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In order to keep The Water Whisperer Swim School clean and efficient, rules have been made to ensure that your child will have a clean, safe, and smooth swimming experience. While we do have rules, please know we are kind, loving teachers who want the best swim experience your child.

1. Please arrive 5 minutes before lessons to allow for time to change. Lessons will start and end on time. WE SWIM RAIN or SHINE (unless there is lightning)! It is a myth that you can catch a cold from being cold - For more information, please click here to read this article.  If you are unable to make it that day, please call the specific location at either The Water Whisperer Sherman Oaks at 818-570-1183 or The Water Whisperer Woodland Hills at 818-259-1334.

2. Parents should have a positive attitude! Children often mirror their parents' moods. Please smile on deck and act encouraging.

3. Lessons are purchased in sets of ten and should be paid before the first lesson. Slots are filling up fast, so the earlier payment is received the more likely you are to get your preferred time slot. Once your email inquiry requesting information is received, a registration packet - including time slot requests, directions, lessons, and payment information will be emailed to you.

4. Parents may watch the lesson by appointment only if child is not distracted. If child is distracted, please adhere to the recommendation of the swim instructor and stay to an 'out of eyeshot but within earshot' range specified by the instructor. Teachers need to bond with your child. The Water Whisperer cannot be responsible for anyone on the property except the student (and parent). Whenever possible, please make childcare arrangements for additional children so that you may give your entire attention to the student. Having your complete, happy attention greatly develops your child’s swimming self-confidence.

5. Make-ups are not available. Unfortunately, due to months of planning & limited slots, The Water Whisperer is unable to accommodate rescheduling. The Water Whisperer is not able to refund any missed lessons. However, if your child is very ill, we can reschedule without a fee with a doctor's note.

If there is an emergency and you absolutely must change your schedule, know that we are every busy during peak season and rescheduled lessons may take place in October, as per our agreement. In addition, there is a $40 rescheduling fee to reschedule the first three days of lessons. Every additional lesson needed to reschedule will cost $10 a lesson. Clients are paying to reserve and hold specific slots. To change dates involves paying schedulers, losing out on last minute spots that can't be refilled at last moment, and paying for teachers to show up at future dates.

6. Absolutely no food or sweet drinks at the pool. This is to avoid ant, bee, and roach infestation.

7. No child is ever allowed in the pool without the instructor.

8. All children under the age of 5 and who are not potty trained are required to wear an elastic-edged reusable swim diaper. This can be purchased at either location for $20. Please check with us in advance to make sure we have your child's size in stock. To reserve a diaper in your child's size, please mention that to the scheudilng department at time of booking lessons. Your child's diaper will be reserved upon receipt of payment. They are also available for purchase online. Without a nylon swim diaper, child may not enter pool for lesson. Parent understands this is because normal swim diapers leak and will cause bacteria to enter the pool. Parent further understands that these diapers are also more comfortable than regular swim diapers and allow child's legs to move more freely than regular swim diapers. Additionally, disposable swim-diapers tend to weigh down children by filling up with water. Finally, nylon reusable swim diapers are more economical, environmental and attractive than regular swim diapers. In addition, while they are called "swim diapers" they are, in-fact nylon, waterproof underwear that can be worn under a bathing suit.

9. Goggles with a plastic hard bridge over the nose are recommended and can be purchased through Emily or your local sporting goods store.

10. Absolutely no running or rough play.

11. Please arrive five minutes early and depart promptly. Due to limited changing space, it is recommended that your child arrive with his/her swimsuit or swim diaper already underneath their clothing. This will also help you save time in getting them ready.

12. Please be sure that nannies, grandparents or anyone coming to lessons are aware of all the rules.

13. Bathroom is available, BUT children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

14. Please do not feed your child 2.5 - 3 hours before their scheduled lesson. If a child gets sick in the pool once, you will be required to pay a $150.00 pool cleaning fee. If a child gets sick twice, your child may have an issue that will preclude him or her from swimming. We apologize but there are no refunds. When this happens, we have to close the pool and treat it, which leads to postponed lessons and a lot of time spent rescheduling not just your child's lesson but many other clients' lessons as well. We don't want to upset customers, many who have driven from far away to be here.

15. Parents must disclose if a child has special needs or health issues, not limited to but including ADD, ADHD, autism, coordination issues, and asthma.

16. Girls or boys with long hair must have it tied up in a ponytail or worn in a swim cap to help him/her see. This is because too much loose hair clogs our drain.

17. Please make sure your child has showered or bathed before the lesson, as cleanliness is paramount.

18. Please do not put sunblock on your child, as it leaves a greasy residue in the pool that can cause blockage. Our pool is shaded by UV protected shade sails, and therefore sunblock is not necessary.

~ Fear in learning how to swim is natural. Always remember your children are in safe, loving, CPR-certified, experienced hands.

~ If your child feels scared at first, tell them it is okay to feel scared. Then say, "What do we do when we are scared? We are brave." Validate them when you see them acting brave. Remind them that the water will push their bodies up so they won't sink.

~ Some students arrive fearful of going under water. Once they get over this fear, they may then be afraid to dive, get their head up to take a breath, swim in longer stretches, or even experience a new teacher. Do not be discouraged if your child's fear dissipates in one area, and then returns when a new swim skill is introduced. The program is deliberately layered and with practice and time, the child will master all steps until there is no fear.The key is to stick with swimming and be positive.

~ Here at The Water Whisperer we acknowledge the child's feelings, give hugs, tell them to "be brave", and then we do it. We teach children to submerge and close their mouths using specific preparatory steps including, "1, 2, 3" and other cues used with puppets and songs that are designed to make the process as simple as possible. We let children know they are safe and that we are there to care of them.

~ Get them excited about swimming! Share your own fun stories of swimming. Tell them how proud you are and about how well they did in the lesson. Tell them how you can't wait to tell other family members and friends about your child's progress.

~ Children need and want boundaries and expectations in combination with love and positive reinforcement. The Water Whisperer always guarantees these ingredients to ensure swimming success.

~ Be patient. Every child is an individual with different learning needs and styles. The Water Whisperer constantly evaluates, diagnoses, and treats your child with the approaches that will get them to successful swimming and water safety.

~ The earlier your child learns to swim, the quicker they become water safe. Postponing swim lessons only leads to more time to develop fear of the water.

~ The more kids practice, the more they will develop swimming confidence and security which leads to…MORE FUN IN THE POOL! After lessons are finished, parents should make sure their child continues to swim on as much of a regular basis as possible.

~ Do your homework! Practice strokes at home! Between lessons, have your child lie face down on the bed with their legs off the edge and kick with straight legs. They can do arm strokes while lying on their tummies too. Have your child practice relaxed floating on their backs in the tub. Before adding soap, have them blow bubbles, dipping their face in the water with closed mouths or going under and grabbing things, depending on where they are in their lessons.

~ When your child has a breakthrough, please arrange for a treat or external reward to inspire continuous motivation. Most students no matter the age have a breakthrough somewhere between lesson 4-8. Learning to swim is an intrinsic reward, but external rewards only speed up the process.

~ SIGN UP FOR TWICE-A-WEEK MAINTENANCE LESSONS! Students learn to swim after the Intensives, but if they don't keep it up by coming at least twice a week year round they may regress. Maintenance lessons are KEY to maintaining and building new water safety skills as well as swimming confidence. We have a new 18% off BULK RATE if you book 20 lessons. We also encourage parents to swim at least once a week with their kids outside of our school. Remember, practice makes perfect.