How To Sign Up for The Water Whisperer
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PRICES: We do offer seasonal discounts on our FB page and in our newsletter, which you can sign up for on the top right hand corner of our website.
If you want $10 off a string of ten private lessons, you may LIKE our Facebook page. If you want $15 off, get a friend to LIKE our page too. Scroll through the page and check out the deals we offer:

Privates: $450 / 10 lessons
Duets (Minnows only): $380 / 10 lessons
Bulk Maintenance: $738 / 20 lessons
Refresher Package for kids taught last year: $270 / 5 lessons
Maintenance package for kids taught this year: $270 / 5 lessons

Please Follow the Following Procedures to Sign Up for Swimming Lessons at the Water Whisperer Swim School:

First Step: Choose the location where you would like your student to take lessons

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