a child that could swim. It seems like the third place was the charm..I finally found a place that didn't make him cry or cringe at the thought of having to enter the water. That place is the Water Whisperer, which is located in Sherman Oaks. Yes, I drove over the canyon each and every day for 10 straight days (45 minutes there, and 45 minutes back), but it was worth every minute. From day one, my son entered the water with a smile, and enjoyed his experience as he sang and splashed his way towards swimming INDEPENDENTLY in only ten lessons!!! Next summer, if you are looking for a swim place that will really get your child excited about the water, I highly encourage you to take them to The Water Whisperer" — Anonymous

  502. "The Water Whisperer is truly Amazing! We signed up our kids, 2.5 and 3.5-no swimming capabilities whatsoever. But by day eight our kids were swimming from one point to another (with guidance), diving for toys and jumping in the pool. The teachers are loving but firm. We loved the experience and will continue with maintanence lessons! Thanks Water Whisperer!" — Anonymous

  503. "I just completed the 10 day water whisperer program with my 16 month old and he's now officially in love with water. No fear, kicks and paddles, opens his eyes and can grab objects under water and loves being underwater. I'm simply amazed!!" — Kelli P.

  504. "Lessons are amazing! We did a session with mr. cooper and your method while still firm, is much more friendly, especially for the little ones. Ella is jumping off of the diving board and maya is working on kicking. I have been raving about you to everyone, and 2 of my friends have signed up so far. Do you have adult lessons?" — Sara Jacobs

  505. "I am so imperssed with the Water Whisperer 10 day swimming program. I enrolled my 3 year old and 5 year old neither of whom new how to swim and in the first 2 classes they learned how to hold their breath and not swallow water. By the 4th lesson they were diving to the bottom of the pool to pick up toys by the 6th lesson my 5 year old was diving off the diving board into the deep of the pool and swimming to the front and picking up his head to take periodic breaths. This swim school superseeded any of my expectations, the kids love going and i would definately reccomend it to anyone who has a pool at home and even if not." — Margo, Emily and Eric

  506. "Just wanted to tell you about the best place in LA for Swimming lessons: The Water Whisperer. My son has been taking lessons there for the second year in a row. He is actually swimming. He asked to dive off the diving board in his last class and is very comfortable in the water. They are having a promotion right now--see below. The program is ten days." — Maria

  507. "I hope you will consider the water whisperer when thinking about where to bring your children for their first swimming lessons. the teachers have been terrific, and the experience overall has been wonderful for everyone. if you're concerned about finding 10 days in a row for a 20 minute class, don't worry! the scheduler was amazing and collaborated with us to create a class calendar that worked perfectly." — Audra

  508. "The Water Whisperer is wonderful and helped my daughter, Abby, learn to swim in ten lessons! She has become a fearless mermaid in the water! We love them!! Thank you!" — Christie Lynn Smith

  509. "I wanted to let you all know about our wonderful experience at The Water Whisperer here in Sherman Oaks. My 2 yo daughter took lessons a couple months ago and we plan to go back to do some maintenance classes next month. The pool is heated and clean. The teachers are great with kids and we are still singing all the songs. In addition, she's completely comfortable in the water, swimming under water and pulling herself out of the pool. And having just experienced a different facility's swim lessons, I can honestly say the WW's philosophy and methods are the better approach to getting your child to swim. I'm so sorry I wasted my money. Lessons are over the course of 10 days with privates being 20 minutes each." — Anonymous

  510. "We had such a wondeerful experience with Emily and the entire team at The Water Whisperer. My 2 1/2 year old girl can now swim under water and reach for toys, jump off the diving board and is a little fish. I was not sure how her first swimming lesson experience would be but she absolutely loved them as Emily really made it so fun and beneficial for our daughter. We now have so much fun in the pool, she is pool safe and can now keep up with her 6 year old sister. I highly recommend The Water Whisperer to anyone looking to have your child become pool safe and have fun in the water." — Trina

  511. "Last summer we took our daughter for swim lessons at the Water Whisperer in Sherman Oaks. We were pleased with the program and thought it was a good introduction to the water for her. I credit the program with helping her love to be in a pool. We decided to take her back this year now that she is older and capable of learning the skills to swim. I am amazed at how well she did. The first day she cried and said she didn't want to do it. Within 2 minutes, the teacher had her calm and doing everything he asked. Over the next ten days, she learned to swim from one point to another, climb out of the pool, crab walk down the side, dive to the bottom to grab toys, float on her back, jump off the side and off the diving board. This past weekend, we took her to visit grandparents. We spent a lot of time in the pool. Multiple people came up to us and expressed amazement that she was swimming so well at only 3 years old. I even overheard a couple of older kids (6-8 years old) talking about how they could not swim but this "little baby" could. We are planning to keep going with lessons to solidify and improve her skills. I highly recommend this program." — Cheryl

  512. "The water whisperer has been an AWESOME experience for us. My 4 year old daughter was terrified of getting her ears wet as well as her eyes. After only one class, that fear was conquered...and by her third class was swimming. By the end of her 10 sessions, she was jumping off of a diving board and getting dive sticks from the bottom of the deep end. The instructor was firm, yet gentle and gained my daughters confidence from day one. I highly recommend the Water Whisperer as a swim school choice." — Annette Mongelli

  513. "If you have kids who are either just learning to swim or can kind of cope in the water but could use a refresher course, this is a great school to know about. For years we've been going to the Water Whisperer and it's been fantastic. This year has been particularly wonderful as we now have kids who can swim a variety of strokes and are confident and happy in the water. They breast stroke, freestyle and are learning the back stroke. Best of all, they have been well-drilled in how to get themselves safely out of the pool if they ever fall in. I can't tell you how grateful I am that we found this place. The teachers are lovely, supportive and enthusiastic -- my kids develop new crushes on their new "swim teacher best friends" every year we go! So, if you are looking for really effective and very reasonably priced swim lessons for either beginners or just to work on strokes and technique, please check them out." — Los Angeles Mom

  514. "Shout out for the Water Whisperer! Before we moved out of LA, I wanted to make sure that my almost 4 year old son would learn to swim. We only had 9 days to do it, and the Water Whisperer was able to schedule us ASAP to make it happen. I'd taken a mommy & me swim class with Emily Cohen the Water Whisperer when my son was a baby, so I knew it was a quality program and I loved the salt water pool. We went back to the Sherman Oaks location and my little guy couldn't wait to go to his lesson every day -- it was the first thing he asked about when he woke up! On the very first day, my son was going under water; by the third day he was diving to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool to pick up toys; and by the 6th day he was swimming from one side to the other with the teacher's guidance. On the 8th day he happily jumped off the diving board and was swimming to the teacher. The program is a 10-day program (20-minute private lessons), but we could only squeeze in 8 days because of our moving schedule but my son still made incredible progress and learned all the basics of swimming which we've been practicing since. My husband and I were totally impressed with the program and the four different teachers that helped our son learn to swim! If you want your kid to learn to swim, call the Water Whisperer. They also have a pool inWoodland Hills, but you can find out more at their web site." — Audra Vaisbort

  515. "I just wanted to share my experience with The Water Whisperer with you. My son is 4 and I was a little apprehensive to take him to swimming lessons even though he loves the water but now being on our 9th lesson he is actually swimming on his own and I am blown away. If you haven't thought about swimming lessons or are trying to figure out a place to go, please take a look at The Water Whisperer website at The program is 10 consecutive days (excluding weekends) and there are all times available. The classes are run in Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills so if you are on either end of the valley it is pretty convenient. It really is a great program." — briav77

  516. "I wanted to share with you our excitement about The Water Whisperer. We tried different swim schools for our 6 1/2 years old daughter over the past 3 summers (including instructors that came to our pool) and none worked for us. We didn't want to get our hopes too high, but thought we'd give The Water Whisperer a try. The owner, Emily Cohen, is a parent at our school and we saw the banner on the fence. Their program is 10 days (2 weeks X 5 consecutive days) and it really works! Our daughter started last Monday and went from not getting her face in the water to swimming across the pool and diving from a diving board yesterday (after only 8 days!). We were skeptical at first, really didn't believe that 10X 20-minute lessons will be that effective. All the instructors are fantastic (we didn't think our daughter would enjoy not having the same instructor every time, but we were proved wrong once again) and everyone is super friendly. We highly recommend The Water Whisperer!" — Dana T.

  517. "We are a HUGE fan of the Water Whisperer! With one 2.5 and one 3.5 year old we need to make sure we are safe and aware in the water! My daughter and my son benefited from the amazing staff and the self confidence they learned last year in the 10 day program and now they are back for seconds. They remember the key points they just need a little more help! they really are one of the best around and they are helpful to first time parents who need to feel that their kids best interests are taken into consideration! Really this is the best swim program in LA and worth the travel .. but just so you know they have a few locations so it is easy for anyone located in Los Angeles and the Valley" — Natalie

  518. "Just in case your little one is not swimming yet or their swimming skills could stand some improving, i wanted to let you know about an awesome swim program I recently did with Isabella. We did a ten-day program with the water whisperer ( in Woodland Hills (it's on Ventura Bl. right near Fallbrook) You go every day for ten days (not on the weekend), it's so much fun for her, she is playing while learning to swim and now after day 10, I am happy to say she is swimming and LOVING it! We actually just added more classes so she can go 1-2x's a week and continue to learn for the rest of the summer. You should check it out. They also have a second location in Sherman Oaks if you are on the other end of the valley." — Sheri from Calabasas

  519. "My son is almost finishing his swimming lessons at the Water Whisperer. He had an accident about 1 year ago where he fell in the pool. He wanted nothing to do with the pool after this accident. We heard about the Water Whisperer and enrolled him. It was the best thing ever!!!! I know LOVES the water and asks me to go swimming now instead of me asking him to. Emily and her staff are awesome. Please, please sign up your kids, you will not regret it." — Anonymous

  520. "My daughter Taylor has learned to swim because of The Water Whisperer. The classes are fantastic and all the teachers are amazing!" — Anonymous

  521. "The company is called The Water Whisperer and is true to the name! On the 1st day my son was a bit hesitant & a little whiney about getting into the water and being with a complete stranger but by day 4 he was asking to jump off the diving board and by day 10 he was jumping off and swimming like a little fish to the edge! It’s amazing how the staff just seems to understand each individual child and molds their personality to calm and make the child feel at ease! The location is easy, the pool is clean and the best part is they say what they do- and they do what they say! In and out in 20 min. sessions, always on time & now my son actually keeps asking to go back to swim class! Check out their link –the scheduling girl is great and they have 2 locations- Studio City & Woodland Hills! If you have any questions, just ask my son because he hasn’t stopped talking about his Teacher Marissa since he met her on day 1." — Anonymous

  522. "I just finished 10 days of consecutive swim lessons with Tessa at the Water Whisperer I have to say I'm very happy with the results as she is now happily swimming underwater to retrieve toys, floating on her back, blowing bubbles and swimming to the edge and jumping off of the edge. We also sing the darling songs every day (can't get them out of my head!!!). Our instructor was lovely, and the private pool is in a very convenient location, clean and a warm. Check it out...they have summer specials and you'll be so happy you did!!!" — Michelle

  523. "My 2 year old was scared of the water. Within the first 10 minutes underwater and holding his breathe. He cried 10 lessons straight but was smiling after every lesson. Now he asks to go to lessons everyday! He has become so confident inside the water and out! Thank you so much!" — Anonymous

  524. "This is our first year The Water Whisperer and I'm kicking myself that we didn't find them earlier. My sons, ages 2 and 6, are learning to swim so quickly that I can hardly believe it. Emily's fun approach using songs and toys to get the kids comfortable in the water are highly effective and the intensive, 10 day approach creates little swimmers, right before your eyes. Her teachers are consistent, patient and firm yet also very loving. I'm so glad to have finally found them and am looking forward to many fun days in the pool this summer with my water-safe kids." — YearofthePig

  525. "I am still amazed what one can accomplish in 10 days! My son, Joshy, first went to WW when he turned 2, and was a fish by the time the class was over. Not only did the awesome instructors live up to their guarantee, my son had a BLAST and can't wait to start again in a week. He is safe, confident and thrilled to be in the water. A mom's dream!" — Kacyjoy

  526. "I heard about Water Whisperer through a friend and contacted them and signed up my two boys. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the instructors and the way they approached each child. My children enjoyed and looked forward to the classes every day. Staff was very sweet and friendly and it is amazing to see the quick learing process that my kids went through. Each child was greated everytime and was praised at the end. I also noticed the uniform teaching that is used by the entire staff so it didn't matter if you didn't get the same instructor every day the method used was the same. It also meant alot to me that i was contacted by phone just to see if i am happy with the classes or not. I would definitly recommend them to everyone i know and will return for more advanced classes for my boys. I would like to thank everone at Water Whisperer for teaching my boys how to swim and for the great experience. Thank you." — Anonymous

  527. "This is a great place to take your child to learn how to swim.The pool is very clean :) and the team is very dedicated." — Anonymous

  528. "Our son is 4 1/2 & was ready for lessons. We took him to Water Whisperer based on a friend's recommendation. They have delivered amazing results! In just 4 lessons he was popping his head out of the water & swimming the short length of the pool on his own. They have simple techniques that drive home the concepts & are easy for children to understand& easy for parents to continue maintenance after classes are over. We're thrilled!" — Celeste

  529. "I just wanted to let you know about an awesome swim program I recently did with Lily and Sophia. We did a ten-day program with the water whisperer ( in Sherman Oaks. You go every day for ten days (not on the weekend) and by the end both Lily and Sophia were swimming and LOVING it! they cried for the first 3 or 4 days- and I thought, "just my luck, my kids will be the only kids this will not work for!" but not only did they stop crying to get into the pool- they started crying when it was time to get out of the pool! Of course, my number one goal was to get them comfortable and safe in the water, but the lessons did so much more than that. The whole experience taught them that they are capable of things they once feared, and things they never thought they would be able to do (ie jump off the diving board into the deep end, dive down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toys!) they came out of the lessons with an awesome sense of confidence and pride over what they had accomplished and can now do. The instructors are great with kids and the curriculum is spot-on (catchy songs, a lot of repetition- everything the kids need). I actually loved the fact that the lessons were 10 consecutive days bc you build up so much momentum from one day to the next and the girls got so used to the routine- they made progress quickly and by the second week they didn't hesitate to get to the pool- they were looking forward to it. If you're interested in learning more about the program check out their website." — Anonymous

  530. "I love The Water Whisperer....... Before my daughters lessons she didn't understand the concept of holding her breath under water, yet alone kicking and moving her arms collectively. Just after one session she was able to hold her breath under water, and after day four she was jumping off the diving board. I'm extremely impressed on her progress and confidence this has given her. The owner Emily is AMAZING....after my daughters tenth session was complete she followed up with me to see how I felt about her progress. She really takes pride in her business and really cares about the children she's teaching." — One Happy & Impressed Mom

  531. "My 3.5 yo (Jake) and 17 mo. old (Jaxson) began taking lessons at the Water Whisperer 7 days ago. By the fourth day, they had Jake swimming across the pool and jumping off of the diving board. I was shocked. I didn't know Jake was capable of so much. Jaxson's success has been just as exciting! By day 6 he was diving to the second stair of the pool to pick up toys. I can't wait to see what they will both be doing by day 10!I can't say enough about the Water Whisperer program. First, it is exciting to know that the pool is not chlorinated which is better for children and allows them to open their eyes underwater without the use of goggles. Second, the fact that the pool is always bathwater warm due to the use of solar panels for heating, not only keeps the water inviting for little ones and parents alike, it also allows me to send my kids on cold days without the guilt of wasting energy or gas to keep the pool heated. The program itself is repetitive so that kids know what to expect and become increasingly more comfortable with the evolution of their lessons. This permits the children to take their practice to the next step on a daily basis without fear of the unknown. Last, I can't say enough about the teachers. From Emily, the owner, to the staff she employs; the teachers at the Water Whisperer are knowledgeable and personable. My children love them and look forward to going to the pool on a daily basis. I highly recommend the Water Whisperer swim classes! I would recommend them to anyone with children. They have been a huge success for our family and I know we will continue to come to the Water Whisperer for our swimming needs." — Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic

  532. "I took my daughter to The Water Whisperer for a 10 day lesson package. My daughter is 18 months old and at the time of our lesson, she was not walking without assistance. The classes were gentle and loving and built in intensity as the days progressed. Our teacher was fantastic and my daughter still asks for him. She LOVES to swim and we have so much fun doing it. And I think the strength and confidence swimming gave her helped her learn to walk on her own. She now walks all over the house. I am thrilled to recommend The Water Whisperer!" — Pilar DeMann

  533. "Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you all know, if you are in need of swimming lessons/water safety classes for your kids, we currently have Sarah enrolled with The Water Whisperer It is a ten day intensive course (20 min/day). Sarah was swimming across the pool by the start of day two!! I was blown away. We have had her in lessons at other swim schools before, but she never learned to swim. Emily, and her staff are amazing. They are caring, loving, and get the job done. I have even seen babies starting to swim with them. I thought with summer just around the corner, I would pass this very useful information on." — Anonymous

  534. "I can wholeheartedly say that the water whisperer experience is top notch and worth every penny. My daughter learnt so much in such a short space of time. She also loved every second of her lessons and was disappointed to find that the course was over after her sessions were over. You know you are onto a good thing when you child refuses to get out of the pool after class!!" — Aimee Berman

  535. "I have wanted to sign up my daughter up for swim classes at The Water Whisperer last year, and now that we have completed the class, my only regret is that it took me so long. This kind of teaching was not only something that helped my daughter to love swimming, and do it well, but also changed her positively on so many other levels. She has learned that at times in life we have to do things we don't want to and might be happily surprised, she learned to brave, she learned how to be more independent, and most importantly she has more confidence in herself. I highly recommend this program." — Shea Andreone

  536. "I am so thrilled that my sister in law turned me onto this place. Its really helped to remove the fears of having a toddler in or around the pool. Emily is amazing and the children really respond well to her and her teachers! "We love the water whisperer"" — R P Savory

  537. "Our 4-year old twins had taken lessons for AGES at another swim school and, while they learned not to be afraid of the water at all, they weren't even close to swimming. Within 5 days at The Water Whisperer our son was paddling on his own across the pool and 2 days later his sister was doing the same! The teachers were encouraging, patient and made the lessons fun. We went 10 days in a row (20 minutes for each lesson) and every day my children were excited to be there! I was really impressed by the program they've developed." — Gina O.

  538. "My son who just turned 3 is going on his 6th lesson with Emily. He has been terrified of the water until now. She had him swimming across the pool by himself by the 5th lesson. He was diving to the bottom of the pool (by himself) to retrieve swim toys by lesson #2. She is truly the Water Whisperer! Did I mention he was doing this all BY HIMSELF! She is amazing and I recommend her to anyone who wants to see their child learn to swim in a matter of a week! I wouldn't send my child to anyone else!" — Erica

  539. "This school amazed me what they did with my daughter! She is swimming underwater at 16 months! They provide a safe and friendly atmosphere and they know what they are doing!! I loved it and will continue with her and all my children. Fantastic place!!" — Shanelle Gray

  540. "My 4 yr old daughter could not swim when I put her in the 10-day program. By the end of her 10th lesson, she could swim freestyle and the elementary breast stroke. She learned breath control, and she could jump into the pool from the side and the diving board, then swim to the side. She could also float (on her back and stomach) AND dive under the water to retrieve things. She loved it and so did I!! Emily Cohen is very sweet and very invested in making this program the best; so if you're looking for a swim lessons, I highly recommend The Water Whisperer. I'm keeping my daughter in lessons once a week throughout the school year, and I can't say enough great things about this program." — Monika

  541. "This summer we enrolled Landon in swim lessons with the Water Whisperer. This was not something Landon, or I was looking forward to. He was one of those kids who did not like swimming. He was very nervous, didn't like water in his face (not even in the bath!), and he was not happy about getting in the pool. We showed up for lessons and the first day or two, there was a lot of tears. He was upset, he didn't want to swim. By the third day, Landon was feeling more confident. By the fifth day, he was thrilled. He was happy. He was joyful. He was swimming! This has seriously been the highlight of my summer. To have a kid who was not happy about swimming become a person who loves the water, is worth it's weight in gold to me. The water whisperer has great instructors who are kind but firm, loving but disciplined. I am telling you I have been blown away by Landon's progress. I am so proud of him! Thanks Water Whisperer!!" — Liz

  542. "I am so impressed!!! By day 3 Jaia (almost 6 yrs.old) was swimming under water by himself across the short end of the pool! Bodhi (almost 3) by day 4 was doing the same. (on day 2 he actually fell asleep in the pool with his head back on his instructors shoulder!!!) SO MUCH TRUST! They have all these cute songs and great methods for teaching them water safety. They are also very nurturing if the kids are scared. It's a heated/saline pool that's covered so no sunburn! Anyway just wanted to share the awesomeness." — Razi

  543. "Our daughter had an absolute blast taking swim lessons with The Water Whisperer this summer. She really loves swimming now and gained such a sense of accomplishment after just 10 consecutive days of lessons. Emily, who owns the school, has been wonderful to work with as well! Sure there were a couple challenging days for our daughter, but I am so glad we stuck with it and continue to practice. It's been amazing to watch her progress from uncertainty through fear to confidence and pure enjoyment of swimming. We highly recommend The Water Whisperer for swim lessons and we adore Emily! Thank you....Thank you!!" — Jodi

  544. "My daughter, Madeline completed the 10-day program this spring and exceeded all my expectations! She can swim across the pool by herself, dive down to the bottom to the pool and retrieve toys, and climb out of the pool by herself. The best part has been watching her little face as she continues to gain confidence and pride. :)" — Kimberly Rosenfeld

  545. "After spending a small fortune last summer to have private lessons on the weekends for my daughters without seeing any real progress, I knew I had to try a different approach. The Water Whisperer was highly recommended by a friend who assured me that the structured daily program would do the trick - and it did! After two weeks, my 4 year old who was afraid to leave the steps of the pool was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side! She is swimming under water to retrieve toys! She now asks to go swimming every day. My 2 year old is now able to swim underwater as she is passed between two adults. She loves it too and wakes up every morning asking to go swimming. Thank you Emily for turning my girls into little mermaids!" — Libby Harrison

  546. "Wow! After 10 lessons, my son is swimming and he LOVES the water. This is, by far, the best money we've spent on an acitivity. The warm, shaded pool is the perfect environment for learning to swim. The instructors are professional and the attention to detail is apparent. Will recommend the WW to all of my friends. Thanks!" — Lindsay Delgado

  547. "Talia is just over 2 1/2 years old. We couldn't have been more pleased with our experience at The Water Whisperer! She went into these lessons loving the water and wanting to swim independently. Not only did the instructors help strengthen these qualities, but, they also taught her life-saving skills in a fun way! In her very first lesson, shelearned to walk her hands along the side of the pool. After her 3rd lesson, she was retrieving toys from the bottom of the pool and learning how to push herself back up to the top of the water. By the middle of the session, she had learned to independently climb up and out of the water by the side wall. And, by the end of the 10 days, she was pretty much swimming independently for short distances and learning how to float on her back. It was amazing to see the improvements each day. This program is a definite must if you want your kids to enjoy and be safe in the water!!" — Sari

  548. "I'm thrilled with the Water Whisperer method. I tried another swim class a year ago, and my daughter didn't really learn much. THREE days with the WP and my three year old daughter was holding her breath, swam across the pool. By day 7 she was jumping off the diving board. Amazing really!!!" — Stephanie Luciano-Smith

  549. "Our 5 year old son has had an amazing swim lesson experience at The Water Whisperer this year. He's had 10 lessons and is fully swimming and enjoying it more than we ever could have imagined. He is extremely proud of himself and his accomplishments. Our son can truly swim the width of the pool, float, retrieve toys from the bottom of the pool, jump off the diving board and more. I highly recommend The Water Whisperer for the following reasons: • Highly skilled, warm, strong instructors who instill confidence through lots of positive feedback • Creative teaching approach that truly works! And works fast!! • Happy, relaxed pool environment" — Michelle

  550. "Wow! What an amazing experience.... my son, three years old, was beyond terrified of swimming. he would not so much as enter a yard with a pool, without freaking out! our first couple of sessions were very hard. i was not sure this was the right thing for him. he screamed and screamed... so sad! emily, and the rest of her amazing crew kept assuring me to keep coming. so we did, and boy am i glad we listened! my son is having the time of his life! he LOVES being in the water! i cant believe my eyes! he is now swimming with katie, another AMAZInG teacher. my little boy is so happy, and that makes me happy! thank you water whisperer. you have given our family more than you will ever know! :)" — Shenia

  551. "Worth every penny! Emily (and her awesome team) are amazing! Their technique is amazing. This is our second summer doing lessons with her and once again are thrilled. Our son can jump in the water, swim across the pool and get out with no assistance. I would highly recommend her program to anyone. My son even sings her catchy songs around the house!" — Joanna B.

  552. "After just a handful of lessons, my five year old son went from being very anxious and apprehensive about getting his face wet to delightedly going under, jumping in and getting soaked, again and again. His stroke is coming along. He is brimming with pride. And I know this summer is going to be that much more fun for him given his new skills. Thank you!" — Leslee

  553. "Our son Jaden Bottarini was held under water last summer when he was 2 1/2 , by a 6 year old. Needless to say he was terrified of swimming after that experience! Jaden just completed 10 sessions with Emily at the Water whisperer sherman oaks facility. The first 5 sessions he was still very scared and he cried, but he still followed instructions and his fear was followed by hugs and kisses from Emily, and her telling him how brave he was.... As a family we kept going to the classes and we were all VERY positive about supporting the program! WOW did it pay off!! We had such a break through!!! By lesson 8 Jaden was smiling and completely swimming on his own!! I had tears in my eyes to see him smile and have fun in the water again! All the instructors there are very supportive and we are so grateful that Jaden can not only swim, he can jump off the side of the pool, he can get out on his own, he can dive down to the bottom of the pool and get the animal friends, and best of all, he is smiling the whole time!!! This swim school was wonderful for our family and we are so thankful! We are planning to continue with maintenance classes for Jaden and starting our 11 month old baby with classes as well! We would highly recommend this class to ALL our friends..... We have 2 other friends that completed the program and their kids swim fantastically as well! Thank you Emily, Katey, and Mallory for such a wonderful, loving environment for our kids to learn such an important life skill! Sincerely," — Michelle, Chris, Jaden & Hudson Bottarini

  554. "My Five year-old daughter was so afraid to put her face in the water. Refusing to even try. After lesson number FOUR with Emily she was swimming underwater and jumped off the diving board. Best money we ever spent. Emily's method was combined with the classes being so close together was the recipe for success with our girl. Thanks again!!" — Angie

  555. "We cannot believe how our children have excelled in swimming after only 1 month. My 3 yearold is swimming across the whole pool and my 7 year old is learning various strokes and thinks he's Michael Phelps. Impressive instruction and fantastic program. thank you!" — Tony & Tiffany

  556. "We just finished our 5-day refresher course with Emily and have nothing but good things to say about her and her school. My 3-year old daughter is far more proficient in the water than any of her peers and has a blast swimming. A large part of that is owed to Emily and her teachers." — Julie

  557. "The Water Whisperer offers a no-nonsense approach to swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. My son enjoyed his lessons so much the first summer that we're back a second time (and for the second time this season, too). The instructors are welltrained and didn't force him to do anything he didn't want to do but instead encouraged him and used gentle praise. This is a great place for reluctant swimmers to get the support and skills they need to make swimming safe and fun." — Library Momma

  558. "Thank you to Emily! Our 20 month old started out quite hesitantly in the water, but after 10 lessons he was swimming to the bottom of the pool to pick up toys! He now loves the water! We love the songs and the fun of each lesson. Thank you!" — Kitt

  559. "Emily and Jon and their staff have been amazing swim teachers for my 22-month-old son Jaden. First day he cried a bit, but he loved the songs and the repetition. Day 2 he was excited to get back in the pool and see Emily and Jon. By the third lesson he was going underwater and by lesson 6 he was practically swimming! They are so patient, loving andgreat with kids. They make the lessons fun and positive. We completed the 10 lesson session and Jaden is diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve objects. It's amazing. We were sad to say goodbye on our last day, but I would recommend this swim school to anyone with young children who need to be water safe" — Blythe

  560. "The Water Whisperer, Emily and her whole staff has been amazing for my twins. They are having such an amazing experience. Emily is so patient (my twins are a handful). Thank you guys!" — Dr. Wendy Ruttenberg

  561. "The Water Whisperer is a group of incredibly patient and encouraging swim instructors who place a premium on children learning water safety along with swimming skills in a very nurturing and fun environment. My three year old twins learned very important water skills in our two week session and love singing the songs that were incorporated into every lesson. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants their children to learn to swim." — Melissa

  562. "Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt, thorough and appropriate response to my concerns. I really do feel incredibly reassured. Watching the video of "Water walking" was very helpful - that is exactly what she is doing! And it makes sense that she feels "afraid" when it happens because she is sinking. It is so helpful to understand how the teachers are trying to teach her to swim horizontally and be able to reenforce the verbal cues during my time with her. We will move forward with our "action plan" in place! My sweet girl is trying oh so hard, and now I feel comfortable that she will be shepherded forward in good hands. Thank you for all of your support!!" — Leslie

  563. "Lessons have been great! It has been night and day since we started your program. Teachers Patrick and Ariel have been AMAZING! Thanks so much!" — Mackenzie

  564. "Hi Water Whisperer Team - I sure enjoy my 20 minutes watching you work with the children. I would like to sign Jonathan up for another 10 lessons. " — Lois

  565. "We are thrilled with Jack's swimming progress and Kendal! " — Jessica

  566. "Wonderful! I just wanted thank you for putting Valentina with Rosa as of this past Monday. Val has only had one lesson with her but I was astounded at what Rosa was able to get her to do! It was incredible. Valentina held her head down for three seconds and paddled at the same time! It was amazing!!! She liked having the other teacher trainers around as well so if was just an awesome experience!!!! We just got back from two weeks in Boston and although we swam everyday it was so hard to get her to out her head in the water because she kept saying •I only do that with Sarah". I think having the new teacher will definitely help her realize she has to swim with other people other than Sarah!" — Marnie

  567. "Jackson loves his lessons and he really loves "Teacher Brook" in Woodland Hills!!! He thinks she is the coolest and he works especially hard to impress her." — Deborah

  568. "Ari is doing fantastic and we couldn't be happier with WW. He is barely 20 months and is "hummming" all the time, singing "bubbles" in his sleep and is as close to swimming as one can possibly get. We LOVE WW!" — Joshua

  569. "We are happy with the lessons and our kids have made tremendous progress in swimming!" — Gloria

  570. "Good Morning Water Whispering crew! Dylan has a fever this morning and generally not feeling well so she will miss her last lesson. Not ideal I know! You all have been amazing at getting Dylan to swim with her head in the water! Her Daddy was a competitive swimmer and he wants to take her lessons from here but he knows the work you did in a short amount of time would have taken a lot longer if we were doing it ourselves. Thank you so much and I'm sure we will be back sometime in the future!" — Tamara

  571. "We love it and wish to continue with Maintenance lessons once this "bootcamp" is over." — Urvashi

  572. "Lessons have been phenomenal as well as the results. Immediately after the first lesson, my son began swimming at home without the use of his vest. He is always excited about attending swim class!! Great teaches and curriculum!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!" — Eric and Liam

  573. "Our daughter absolutely loves her lessons and all the teachers she's had, thank you so much." — Hannah

  574. "Dominic is learning so much and really looks forward to going to swim class. Coach Brandon has been exceptional with him! Thanks." — Gina

  575. "Elias has been having so much fun! Thank you guys so much for your patience with him...Elias had a tough time the first three classes, but by class 5, he kept telling me about how much fun he had at the pool! We've already signed up our 18 month old, Olivia, for her minnow class!" — Bernardo

  576. "I have enjoyed my sessions very much, especially with Emily, and appreciate the opportunity to finally learn to swim!" — Cheryl

  577. "The word I would use is RELIEF. My son Lars was terrified of water at 6 years old. I didn't know what to do. I researched a lot of schools and talked to so many moms. I kept reading about The Water Whisperer online and how wonderful it was . Well, they certainly live up to their reputation. On the first day I am sitting there in disbelief as my son is actually practicing breaths and going underwater with his teacher. Emily Cohen, the owner, figured out a method that works for children and she has also strict rules about what goes on around the pool so the kids can concentrate. The teachers are wonderful and I could go on about them forever! Lars couldn't wait to go back EVERYDAY! We went on vacation the day after his 10 day intensive and wanted to swim every day! We are so grateful." — Brooke

  578. "Thank you to the Water Whisperer and my instructor Rile! I took a total of 20 lessons and have learned so much and have come so far from where I started. Before my lessons, you would probably find me on the shallow end or somewhere on the side of the pool with my hands on the edges (clinging on for dear life), but now I can be found actually swimming and enjoying myself. It took me several years to gather up the courage to actually sign up for lessons. I even made a few calls to a couple schools, signed up and cancelled (after learning that the pool was NOT heated), and I am so glad to have happened to find the Water Whisperer at the right time. Not only is it only a couple blocks away from home, it's also a couple blocks away from my office (I live in Sherman Oaks and work in Woodland Hills). The daily lessons for two weeks seemed intense at first but it makes absolute sense given that you will get tired since you're strengthening your lungs and fine tuning/building on what you learned the day before. After living in fear for 20+ years from my near drowning experiences as a child, learning how to swim as an adult is empowering and encouraging. It's never too late to learn a new skill, and its always nice to have another exercise that you can add to your repertoire. I must add that instructor Rile is a great asset to the Water Whisperer. He is great to work with and is constantly encouraging and really makes you feel comfortable and safe in the water. He's great with adults and kids! :)" — Benjalyn

  579. "They are amazing! Friendly, knowledgable teachers. Emily is wonderful, I got to meet her on my son's first day of class she came out and introduced herself and spent a good amount of time talking to me and I appreciated that! My son is on his second week so far and is soooooo into it! He was extremely scared of the water prior to this class (he is 5 years old) and my only regret is that I didn't sign him up sooner! I also have a 1 year old and I absolutely plan on signing him up as well! Thank you Water Whisperer!" — Mariya

  580. "Just signed up for lessons. Bari made registration effortless and I eve got a discount for liking their Facebook page. The girls are going to learn to swim this summer!" — Mariya

  581. "4 lessons in so far and we love it!! The teachers are very friendly, happy, patient and easy going. My 11 month old is super comfortable with them all. The one on one time is what makes this worth it for me. It is everything I expected and more and my child is learning so much so fast because of the individual attention." — Marisa

  582. "WW exceeded my expectations, not only were we able to swim to safety (which was my goal), my daughter learned different strokes, and can swim the pool length. Bathtime is wonderful, my child pours buckets of water to shampoo her own hair, and has built a wonderful relationship with water. All the teachers are trained well, we had 1 teacher most the time, who we loved, but 3 other days had different teachers- and my daughter picked up exactly where she needed to be.. So so soooo happy!" — Aisha

  583. "Instructors and staff are all exceedingly patient, professional, and compassionate. I could not be more pleased. My children have learned to love the water and were mastering new techniques with each lesson. Thank you!" — Ghazal

  584. "We were thrilled with the progress made during our intensive 10-day lessons. I'd like some info about maintenance lessons and pricing options, please." — Stacey

  585. "Everything went really great. She accomplished everything by the last lesson. It was pretty awesome to see her learn so quickly. We are interested in maintenance lessons because she just accomplished her head ups without the noodle on her last day. I want to make sure she really has that down and also she loves it so much and wants to learn more!" — Jessica

  586. "Everything went really great. She accomplished everything by the last lesson. It was pretty awesome to see her learn so quickly. We are interested in maintenance lessons because she just accomplished her head ups without the noodle on her last day. I want to make sure she really has that down and also she loves it so much and wants to learn more!" — Jessica

  587. "I had been thinking not to start serious swimming lessons until this summer, when my son was 4. Recreation programs, like at our local pool, offer nothing but parent-and-me until age 4, and are geared mostly to babies under a year (when we did them at age 2-3 they were boring). My son would happily float around with an inner tube, but refused to put his face in the water. One day his whole pre-school class went swimming (in a pool shallow enough for all the children to stand up), and parents were invited to observe. I was very surprised to see that most of the children were swimming — my son was one of only three not already swimming. Asking various other parents where their child had learned to swim led me to the Water Whisperer.

    Be prepared, cautioned my parent-friends, the first few lessons can be tough!

    My sister-in-law also signed up my nephew, so it also became a fun way for the same-aged cousins to get together afterwards. My nephew’s experience was so smooth … he was never afraid, he just went for it, and did fantastic from the beginning. My son was a different story. The hardest part of the first lesson was when my son began to “use his words.” He shouted “No,” and “Don’t put me under again!” and “I don’t have another breath.” Then it devolved into screaming, crying and reaching for me. There was a high five that had so much angry energy that I thought he was going to be aggressive toward the teacher … which would be totally out of character. But it wasn’t long before he got the picture and began to hold his breath as he went under. By then end of the lesson, where he rescued toys of his choosing (such a smart move), he was no longer upset.

    The second and third classes involved some crying and hesitancy, but each time he made good progress. By the fourth day he was totally excited to go, loved swimming, and was begging for a pool. Since then, each lesson has been joyful. After the first 10 lessons were over, we signed up for twice a week Bulk Maintenance lessons. He has continued to make strides, and yesterday was the first day that he made it across the pool doing his own head-ups without assistance. We are absolutely thrilled!

    At first, I wished I had started earlier, before my son was quite so verbal, before he could remember the traumatic first days. But I have come to have a very different opinion — that his experience of being scared, doing it anyway, and discovering a love of the water is actually a terrific memory for him to have, a great foundation for resilience.

    He still has plenty of progress to make, and I am eager for him to keep learning!

    I think a particular challenge for him is that he’s not buoyant — I don’t think that’s necessarily a limitation — I knew a great swimmer on my high school swim team who also was a sinker, and like her, he is very long, lean, and has African American heritage (which can often mean higher bone density). It’s just an extra challenge at this phase — he needs to concentrate on staying flat, of having his lungs full of air when on his back. However, while swimming with him recently on the weekend I was surprised to discover that he could get himself down to toys in the shallow end without a push, just by blowing bubbles and kicking down. He sure does love the diving. Thanks so much !"
    — Lindsay

  588. "Our son Jack finished his first intensive program and has grown so much! We and he loved his teachers Cat and Jeff. Thank you! We will want to set him up in maintenance lessons." — Allison

  589. "Lessons are going great! All the teachers we have worked with have been great with Jessica and Rosa being standouts and really pushing Brody. The more they push him the better he does and the more confidant he gets. He is so much further along than when we started. Thank you so much for listening to me when I had a concern and being so incredibly responsive." — Ben

  590. "Hi, we just came from our swim lesson and I really want to tell you or whomever it may concern how awesome Coach Kendall is. He is so great with our son, Deacon. His patience, care, concern and safety while teaching him is everything we had hoped for when signing up for swimming lessons. We are so thankful to him and his hard work. Doesn't hurt that Deacon adores him. I've been telling everyone I know that's looking for lessons The Water Whisper is the best. And you're lucky if you get Kendall! Thanks again!" — Heather and Dennis

  591. "We are very happy with our lessons and especially the professionalism of teacher Brandon who we have had for most of our son's lessons. He's LOVING his classes!" — Debra

  592. "I just wanted to let you know we are very happy with teacher Leslie. She has been firm but fun with Noah, and he has responded very well. Thank you for helping facilitate this!" — Jaclyn

  593. "Presley LOVES swimming thanks to The Water Whisperer! It only took her ten days to learn and now she can't get out of the pool! It is such an important life skill and never too early! So happy we found them!" — Ariella

  594. "We are SO happy with our lessons so far. Ryan has gone from screaming every time she was in the water to going under, holding her breath, paddling and kicking with no complaint in only 3 classes! I was very nervous because she has always been a very cautious child, but now that she has accomplished/faced something she was afraid of, she feels much more confident in herself and has been trying to do other things she was unsure of as well. Thanks again! She's currently on her seventh class (tomorrow) and we are so happy with her progress!!"

    — Jordan

  595. "We really appreciate the care and attention you all pay to Amari. She absolutely loves swimming."

    — Khush & Alex - Sherman Oaks client

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